ESP Viper
ESP Viper

Viper, SG-Shaped Guitar from ESP in the Viper series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 10 reviews )
 7 reviews70 %
 3 reviews30 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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tjon901's review"ESP Viper with a Jeff Hanneman type finish"

ESP Viper
The ESP Viper is their SG style model. It has a body similar to that of an SG but the horns are a bit offset to give you better upper fret access. This is a full label ESP. This means it is made in Japan and has custom shop level fit and finish. The guitars you see labeled LTD are still ESP guitars and they have the same specs but they are made outside of Japan so the quality is slightly lower. This guitar has a mahogany body with a mahogany set neck and an ebony fretboard. The fretboard has 24 jumbo frets with ESP's flag inlays. The neck and headstock are fully bound for a classy look to complement the Urban Camo paintjob. They do not skimp on the hardware on this model. This guy has a set of active EMG 81 pickups. The controls are a master volume and a master tone with a 3 way toggle switch.


This is a top spec ESP guitar and plays like it. The guitar is not heavy and has a neck that feels superb. It has a nice thin profile with a nice flat radius neck. The frets on it are super big and let you really dig into notes. Locking tuners mean you stay in tune. This guitar is a set neck but ESP calls it a set-thru neck. This just means that the neck is set deeper into the body like almost half a neck through guitar. This means there is very little heel to get in your way. With 24 frets and a 24.75 scale the upper frets can get pretty crowded. With the active pickups you need a battery to power them but ESP helps you out by adding a quick access battery pack so you can change the battery on the guitar without opening up the entire control cavity.


The dual EMG 81 set is an alright set. In my opinion the 81 is not a good neck pickup but it is a great bridge pickup. The 81 in the bridge is very common. It has a nice sharp voicing to it. It has a good high end crunch to it. If you have heard any Metallica record in the past 20 years you have heard the 81 in action. It does not have the right voicing for the neck position though. Kirk Hammett uses them in the neck and I dont think anyone would say he has a good neck position tone. The pickup has too much high end to be used well in the neck position. It has kind of a harsh tone in the neck position. It is not smooth like you want in a neck position pickup. I would recommend swapping in an 85 in the neck position. It has a smoother voicing which provides a better tone for high gain neck position leads.


This is the current model of the Viper. It seems that they are only making these high end versions now. The old LTD versions use to be a great value. The Viper 400 also came with EMG pickups and were only around 400 dollars. Those were great guitars. This is a great guitar as well but being a full ESP it is pretty expensive. If someone is looking to buy an ESP at the shop I always try to get them to try out some LTD ESP's first. The specs usually are pretty much the same and any playability differences can easily be taken care of with a proper setup.

Hatsubai's review"Rivals Gibson"

ESP Viper
The Viper is part of the Standard series that ESP offers. The guitar is meant to rival the Gibson SG series, and it does it with ease. This guitar features a mahogany body with a set through mahogany neck and ebony fretboard, 24 extra jumbo frets with dot inlays and the name at the 12th fret, a TOM bridge, EMG pickups, locking tuners, one volume, one tone and a three way switch.


ESP does an amazing job on the Standard series. First of all, the necks feel wonderful. It's a thin U shaped neck which feels great in the hands. It's not quite Ibanez thin, but it's still fairly thin, so it's great for shredding. The fretwork is top notch on these guitars, too. The ends are beveled nicely, and the frets are level enough to really slam the action if you'd like. That's a huge plus for me as I love to run super low action. The guitar also comes with locking tuners, so changing strings is real easy. It also eliminates any binding or slip issues that might occur with normal tuners.


The guitar is aggressive as hell. The EMG 81 in the bridge is super cutting, and it complements the mahogany body and neck nicely. You can get some extremely tight staccato metal riffs with ease thanks to this pickup. The EMG 85 in the neck delivers this super powerful, warm and fat lead tone that sings for days. The neck pickup, while kinda weak for clean, allows you to do some of those super fast legato licks with ease. The cool thing with EMGs is that, besides the fact that they record amazingly, they also are super easy to swap out with other EMGs so you can taylor this to your taste.


