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  • Akai Professional MPX16

    Akai Professional MPX16 - "Useless as a Sampler" contains audio examples


    I have found the MPX16 to be useless when used as a sampler because the sampled output is not the same as the original. I now use it as a MIDI controller for my hardware synths. The pads are good and it has a standard MIDI output as well as being abl…

  • Korg microSAMPLER

    Korg microSAMPLER - "Easy to use Sampling Keyboard"


    Pro: Recessed Knobs, Ease of Use. Battery Powered, Lightweight but rugged, Sample Transfer to/from Computer via USB. Free Sample Editor, Bonus free Sample Library as download via Korg Website, Flash Ram keeps Your Creations even when Batteries are em…

  • Roland S-760

    Roland S-760 - "No Toy for Noobs" has images


    Pro: Video Output um das winzige Display auf einem grossen Bildscirm abzubilden. Macht Sinn! Aber auch die Bedienerführung an der Gerätefront ist sehr einfach zu erlernen. Exzellente Filter. grossartiger Klang, Aussergewöhnich sinnvolle Features wie …

  • Technics SM-ZS30

    Technics SM-ZS30 - "Manual needed too"


    hi can anyone tell me where to get at least a pdf of photos of the manual of the sm-zs30? would badly need it and cannot find anywhere. please assist hi can anyone tell me where to get at least a pdf of photos of the manual of the sm-zs30? woul…

  • Ensoniq ASR-10

    Ensoniq ASR-10 - "My Baby!"


    The texture you get from this guy is like if the MPC 3000 and the SP1200 had a baby... A sound that's sorta right in between the two machines that I so dearly love! After sampling, the keys make it super easy to find that sweet spot for where the sam…

  • Ensoniq EPS

    Ensoniq EPS - "Alien Bass Texture"


    I love blasting my 808 in here and that sample is spit out as a perfectly distorted warm punchy bass fo yo face! 12 bits of beautiful grimy texture... The definition of Dirt Style! So easy to use when you get the hang of it... It really doesn't compa…

  • Sequential Circuits Studio 440

    Sequential Circuits Studio 440 - "Dr. Octagon's Solution"


    I've had this for a few years now, and every time I sample something into it, I end up with unique textures & sounds from the original! I love how there's tons of features that do quirky things that I know I will never fully realize because there's s…

  • Boss SP-202 Dr. Sample

    Boss SP-202 Dr. Sample - "A great sampler worth owning!!"


    The Boss sp 202 is an amazing sounding sampler both in Hifi, standard and Lo-fi mode, Lo-fi 2 isn't for me though as its too overkill. A sampler shouldn't always be judged by the sample rates, this sampler can do both clean(Hi-fi) and dirty very well…

  • Akai Professional S20

    Akai Professional S20 - "Simple loop sampler"


    Aimed at DJs and home studio hobbyists when it was issued, the S20 was never one of Akai's sampling flagships. But it's a humble and efficient performer that still sounds great, and is one of the easiest and therefore most immediate and satisfying sa…

  • Ensoniq EPS16 Plus Rack

    Ensoniq EPS16 Plus Rack - "The legendary American sound"


    ensoniq certainly is to this day the most emblematic audio brand for the "American sound". The company managed to create customer loyalty from many musicians and sound lovers through offering highly musical pieces of hardware for a very democratic pr…