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Schecter user reviews

  • Schecter Ultra Bass

    Schecter Ultra Bass - "An interesting bass..." has images


    - Which amps or effects do you use this bass with ? Pedalboard with a Korg Pitchblack, Carl Martin Quattro (Chorus), Isp Technologies Decimator and Boss BF-3 Flanger into a Markbass CMD 102P - For which kind of music/playing style ? In our band…

  • Schecter C-1 Exotic

    Schecter C-1 Exotic - "Great axe, if it were lost, I'd definetly find another."


    Made in S. Korea, Schecter high rock II humbuckers, 24 fret, ebony fret board, 2 volume 1 tone pull up split for single coil sound, 3 way selector switch, 6 strings thru body, Schecters adjustable bridge, exotic star centered at 12th fret. Dots are o…

  • Schecter Hellraiser C-7

    Schecter Hellraiser C-7 - "Phenomenal"


    The Schecter Guitar Research C-7 Hellraiser is a seven string, 26 1/2" scale electric guitar. It features a 3-piece Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard, Mahogany body with a quilted Maple top, 24 jumbo frets, gothic cross style inlays, EMG Active 707…

  • Schecter C-4

    Schecter C-4 - "I really love playing this bass!"


    Made in Korea EMG HZ passive pickups with active 2 band EQ UTILIZATION Easy access to top notes, mixing the pickups gets a great tone, the shape and weight of the instrument is very comfortable to hold SOUNDS I turn the tone controls all the way…

  • Schecter Hellraiser C-1

    Schecter Hellraiser C-1 - "Not too extreme"


    The Schecter C1 Hellraiser is an excellent playing guitar that possesses much more charm than you might think. The C-1 has a mahogany body and set mahogany neck with what Schecter calls an "ultra-access" cutaway. As far as electronics are concerned, …

  • Schecter C-7 FR

    Schecter C-7 FR - "Pretty solid 7 string"


    The Schecter Hellraiser C7FR is one of the guitars people look at when looking for quality seven strings that don't break the bank. This guitar features a mahogany body, a mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard, 24 frets with jumbo fire, dot inlays…

  • Schecter Jeff Loomis FR

    Schecter Jeff Loomis FR - "Probably the best Schecter 7"


    Jeff Loomis is one of the few decent players that Schecter happened to pick up. They decided to make him a signature model, and rightfully so. The guy's an amazing guitarist. The guitar features an ash body, a maple neck with a maple fretboard, so…

  • Schecter Omen-7

    Schecter Omen-7 - "Iffy quality"


    Schecter has always been a bit hit or miss on the quality control department, but this guitar was pretty bad in some areas. The guitar features a basswood body, a bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, 24 frets, dot inlays, a hard tail bridge…

  • Schecter Jeff Loomis FR

    Schecter Jeff Loomis FR - "What Loomis played"


    Jeff Loomis is well known guitar player in the metal world. He was the guitar player in the recently disbanded band Nevermore. He was one of the founding members and a huge part of their unique sound. He is known for his incredible chops and mastery …

  • Schecter Blackjack C-7

    Schecter Blackjack C-7 - "Low, rich, and juicy!"


    Bound mahogany body Set maple neck Rosewood fretboard with black pearl dots/Blackjack cards inlay at 12th fret 26-1/2" scale Seymour Duncan JB (SH-4) and '59 (SH-1n) pickups Grover locking tuners TonePros locking bridge with through-body string…