Schecter Solo
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Schecter Solo user reviews

  • Schecter Solo-6 Custom

    Schecter Solo-6 Custom - "Classy singlecut from Schecter"


    Schecters line of guitars is more metal based. They are trying to take on the ESP and Ibanez line ups with their guitars that are more metal oriented. They also have more versatile models in their line that are based on the same models as their metal…

  • Schecter Solo Special

    Schecter Solo Special - " Superb" has images


    manufactured in Asia, as all guitars schecter, I flashed to the Solo 6 Special (Sunburst for me). I bought the USA because I could not find it in France. I got it for $ 500 + $ 99 shipping + 69 euro customs is about 565 euros. Delivered in about 3 we…