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  • RODE Stereo VideoMic Pro

    RODE Stereo VideoMic Pro - " Small micro frankly pleasant"


    Stereo Microphone for DSLR OVERALL OPINION Coupled with a Canon eos, I just pick up my first live excerpts. The sound is downright good compared to the amount invested and can easily be improved in post processing if needed. The microphone can …

  • RODE VideoMic Pro

    RODE VideoMic Pro - " is the micro"


    That is, it is gnial, it is small, powered by a 9V battery, he trs good job, excellent as it is very small and we put it on a camera (yes it is for a). But when is it if used donf?? Well Rode always has a good enough micro (well I think) for me my pr…

  • RODE VideoMic

    RODE VideoMic - podd63's review


    See description. OVERALL OPINION I have used on a shoot. The suspension is quite noisy. The sound is not bad, although really insensitive. (Enough for a proper rsultat if the soundman is not bad). The set is very "cheap", but is handy as IMMEDIAT…

  • RODE VideoMic

    RODE VideoMic - VR SPIRIT's review


    Microphone for sound recording on minidisk and digital camcorder. OVERALL OPINION To replace my microphone on my camcorder (Panasonic GS400), it is widely better bill, and many simpa suspension system, a very good report quality / price, only the…