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Roland AIRA user reviews

  • Roland SYSTEM-8

    Roland SYSTEM-8 - "Roland's big sound in a 4-in-1 synth"


    As a happy System 8 owner (I bought it soon after its release), here’s a first review after a few months using it. First, some specs : - 4-octave keyboard with normal-sized keys and a very good feeling. After owning several other Roland keyboards…

  • Roland TB-3

    Roland TB-3 - "It sounds all right, but offers limited possibilities"


    It's more of a sampler than a real synth: No preset can be edited: You have to do with the sounds conceived by Roland, with the only possibility to play with the filter and the effects. No tuning, no decay(!), and I won't mention other well-known mod…

  • Roland TB-3

    Roland TB-3 - "It's not a clone, it's déjà vu"


    Features: See other reviews Effects are associated to the type of sound, the pot is very sensitive, it starts distorting pretty fast beyond 40% PC editing: Let's hope a hacker brings out something better in the coming months. Octave choice: Don't …

  • Roland TB-3

    Roland TB-3 - "This is going to be big"


    Desktop Expander sequencer Digital emulation of the Roland Tb-303 Very compact, about the size of an A4 sheet Comprehensive audio connections, plus MIDI in and out, USB The latter allows you to establish a MIDI connection, to power the TB-303 and…

  • Roland TB-3

    Roland TB-3 - "TB or not TB"


    See Roland's website. UTILIZATION It is much more user-friendly than the venerable product we all know. Programming, pattern editing, midi. Single-touch touchscreen, not bad. It's a preset box and I second the previous review. I would prefer by …

  • Roland TB-3

    Roland TB-3 - "Awesome, for improvisation"


    See manufacturer UTILIZATION Great product, as long as you accept its improvisational and old-school side. You can't save a single sound!!! You can't associate a sequence to a sound, you can make your own pattern (thank goodness), but the sound …

  • Roland TB-3

    Roland TB-3 - " TB or not TB"


    Monophonic synth TB 303 types. No keyboard but a touchpad, and an internal sequence that extends to a C0 C6 but if the sequence with an external keyboard can play a C0 C8. From memory there are 135 different sounds on the first four banks dedica…

  • Roland SYSTEM-1

    Roland SYSTEM-1 - " little better"


    Synth. analog modeling as a Roland knows how to make Keyboard touch strange (a test before purchase) but we made it To see details of functionalized see the Roland website or the countless tests on google Close enough JP8000 and other Gaia (les…

  • Roland TB-3

    Roland TB-3 - "Everything is there, even the Decay"


    see the Roland website for all that;) UTILIZATION Off, it was just one wish, it's light! On, it has only one desire is to play with !! : D Here we have a very easy to use machine provided you have seen the video of the update firmware on t…

  • Roland TR-8

    Roland TR-8 - " Excellent but lacks the memory settings"


    The connection is good and sufficient. 8 reverb and delay effects are just okay but hidden feature. UTILIZATION The configuration is simple, editing is simple but it is an emulation of the 808 and 909 and you buy it for that. Too bad the instruct…