If you're looking at a Gibson SG alternative, I highly recommend picking up one of these guitars. The ESP Standard series is ESP's flag ship series, and it really shows. They put in a decent amount of time into these guitars, and they're packed full of features that the lower end LTDs don't seem to have. I recommend buying them used if you can as you'll save a ton of dough, which is always a nice thing. eBay is a great place to find these guitars cheap, as well as various guitar forums.

anjer86's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Matchless"

ESP Viper
Guitar made in Japan - a real ESP
Mahogany body
Mahogany neck-through
Ebony fingerboard
Pickups: 1 x 1 x EMG 81 and EMG 85
24 frets
Color: Black
Comes in case Thomann


The handle is very nice, the guitar is very light and comfort due to the shape is similar to a Gibson SG, that is to say that mutes are very pleasant to attack and treble are easily attainable. However, it is not easy to play standing up, because as the SG handle leans toward the ground, the dropping it is horizontal (so it looks less to the ground as the SG). This is a problem for me personally.

NB: my viper is very light, but I have a friend who bought the same in "black satin" and it is heavier and does not have the same feeling ... strange.


I've never met a guitar that sounded better for my style of music (rock, pop, punk modern rock), it is very clean, neat, straight, powerful, no spurious frequency goes. If you like very specific, powerful, clean, bright / dark incredible balance and mute precise, it is the ESP Viper will be the best - beware, if you want a hot or dirty vintage grain, it must pass your way, you'll hate this guitar by treating object without a soul.


I use it for 5 years and I compared it to Gibson SG Standard, Esp Eclipse II, Ibanez RGA, Esp F Sanskrit and PRS Custom 24, because I've always wanted to replace it or have a back up to par, but no guitar has ever managed to get to his ankle, I sent all these guitars from Thomann after a few weeks of comparison.

It costs € 1,600 and each Euro is profitable by his excellency, the price / quality ratio is perfect and when I hear the misery she put a custom 24 to 3k I raises serious questions on the faces of these foutage sponsoring brands that we all take for balls.

fopat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESP Viper
- Manufactured in Japan
- 24 boxes
- Body and mahogany neck
- Set-thru neck, a mix between the crossing and al
- Ebony fingerboard,
-: Mechanical self locking Gotoh
- EMG 81 in bridge position, EMG 85 in neck position
- Finish Black satin super sexy:)

It's all good then. I prfr an EMG 60 in neck position, but a 85 is already very well:)
1 point for a lil less also worries about the 3-position switch that "detaches" sometimes force play with. But a lil bit of glue at the internal fixation and it rgl. Nothing so dramatic, but on a guitar of this range is a bit unfortunate.


Oh my god, this round! Really very enjoyable to play, the ACCS Acute ais and harmonics come out perfectly. You'll understand that I am a fan.
I compared the LTD EC-500 and the Jackson Demmelition who also a key in ebony, and the feeling is different. The LTD and Jackson are very close at the touch, the Viper is different. It can be disturbing to beginners, but you get done quickly, and ultimately I found the Viper much more enjoyable to play.


To rock and metal, the Viper is perfect (EMG 81 inside). For clean sounds, as I said above, I prfr a EMG60 which is less dark, but the EMG85 has its charm too.
I use it on a head 5150, and sounds! Palm muting powerful harmonic flapping, and specific on his nag, in short, a good sound mtalleux:)
For clean sounds, a lil EQ + chorus (or even just a chorus), very well for the arpges Metallica.
By lowering the volume (yes, we are not forced to put back the volume on a guitar), we can get a good crunch sound.


I use it for 3 months and I am more than satisfied. I tried several models LTD, some Ibanez, the Jackson Demmelition. Ultimately, the Viper is that I prefer, especially for its handle and look (terrible black satin.
Considering the quality of the guitar, I find the report quality / price very good. I remake this choice with your eyes closed, I could not do sparer!

skaloth's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESP Viper
-Made in Japan

-24 Boxes

-Mahogany body

Channel crossing mahogany.

In-touch with inlay bne "dot" style pearl inlay and "ESP" Douzima the box.

