audiotrip 06/04/2014

Schecter Omen-4 : audiotrip's user review

«  Very good bass »

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Active bass 4 strings and 24 frets made in Korea
Bolt-on maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, basswood body
Bridge, mechanical and micro Schecter Diamond Series
2 humbucker pickups such assets
2 volume knobs (neck, bridge) and 2 tone knobs
No active / passive switch, damage.


The neck is thin, fairly low light and the whole is very enjoyable to play.
The bass is very well balanced and not leaning forward, the grip is immediate.
Access to acute is easy although it is not where we are going more often.
The sound palette is very broad and active electronics, you can sculpt the sound in detail.


The well-rounded and warm the greasy stoner funk, this bass is incredibly easy and the sound is always waiting for you.
Used on a Fender tube amp or a POD Pro Bass live in PA, it does every time.
Again, this bass is ultra versatile and I do not know her limits or styles in which it would not be comfortable.


Used for 7 years, it is a pure joy each time the plug.
Sometimes I use my old Aria bass when I want to sound a bit filthy punk / Garage genre, but it became my main bass.
I like the look, especially the head, its color and its ergonomics and of course the sound!
I'll do him one complaint: the absence of an active / passive switch which prohibits not have a 9V battery feed on pain of being deprived of sound when battery.
Another detail, the original strings are coated awful as a sort of varnish and pilling in tatters each use; replace the outset.
I would definitely do it again the same choice today anyway because this instrument is very nice and offers a beautiful finish in this price range.