Schecter Demon-6
Schecter Demon-6

Demon-6, STC-Shaped Guitar from Schecter in the Demon series.

kanar29 05/09/2007

Schecter Demon-6 : kanar29's user review


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Made in China
24 frets 2 humbuckers Duncan Designed HB-105 active
Volun a knob, a tone and a 3 position selector micro


Channel trs enjoyable and very accessible acute
guitar good balance not too heavy not too lgre just right
its clean as nickel disto


It is well suited to my style (rock rather mtal) but sound in all areas
my amp is a line spider II 212 150w
Instead, a crystal-clear in his clean but not very well get her a little heavy


I use it only for a few days and I am very happy. I tested a lot of guitar before investing in this one and I do not regret at all. report quality nickel prices (less than 400 for a scratch with the Seymours active ...: D)
if I had to redo a choice would be the same. (This guitar is not distributed in France)