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Roland VS user reviews

  • Roland VS-880 EX

    Roland VS-880 EX - "dont get it"


    i learned how to use the older vs 880vx expanded model. and after finally getting to know the ins and outs of that one, i bout the 880ex so that i could link my two machines together. well i had no prob linking them, there isnt enough info on how to …

  • Roland VS-2480 CD

    Roland VS-2480 CD - "this was a "10/10" in 2004; in 2012 it's a "1/10""


    This unit boasts 24bit 96kHz capability. It can record 16 tracks simultaneously, which is a great advantage for tracking large ensembles including drum kits. The data is saved onto the hard drive; it can be backed up onto “data discs”. UTILIZATION …

  • Roland VS-2480 DVD

    Roland VS-2480 DVD - "Still use it, still love it!"


    Samples at 24... All sorts of sync ability...Wave format ...DVD storage...80GB hard drive and DVD archiving...Has full mastering capability as well as surround sound mixing, etc...VGA output is great...mouse makes it easier to use too...The motori…

  • Roland VS-2400 CD

    Roland VS-2400 CD - "no problems with this."


    The machine is very intuitive and operates much like a tape machine. The manual is easy to understand. Essentially, connect it to a mixing console and you're ready to rock. It can do whatever you need it too do. You will be able to create your whole …

  • Roland VS-880

    Roland VS-880 - FP User's review


    The features are basic but the machine is so user friendly it makes recording a flash.i 550 usd UTILIZATION I know the VS-880 is a older model but it was a good starting point for Roland..hey Roland!! Remember LED lights. I bought my VS 880 used …

  • Roland VS-880 EX

    Roland VS-880 EX - FP User's review


    Best $400 ive ever spent and would of paid up to 800 for it. The only thing missing is XLR inputs, but 6 1/4" are cool $400 UTILIZATION This is probably its lowest, its extremely hard to use (unless you have the bundled emagic software for it…

  • Roland VS-2400 CD

    Roland VS-2400 CD - FP User's review


    The only real problem that I have with the 2400 is that it has NO SCSI, USB, FireWire, or any other way to connect it to the outside world. The CD-burning capability is fine for doing your own little projects -- but if you expect to make a living fro…

  • Roland VS-1880

    Roland VS-1880 - songboy's review


    Going in there are 6 1/4" jacks (7 if you count the guitar hi-z, but if you use that, you can't use the 6th connection) and 2 XLR jacks with optional phantom power (nice!). It is a 24 bit sampler. You can store your files on an upgradeable int…

  • Roland VS8F-2

    Roland VS8F-2 - RickD's review


    - What are the effects, or types of effects available? Reverb, delay, chorus, RSS, speaker amp & mic simulations, mastering tool kits, compressor, limiter, flanger, phaser, distortion, panner, robot fx...and some more...EQ... - What technology is us…

  • Roland VS-2480 CD

    Roland VS-2480 CD - RickD's review


    - What connection types are there(analog, digital, MIDI)? Too many to mention! Very complete though! 8 XLR in & 8 TRS jacks in, i think, plus high impedance in, 2 phones out with individual volume & monitoring volume too, TRS jacks out, digital in & …