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RME Audio HDSPe user reviews

  • RME Audio HDSPe RayDAT

    RME Audio HDSPe RayDAT - " Excellent map"


    No analog / digital this. So no opinion on the quality of the converters. The key is that this card when inserted dan PCIe port the computer is forgotten. Never a crash, never a bug, drivers are made regularly by RME days. A routing (Cubase 5-7) perf…

  • RME Audio HDSPe RayDAT

    RME Audio HDSPe RayDAT - " A digital panzer"


    Specifications are simple: 4 inputs / outputs ADAT supporting up to 192 kHz via the protocol S/MUX4 1 input / output SPDIF support up to 192 kHz 1 input / AES / EBUsupportant output up to 192 kHz 2 MIDI I / O with 32 channels via a high speed…

  • RME Audio HDSPe RayDAT

    RME Audio HDSPe RayDAT - " Reliability, stability, speed"


    Price with with Word Clock option. Uses three slots of the computer suddenly! Very good PCIe card, easy to install Hyper. I've never had problems with one for 3 years and yet all connectors are plugged 32 ADAT channels used + AES / EBU + S / PDIF …

  • RME Audio HDSPe AES

    RME Audio HDSPe AES - " Transparent, stable, efficient"


    This is a card that offers 16 tracks PCIexpress AES AES input and 16 output tracks. It has a wordclock input and output. It is therefore an interface between analog / digital / analog external computer. I bought it because it is compatible linux…

  • RME Audio HDSPe AES

    RME Audio HDSPe AES - " Stability foolproof!"


    technical details see data of the manufacturer is the sound card's high-end home RME, I use Mytek converter coupled to a 8192, it cost an arm oulala but it's beautiful, it's stable, it's versatile, it's transparent, it is material and what is a bra…

  • RME Audio HDSPe AIO

    RME Audio HDSPe AIO - osc1's review


    What technical characteristics have motivated your choice: quality of the converter stability of reputable driver possibility of extension For what purpose: DTD + sample With what tools you use or the systm? synths The drivers are…

  • RME Audio HDSPe PCI-Card

    RME Audio HDSPe PCI-Card - Anonyme's review


    - What technical specifications motivated your choice? Reputable RME Premire installation a little mess, carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions. - The drivers are stable? Nothing wrong, no niquel untimely crash. - How long have…