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Seiko user reviews

  • Seiko ST-747

    Seiko ST-747 - "Easy to Use. Very Accurate." has images


    I use this to tune my steel-string acoustic guitar. It is very easy to use with both an LCD "analog" meter, and low-correct-high LEDs (red-green-red). Uses a 9-volt battery. It quickly steps through A-A#-B-C-C#-D-D#-E-F-F#-G-G# by pressing the "Note"…

  • Seiko DS 202/310/320.

    Seiko DS 202/310/320. - "A towering gear with interesting sounds" has images


    The basic synth is called the DS202 , with two expansion – the DS310 digital synthesizer and DS320 sequencer. Once everything mounted on the synth, the size is quite impressive. A sturdy and well-conceived gear, for a total 16 to 17 lbs. No MID…

  • Seiko SQ44 Metronome

    Seiko SQ44 Metronome - moosers's review


    The Seiko SQ44 Metronome is a small electronic metronome, designed for uses of all types. It is powered up by a nine volt battery and has a stand on the back of it so you can set it down easily. It has a mini 1/8" jack for using it with headphones …

  • Seiko ST-727

    Seiko ST-727 - "Seiko ST 727 Guitar Tuner"


    Purchased from a Small Music Store in Ladysmith, South Africa. Paid about R 150 (South African Rand) for it. This unit has made my life so much easier when tuning up. In the past I have used other brands of guitar tuners but I have found the one tha…

Translated user reviews
  • Seiko ST-600

    Seiko ST-600 - " You will not miss you "crap.""


    Found my father, more than twenty years after my departure from the family cocoon. The subject's hands made me realize the time and progress since the death of Cobain. Because at the time this thing was acordeur first prize par excellence, and frankl…

  • Seiko ST-727

    Seiko ST-727 - " 20 + years of service!"


    this tuner I bought (or rather my parents) there are twenty 20 + years on the advice of my guitar teacher when I started. He followed me everywhere, he has used almost 7 days a week since I, with the mic for acoustic and classical guitar or connect…

  • Seiko Tolv quartz music tuner

    Seiko Tolv quartz music tuner - " the most complete, the top!"


    Tuner for electric and acoustic piano .... and other instruments, violin, mandolin etc ... you tune each note 6 octaves ... it is equipped with a microphone that picks up the frequencies and transcribe its precise meter view ... you can give you…

  • Seiko SAT100

    Seiko SAT100 - " I do not like ..... Disappointed ...."


    Unable to tuner with 430 model. The lowest that we can be tuner is 435?? Where did they get that?? Who will play as a quarter tone lower only?? My old Seiko that I gave the note you played instead of the rope. So we only had to pay half a tone …

  • Seiko SAT100

    Seiko SAT100 - Luneral's review


    <ul class="ul"> For how long have you been using it? </ul> I use this tuner for two years now, bought used for a small 15aine the euro era. <ul class="ul"> Have you tried many other models before acqurir? </ul> This is my first tuner. How…

  • Seiko ST-600

    Seiko ST-600 - pulvonium's review


    Me too, my first tuner! Purchased in 1995, memories, memories .... It still serves me repeat! I think this is the biggest investment depreciated since I make music ... Otherwise, to give actual notice, today it is obsolete. He does the guitars …