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Rockbag user reviews

  • Rockbag RB 22181 B

    Rockbag RB 22181 B - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Nimajneb/translated from Audiofanzine FR) - How long have you been using it? About 14 months. - Which feature do you like the most / the least? Just turn it 90º and it will perfectly fit your 16" or 18" kick drum! Its size a…

Translated user reviews
  • Rockbag RB 23500 B

    Rockbag RB 23500 B - " Handy"


    It is frankly very convenient to carry a head without a problem. It is therefore the job well. The wheels are sometimes a little unstable against. The weight of the assembly with the head is still not negligible. The quality ratio is very good …

  • Rockbag RB 23510 B

    Rockbag RB 23510 B - " Super convenient"


    This is my first purchase of this type to carry a 1x12 combo Marshall 30w Artist for small concerts pub or bar. It is frankly very convenient for moving smoothly. It is therefore the job well. Note, however, the wheels are sometimes a little unsta…

  • Rockbag RB 25593 B

    Rockbag RB 25593 B - " genial"


    for some days Yes but I'm waiting to see if it lasts over time ... The more I put in two feet of light string (MILLENIUM BLS-2700) it supports more than 20 pounds if he would be vera ... The least ... nothing found The value for money is …

  • Rockbag RB 20806 B

    Rockbag RB 20806 B - "Hurts my back ..."


    I've had more than two years and this is my main guitar cover. I have the 5 / 6 covers before that. I wanted a cover that protects my guitar and I really did not want a hard case for two main reasons: - Limit the storage space (I live in a tiny a…

  • Rockbag RB 27400 B

    Rockbag RB 27400 B - " Good but .."


    Departing is a cover to put 2 DJ CD player + a mixer. I turned into a pedalboard (Internal dimensions 74x36x11) It is sufficiently padded and contains a lot of foam which attach to the Velcro. The closure is a zipper that allows the cover to separ…

  • Rockbag RB 23500 B

    Rockbag RB 23500 B - Roo's review


    Thomann dimensions ads are internal and my head just right Powerball houses. I just got it in turns so we'll see how it is. Frankly, it is standard. If you bring your hardware in a car, you will not stay bcp other things ... Storage spaces inside…

  • Rockbag RB 23110 B

    Rockbag RB 23110 B - francoisqueinnec2's review


    Agree with Toad! Really very convenient ... in addition, one can use small pieces of Velcro (included!) to secure the cables that are between the pedals .. it avoids fairly common stuff like jack that moves and just stick in the moving part of wha …

  • Rockbag RB 24400 B

    Rockbag RB 24400 B - becbunsen's review


    I have this rack for 4 years, it has served me several uses, preamp / amp guitar, multitrack digital ,.... As stated in previous opinions, the production is good and strong, nothing is torn, ... The problem for me is the design of this type of ra…

  • Rockbag RB 23110 B

    Rockbag RB 23110 B - toad's review


    Pedalboard practical, lightweight and well Designed. Allows you to easily configure a set of effects (SERIES / parallle / loops) while facilitating the supply of each pedals. Prvu for April 5 pedals with carrying bag. …