Schecter Demon-6
Schecter Demon-6

Demon-6, STC-Shaped Guitar from Schecter in the Demon series.

Myogui 10/08/2013

Schecter Demon-6 : Myogui's user review

«  Great guitar! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
- Made in Indonesia, but superb finish, built smoothly, without any particular concern.
- Fixed bridge a string through, this is my personal opinion, just aesthetically beautiful!
- 24 frets, pearl inlay probably, not shape: gothic cross
- Bolt-
- Duncan Design pickups active I think.
- One volume knob, one tone and a 3-position selector


- The handle is a highway, not too wide, wonderful for all playing styles!
- Not too heavy, not too light, we know that the door playing up, but without breaking the back.
- Access to great highs, good shape Superstrat ...
- In distortion sounds are superb, both on the neck pickup than the bridge, clear sound, the neck pickup sounds so good!


- I play metal, this guitar is perfect for this style.
- Quite fat distortion sounds are obtained, but so hot in her clear, ideal for short walks to the Metallica!
- I play with a small 15W VOX and Fender Mustang III is really ideal.
- I do not like the sound of the pickup in the clear, too cold for my taste.
The solos on the neck pickup distortion are fabulous, the sound is clear!


- I have this guitar for less than a week, I'm already very satisfied and happy! It's already become my main guitar!
- I tested many guitars front, LTD (the famous EC1000, too expensive) one or two BC Rich, but for me it is the latter that has tilt we'll say!
- What I love is the satin black paint, it's cold, dark I love it! The gothic cross inlays, and head handle! But what I like most is its looks simple, yet the monster behind ...
- The value for money is excellent, I paid a little expensive compared to the RRP, but at least I had the security that is in good condition and properly adjusted!
- I repeat that choice, a thousand times, if necessary.