Jumbo Frets-perfect for riffs and power chords, a little less fun for solo plans.

Fixed bridge-TonePros black.

TonePros Tailpiece Stop Bar-black.

Mcaniques self-locking Sperzel black.

Pickups EMG-81 neck and bridge position. Another questionable choice that t corrected later by the replaceable "intruders" with a more 'fair' 85.

-1 Potentiomtre Volume and Ring to all gr by Switch 3 positions.

... And all in a Case ESP simple and friendly.
The Viper MODEL standard has undergone several changes in the years of production. The configuration changes from a microphone is set a 81 81 81 85 plus "Polyval".
Ditto for mcaniques now we are on the Gotoh oil bath while on my SERIES I'm self-locking Sperzel. Gotoh is a great brand - making great products but have a Sperzel bound copy and enjoy the comfort of play I had the chance to compare all models of mcaniques and I always loved Sperzel Shaller and wraps, a real rgal!
The construction of the body and the handle is really in tune Mtal Viper and fulfills its goals and direction definitely extreme.
The battery hatch ACCS is really fantastic and well established and trs discrete if we speak of the black plastic door that blends into the body. Currently the location of the cell is in housing mtallique plutt rsistant rude but the plastic cover of the old SERIES.

The few electronic default unfortunately. The quality of welds and plutt risky and if we had the possibility to rewire everything properly to avoid trouble later cut or loss of signal, would the dal.
I found the default on some ESP but should not necessarily be rcurant. All fawns is not too serious, as easily split.

The Viper has the t trs think big sound and to meet new standards for sound trs heavy mtal groups present. Good Ismaili philosopher, but I do not think this guitar is Polyval. We can make esprer Hard to mtal but the rest is not too feasible.


APRS balad have his eyes on his superb line and learned by heart the list of hardware the team, it is high as we INTERESTED which cre, APRS her look, the motion in its future acqureur.

ESP would take most of the SG and look trs rock while dealing with the radical spirit of the brand.
We obtain an instrument that actually has nothing to see. The Viper is not for the Rock and Hard Rock on like its big but really for the most extreme Mtal.
-The handle of the standard Viper is really comfortable and fast access to its acute. It's really apprciable especially when one has extreme enchaine riff for over an hour in the spotlight.
The key is trs comfortable and allows you to drag the handle with ease until the end of the beginning. The bene is not it There's more common and the incidence of such an association (Mahogany, Ebne.) On the sound is quite foreseeable.
This gives a warm and heavy, really heavy trs lack of finesse and unfortunately does not allow to please all the lack of Polyval and of parfoit DEFINITIONS.
The choice of Jumbo is good for the riff and the power chords but this lack of finesse on the parties and can lead some players handicapped in their cravings crazy descents notes.

-The ergonomics and the culmination of years sparent the SG and the Viper ... Not without laughter, ESP completely rethink the instrument so that you can not compare to the form.
The weight is well plutt rpart is making the game easy because the head has not really used to look for.
The body shape with a thickness SG asymtrique consquente more than the original offers comfort diffrent. It really is bigger and we feel that this construction will be our answer to the solicitation and the pornstar's user logins.
The dcoupe Part suprieur ESP provides an advantageous position forearm which helps to scrape the strings with a lot of comfort

-The only potentiomtre Volume and Tone pure design of the instrument but a cre vritable missing when the possibility of rglage.
Fawns of any style is so extreme we stay in tune. It is as if one can rglage taient optional damage.


When I purchased the Viper Standard c'tait with a view to playing only the hardcore and metal. Qute my sound is low especially on the power and capacity of micro sounds out the most saturated and can prcis t and I never owed.

-My style of music with this guitar DSIR: Mtal!
I never told him anything else demand because I knew that it was stronger than her to venture into other registers.
I am a big fan of his bluesy and classic rock, and my only solution is to change the instrument. Fortunately my Musicman Fidler is always l.
When I want to please me and sent the big sound, it always rpond Submitted. So yes, it should my style.

