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Reverend Signature user reviews

  • Reverend Rick Vito

    Reverend Rick Vito - "Reverend sig guitar with art deco styling"


    Rick Vito is a well known session player who has been nominated for Grammies. He was a member of Fleetwood Mac and now he has a signature guitar with Reverend. Reverend guitars always have great features and his guitar is no exception. Let me start o…

  • Reverend PA-1

    Reverend PA-1 - "Great Reverend Hollowbody"


    Reverend guitars is a small maker out of the United States. Their guitars are are well made and well priced and have a mix of traditional and modern features that everyone loves. This is the Pete Anderson signature guitar. This is their only Hollowbo…

  • Reverend Ron Asheton

    Reverend Ron Asheton - " Reverend rock!"


    Sorry, but I started a few months in this world, so I'll give you my opinion of a beginner. Guitar made in Korea (the oldest models are reverend U.S.), proto-punk guitar, few models exist and each is set in a different way. It was 22frets. Regardin…