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Schecter Stargazer user reviews

  • Schecter Stargazer

    Schecter Stargazer - "Schecter Stargazer"


    Black bass with matching headstock. Rosewood Fretboard. Pearl pickguard. Chrome Hardware The knobs are Volume (Push/Pull), Blend, Bass and Treble. The pickups are EMG HZ. One Jazz Bass style pickup in the neck position and one Musicman-style hum…

  • Schecter Stargazer

    Schecter Stargazer - "JCX Stargazer"


    i knew a guy hard up for cash, i bought it for like 40 bucks, originally probably was about 99. I expected it to be worthless, but would be nice to have around my dorm room. I gotta say, this is cool. Stays in tune nicely, plays really fast and extr…