-The sound is heavy because of his body and mahogany neck. On his own words "surgical" in the EMG helps to give heat and that the sound may lack crucial grain.
There is a myth saying that the EMG on any guitar that sounded the same fawns. Yes is truth, but only for guitar medium without luthrerie worthy of being called as such.
I possess two of your exact guitar and has absolutely nothing to see! Only the output level is comparable.
If we want to make it simple to register his résumé is a sound: Heavy and Prcis.

"I dpart to play on a small transistor that Marshall was worthless and did not given the possibility to have fun with this beautiful instrument (besides withthe decline, it error to take a guitar though lev in line with an amplifier in the antipodes).
Now it's a combo Mesa Boogie Rectifier-I play it and enjoy!
It is obvious that the caratre this little monster 50W lamp while abroad is not being aggressive with my lovely Viper but with this kind of amp it is expressed.
I think many times to change the pickups to express new sounds but never concrtiser. It might be a mistake because I think it is well done as it is and you have to know the pet to do what you want.
Dj I try to connect to the Marshall, Randall, Orange and other hybrids ... and still his characters.

-What hurts is sound in his race for the famous position laqu'elle javais affection once (when my ear as a musician n'tait not as sharp.).
Like I said above, the sound is heavy. But this notion does not mean hot. This is your exact position that produces the neck of the guitar. We have a sound loaded bass but without much flavor and tasty grain. Hard groove in these conditions.
The clean part of a piece of it Nomtal redemendent and agree, but better use of this position would prfrable t. 60 could be put a an alternative, but when you love the sound clean and quie crunch of characters, one is hungry.
The rest is empty, once the saturation Submitted, she showed a capacity thundering us to play for hours.

I play in every tuning possible in almost all tie acceptable on this guitar. From 10-48 to 11-70, I have my beautiful ammen out the bass and the highest prcise possible, it is always followed unflinchingly Never!

A severe lack of Polyval but very effective in its style.


I acquired this guitar in 2005 and APRS ending for beginners 5 years of use tantt intensive tantt point, I've never felt weak.

I purchased this guitar on the spur of the heart, but still a novice j'tais music lovers.
She I so much that I bought without trying and completely exploding the budget I had for a new guitar.
Looking back c'tait a folly to a! But I have no regrets. His "SON" always gives me great pleasure and I like its look as always. I also fortunate to be a good fall on MODEL, I try on my guitar and I did not find the same passion. She had none of that. If only the quality of finish is the weight. Mine is much better finished and PSE when even more weight.

Its look and sound sharp convinced my ESP. I am convinced DEFINITIONS.
I made the right choice the era and today's diffrent my expectations, but I'm still proud to have this instrument in my possession.
I also played a MusicMan Petrucci who made my ESP abandoned for many months, but it's a pleasure to find my Viper with this tempra Ingala and sometimes too restrictive.

Trs good report quality price when you know it's a guitar for life. The quality is paid. Some brands and some models are abusing the exorbitant rates do not mritent such an investment.
Exprience but I can say that ESP is in time and if you your only interested by the scne mtal, the mark must hold your attention. I know that you can have or be due to Aprioris MODEL unfortunately not quite successful, but ESP offers something truly DIFFERENT.

The final grade will be 8.
TRS is a good note, but I must remain objective at least guide you in a first view of the instrument.
I know the others but surpasses it in price and quantity. It is sized for big riffs mtal; Powerful, heavy but incisive and uncompromising.
Branch in light of any kind Rectifier, JCM, Powerball, 5150 .. and so on, you drop the walls.
APRS having this information you know this guitar is for you .. or not.


freakazoid041's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESP Viper


24.75 Scale

Mahogany Body

Mahogany Neck

Ebony Fingerboard

42mm Bone Nut

Thin U Neck Contour

24 XJ Frets

Black Nickel Hardware

Gotoh Magnum Lock Tuners

Gotoh TOM Bridge & Tail

EMG 81 (B) / 85 (N) Active

Finish: BLKS


Give ESP Site

1 volume
1 ton
A selector


The neck is super enjoyable (similar to Gibson in '60 profile, or stick to some girls).
Jouabilit got my best, even if ergonomics is average, due to the fact that sg bite of the head, we must get used to.
Access in acute is very simple and its got good plutt ds is the time when we know turn buttons and a jack plug (pardon ...)


