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Schecter Damien user reviews

  • Schecter Damien Elite-6

    Schecter Damien Elite-6 - "Decent midlevel metal guitar"


    This guitar is comparable to an ESP MH-350. It is a basic solid metal guitar. There arent many frills on this guitar but it gets the job done due to nice hardware. The Damien elite is a much better value than the normal Damien due to the fact that it…

  • Schecter Damien B2

    Schecter Damien B2 - "Average Guitar"


    It has a Solid, Basswood Body, a Maple Bolt-on Neck, and Rosewood Fretboard. It uses Grover Tuners, a Licensed Floyd Rose trem and locking nut, EMG-HZ H4(bridge) and H4A(neck) pickups. Both pickups are passive pickups. It has one volume and one tone…

  • Schecter Damien Elite-7

    Schecter Damien Elite-7 - " A marvel"


    Made in South Korea, United controlled the state. Here we have a 7 string guitar with two EMG pickups (81/85), a bridge tune-o-matic or Pink Floyd to choose from, a handle end "C", 24 frets, a three-position switch, one volume, tone. Mahogany body wi…

  • Schecter Damien Elite-7

    Schecter Damien Elite-7 - " The cream of the extreme for this price!"


    Manufacturing in South Korea, it has a fixed bridge (can be pink floyd), 24frets, 2 EMG active micro 81/85, volume and tone, a microphone selector 3 positions, finishing red / black. UTILIZATION Channel pleasant enough but not exceptional either.…

  • Schecter Damien-6 FR

    Schecter Damien-6 FR - silvenard1's review


    USA parts assembly and finishing Asian exceptional manufacturing (routers are also smooth and painted the table! beautiful black satin finish floyd + 2 emg hz (h4) + 1 vol 1 tone 1 3 position selector round handle and quite thick but very comfo…

  • Schecter Damien-6 FR

    Schecter Damien-6 FR - biquet82's review


    Everything has been said previously. UTILIZATION The handle is nice, I have not felt on the other hand, of particular problems for the lead. The power cord is efficient, the rack too, very original inlays are of good quality. Everything is very s…

  • Schecter Damien-6

    Schecter Damien-6 - jessus's review


    Guitar factory in South Korea EMG H4 Passive 1volume, 1 tonne, three-position switch: neck, bridge, neck + bridge. Through-string and handle visss UTILIZATION The handle is enjoyable to press trs good solid agreements, for super fast sol…

  • Schecter Damien-7

    Schecter Damien-7 - maitreyoda84's review


    And presto, a small copy paste the site Schecter. Technical Info: Construction / Scale: Bolt-on / 26.5 in. Body: Basswood Neck / Fingerboard: Maple / Basswood Frets: 24 Jumbo Inlays: Black "Pearl Bats" Pickups: EMGhz7-A set Electron…

  • Schecter Damien-6 FR

    Schecter Damien-6 FR - marcolini's review


    Country of manufacture: Core Frets: 24 frets Pickups: 2 EMG HZ humbucker (EMG G81 equivalent but passive) Bridge: Floyd type Rglages: 1 volume, 1 Tone 1 slecteur 3 positions microphones Exceptional finish for a guitar in this price range! …

  • Schecter Damien-7

    Schecter Damien-7 - allucino.vinz's review


    - In which country was it made? Korea - How many frets, what kind of micro as well as their configuration? Rosewood 24 frets, frets Extra Jumbo, 2 passive humbucking pickups EMGhz 7-A - What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)? TOM Bridge…