Yamaha A3000
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All user reviews for the Yamaha A3000

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
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lulumusique's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha A3000
many outputs (8 digital output more ... I think I must look, I do not use them all ...)

I think I paid 150 € (with release opytionnelles)
I wanted to have drilled more than potatoes because I do not like those of my design ....


Ergonomics is not that bad, it's matrix. The encoders are not super quality.


The converters are not super clear. It happens a stone thing in the bass, but good ...

The effects are a bit antiquated anyway ...

The dynamic is not huge but what fishing ...

The optional outputs blowing pretty good. (Well not that ...)


I purchased to have good sound pierces the ground did not ES (the reason I find the lack of potatoes). I am not disappointed with my choice: the potato is vraiemnt to go, down is present.
The filters are interesting, they sound very digital and 90 'I find, but good enough.
I just spend 2 hours to have fun with a sample of waveform 2600, and although I must say it sends a very strong ... with internal filter there is a very techno end his 90, but with the MFB synth lite filter II I found a sound "huge" ... bottom, potato ...

To summarize this rack, I would say potato and downs, but also quite possible édidtion.

I do not understand why Yamaha (and these 2 other sisters) are no longer able to make instruments with low and that this sin ... He buried by far my motive are 6 for the low and percs ...

Very good deal for me.

sunjy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha A3000
The converter is exellent, well made, no hiss or other extraneous noise


The interface is a bit confusing at first, but like all machines it is easy to use.


I used the 3000 as a multi purpose in addition to the sampler. renter is not in the machine and in the resort with three effects, it's great.

For my part I mainly use the filters very efficient resulting in a dynamic of madness to all who returns dedant samples and effects to round.


Value for money, do not hesitate, it's a pot that had advised me there 6 years and I have no regrets, now I want more of an A5000 A3000

disbuzz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha A3000
They Describes dj t, so I will not dwell on it too ...


It is true that beginners, I just galr to find my way but quickly freelance stuff and now (okay I have since 1998) is more problem me!
Not too much problem at the sound edition (even without display of the wave on the screen), there comes a quick ear, the most pnible as can be the development of a loop (but with interfaage with the PC, it quickly)


The converters are ideal to me. I could not compare with other samplers but the sound coming out of my A3000 is hot (the bass is always FAT)
The top (and the time, I hesitated with the akai S3000 of which has not original) is the effect!
all in real time, and rather well made: I once had to use the sampler as a multi-effects
For programs you can have three effects (from a list of how many but I know a lot) that are combined as one wants (the effect with a 2, 3 sets, ...): The foot


Since 1998, I never doubted his talent (ahhh my little sampler) and its capabilities!
It has a pretty face (blue faade of the best taste), full of spares output, a PC with interfaage very practical, functions synthse tense (filters, LFOs, effects , is just for fun), I am not quick to change ... prs
(The only problem is the knobs wear out quickly enough reloux like you turn left and it's going to right)

Eightknot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha A3000
See review chris.angel

Even if nothing is provided by Yamaha, there are apps for free on pc edition (mac I know) found easily on the net (or by using the links on the forum Audiofanzine) .

Even if the machine was released in 1997, at SPECIFICATIONS it has nothing to envy MODELS rcents Aka home or Emu. Two complaints: the scsi trs slow, and screen display trs spartan.


It's not plug and play, but it is a good sampler so you have to wade and get their hands dirty, this is normal (except when not in use with the CD sounds all STRP without changing the edition, which is under-utilized potential of the machine). For just qq sampler sounds and play or loop is simple trs. Then the possibilities are so vast that always learns After months of use.

If we take the trouble, you come quickly become familiar with the operating mode of the A3000. And worth it.

The manual is not always clear trs but it is quite complete. By trs not against teaching.


Trs good converters.
Filters trs effective, powerful effects (some original TRS) with many paramtres ditables.


I have 3 years. What I like most is that I constantly discovering new musical horizons thanks him. What I like least is the management trs slow SCSI, which we do not have the same flexibility as other machines (hardware or virtual). This does not m'empche love it.
I just tried before one of Aka S1000 and A3000 I find much more powerful. In addition cte saw his opportunity in today ... But given the falling prices of hard samplers, as one who may wish to try be a Z8 or E5000 before DCID.

Chris.angel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha A3000
This machine is already in standard, very impressive on its features and capabilities:
- Polyphoonie 64 votes
- MIDI 16 shares
- Sampling frequency up to 44.1 KHz
- 54 types of effects
- Three blocks of independent effects
- Compatible with AKAI, EMU, WAV and AIFF
- 4 outputs (2 main + 2 assignable)

In addition, the expansion possibilities greatly increase the benefits of this sampler:
- Up to 128 MB of memory
- SCSI Internal Hard Drive
- Additional card with 6 analog audio outputs, 1 input and 1 digital output S / PDIF.


From the point of view 'features', Yamaha is always very generous. Alas, it is often at the cost of intuitiveness and ease of use.

However, if you take the time to review the manual, the approach of the machine becomes much easier. The use of menus presented in a matrix is, at least initially, a little confused. But with a little experience, they are very practical and well organized.

One might regret the absence of graphical representation of the wave. But the tools and editing features fill the gap. Finally, trim unwanted sections to the right place or create a loop is relatively fast and efficient.


The quality and effectiveness of the filters are amazing. Similarly, the sonic possibilities are truly extensive.

In addition, the module 'Effects' offers 54 types of effects of quality and sometimes original.


After extensive market research, the A3000 proved the master purchase.

In competition with the Akai S2000, S2800, S3000XL, S3200 and E-Mu ESI2000 and 4000, he was selected because:
- It is relatively recent (from 1997 to version 1, 1998 for 2),
- It is equipped with an internal OS (not on disk)
- It offers 54 standard types of effects filters and many,
- It supports up to 128 MB of memory,
- The A / D converters - N / A are very good quality,
- It samples up to 44.1 kHz,
- It already has, as standard, 4 outputs,
- It can be equipped with a SCSI hard drive internal
- The features are complete,
- The price / quality ratio is really very good.

In short, for a very very correct, it provides a recent and comprehensive sampler equipped with a multi-quality effects, and can change according to user needs. Perhaps only he has no awareness of the brand in terms of the sampler, but it has everything else.