marah.lathes 06/14/2013

Schecter Demon-7 : marah.lathes's user review

«  Kiff of my time! »

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Made in China seems to confirm ...

Fixed bridge with string through.

Channel referred maple with a rosewood fingerboard, fitted with 24 X-jumbo frets and a pitch of 673mm.

Duncan Designed pickups assets.

Two knobs settings (volume and tone) and a 3-position selector.

A note on the aspect that we do not necessarily see the pictures on the websites, the guitar is adorned with a "binding edging" yellow farting that impresses! Seen as he takes on the official website of the brand. I did not pay attention to the order, I was surprised and pleased at the reception!


The sensations on the handle are very nice, from the grip of the guitar.

While we're on the 7-string, but nothing really unsettling. There are classical guitars 6 strings which are much less fun to play!

Many find it a bit too heavy, Me, I have not found. We immediately feel like a "real" guitar in his hands, is quite impressive.

Classic ergonomics = no risk taking on comfort, so good!

Access to acute is a little embarrassed by the heel of the bolt-on neck, but nothing serious.

The active pickups are pretty good quality, can be do they lack a bit of accuracy, but at this price point, there is a more than correct violin, so there is no reason to change them later.


I bought a 7 string entry level to start a little prog metal, djent and company.

And for now, it fills me. Even clean, it defends itself! (I play a lot of cubase and guitar rig ...)

I work from time to time on a Roland Cube, again, I think it did not go too badly! For this price, it is more than reasonable!


I use it for a month, and day. I think it's great!

This is a great compromise for me to start in the world of seven strings.

Inexpensive and relatively well done and true to what it refers visually.

The tuning hardly move, which I thought would change the Mecha pronto, no problem!

I do not have much recoil did not try other 7-string guitars, but if you want to venture into, go try, you could be confident like me.

"With experience, you do again this choice? ..." Ahaha! No worries, to be honest, I have already booked her big sister, the Demon 8 this summer ... :)