King Loudness 09/06/2011

Schecter Demon-7 : King Loudness's user review

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The Schecter Demon 7 is another one of those guitars that is geared towards the budget minded player who wants to get into a seven string guitar without putting out a whole lot of cash. It's got the same vibe to it as many of their higher end guitars like the C-7, but it comes in at a lower price point. It features a basswood body, a maple neck with rosewood fretboard and 24 frets, sealed tuners, string through body construction and a pair of Seymour Duncan Designed active humbuckers.


The design of the Schecter Demon 7 is reasonably ergonomic. It's not quite as light or sleek as a similar model Ibanez 7 but considering the design it's not too bad. The weight is a little bit heavier than I might like, but it does provide a thicker tone with the added mass as well. The shape is not my favourite in the world, but I can live with it. An added upside is that the neck is a little bit thicker than an Ibanez, which makes chord work a fair bit easier (I'm not the hugest fan of Wizard necks). The upper fret access is reasonable on this guitar, though the neck heel is a bit blocky and the cutaways don't quite allow you to get to the 24th fret as easy as an Ibanez would.


The guitar's tone plugged in really wasn't anything to write home about overall. I do think the stock pickups in this guitar are better than whatever Ibanez uses in theirs, but they are still no match for a good set of DiMarzio or real Seymour Duncan pickups. This guitar had the typical problem that I've found with most budget seven strings in that it sounded fairly muddy with high gain at low volumes. Also with this guitar you don't get any of the cool chiming split type sounds that work so well for extended chords. The guitar just didn't have any sparkle or life to it with the stock pickups and the muddiness factor is another problem I had too.


All in all I wasn't really impressed with this guitar. I bought it used from Long and McQuade for $250 and took it back a week later. I might've gotten a dud but mine was really badly put together... the tuners would slip constantly on the lower strings, the electronics would crackle and buzz and the feel of the guitar just didn't work for me. If I had to do this all over again, I'd sooner pick up an Ibanez RG7321 because they just seem to sound and feel better in that price point.