MGR/Lawdawg 08/13/2007

Schecter Omen-4 : MGR/Lawdawg's user review

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Played guitar professionally 20+ years ago. Currently a bass player in a local mid life crises blues/rock band.

I have a 78 Fender Strat and an Ovation but when my neighbors and I got together and jammed we needed a bassman. So, I volunteered. I needed a bass but didn't want to spend goo gobs of cash, so I checked out the Schecter Omen 4 on for $349.00

It plays like a much more expensive bass. As a converted bassman I know about setting up an ax and how I want it to feel. The action was nice, no buzzing, great intonation and sustain. Active electronics are more than adequate, especially at this price.

The body is a little chunky. And the d & G strings can be a little too bright in comparison to the E & A strings. But proper EQ can overcome that.

The overall quality is awesome for such an inexpensive unit. This Omen 4 was made in S. Korea. Again as a converted bassman this was a fantastic bass to learn the craft on.

Bottom line is I owned the omen 4 for a year and a half and I still love to play it. But I'm ready to move on. Only because my chops have gotten much better on bass. I will keep this bass forever. I am happy to have learned on such a nicely crafted bass. (for $349.00)

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