Seiko Tolv quartz music tuner
Seiko Tolv quartz music tuner

Tolv quartz music tuner, Tuner/Pitch Pipe/Tuning Fork from Seiko.

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visionproject 02/05/2014

Seiko Tolv quartz music tuner : visionproject's user review

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Tuner for electric and acoustic piano .... and other instruments, violin, mandolin etc ...
you tune each note 6 octaves ...

it is equipped with a microphone that picks up the frequencies and transcribe its precise meter view ... you can give your voice lol

and thanks to its generator sends you each frequency in the speaker or headphones

you can Varrier your agreement to 440-445 on level 6 ... and all the notes of course, ideal for jazz and others.

6.35 jack for guitar or electric piano Rhodes guy ...
9v battery test button
9v DC input
headphone "mini jack"