jo.Gwaremm 08/21/2013

Schecter Demon-7 : jo.Gwaremm's user review

«  great place to start 7-string »

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I do not go over the features, see below.


first grip very good, I had no trouble getting used to, though this is my first 7 string.

The weight did not bother me more than that, a pretty good wide strap and go.

Sound: from my first record, I was disappointed, I found the HB-105 a bit messy (I do not play in bridge position). I did change a Seymour Active Blackout AHB-1 and now I'm very happy. For the game against the clear by, you really turn down the volume of the microphone to make it very clean but I took it to the metal so it does not bother me.


I play folk metal, it is plugged into a Peavey JSX 120w with OUR dbkiller MK2 between the head and the cabinet and I get a big fat sound as I like, even leaving the knobs to 12.


I've had two months, this is the only model 7-string I've tried but not the first guitar with active pickups (I tried with the famous pair EMG 81/85 but I wanted something different ).

the price / quality ratio is very good, no doubt I would do this choice, but if I had a larger budget, I orienterai closer to Blackjack ATX C7 (fitted as standard with the AHB-1)