It is probably easier all registers, and the risk of shocking I like the clean sound also. We can tackle the big chords and a sound plutt neutral (o some versatility I think) but good. I play on a Hughes & Kettner Edition Tube 20th sounds good and all the above ...

Without an ear trs Entran I would say that the EMG offers a powerful but its Dfine plutt neutral and less fat than the deep and paul (compared to my classic '60) .

I play on the original distortion and especially Surun 2 Metal Zone MT TRS and get a good sound for the price. Rglages allow its many sounds Different. Mostly metal but with some rglages you get everything (except a good crunch lamps).

I love all the sounds with a small BMOL for clean sound in the bridge, which is trs acute Platet just lacks a bit of PCHE.


I use it for two weeks so my advice is not be pet-DEFINITIONS. I ordered this guitar on the internet on a favorite so that I try even if no other j'tais attracted to the story LTD.Pour MODELS I'm all a concert of Japanese Metal Dir en Grey and I found that the grattedu guitarist Kaoru slammed so ...
Finally, ESP and Gibson ... It achte the myth can be wrong but was good <img class="smiley" src="" alt="" />


I love the look and sound super sharp, with 11-48 strings and a good rglage is a pure delight, an incredible rhythm and sustain rarely seen. Its construction gives it a classy but simple and the fact that everything is done in a picedonne feel like a tool in the hands vritable!



I like less the fact that there is a volume and tone (Why not do like gibson? It enlve so many possibilities ...)


The guitar may be just because it CHRE parat well as EMG everything sounds the same, see ...

Exprience with my young I would do this purchase, 10 for the favorite irrational.

Dagobantoine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESP Viper
For CHARACTERISTICS, t aadj Describes.

I just took care of replacing an EMG 81 (one of the handle) by 85, to get clean sounds warmer. And it should trs well. Because I find it a bit to have two microphones dbile identical (so much for the principle but especially for the sound!)

So for this drle IDE to two EMG 81, I would not put a note too high. To believe that people who scratched the achtent not know the clear sound. I&#39;m a nag, but I nonetheless a fan of clean sounds. And especially if the scratches can be coping well ... This is the case.

The seller told me, if I recall, the wood silent Japanese. Of mahogany in this case. The main diffrence between that and ESP LTD, me he says is better than wood aging.

SERIES good and then this is no longer, so it&#39;s a kind of collector ...

This guitar is weird, it looks qu&#39;edlle is plastic, it is the painting that did it, the varnish or I do not know too much, but it&#39;s fun. It is nevertheless super fragile (I had the misfortune of offending a small blow against my wall, I can tell you that I still bite your fingers. Well it&#39;s a bit like r con action, since the sound has not changed but the price I paid o is stronger than me to be angry with me ...). It is a body, the handle does not look screwed (I will not go vrifier not eh ...)


Channel enjoyable?

Uh yeah! Although compact, totally DIFFERENT from what I had until the (Ibanez, who has more 7-string). Trs and enjoyable enough to that, nine months aprsy jou have almost every day, I take it in hand today and I always smile (besides the fact that I love her sound).

CHAC is enjoyable to acute, but personally, I&#39;m not a shreddeur, so I can not say too much more.

For usability, it&#39;s a very enjoyable guitar. J&#39;adoooore the handle! on the other hand when standing, I find the head too far, and it tends to fall. You get used to it sr it&#39;s not like the scratch of the head which is Dimebag Precipitation Occurred to the ground, but it&#39;s still a default. At least for me.

To get a nice sound, do not worry saturated (for some have a minimum of gear even when). For clean sounds, I recommend replacing the microphone handle 85 to get clean sounds warmer and less brutal to the ear. The EMG 81 is not too much evidence for that. For a time against the change fact, we can say that it&#39;s beautiful.

For the saturated I use the 81, which does its job perfectly, and for clean sounds and crunchy, I use the 85 (or so the combined 81/85)


For my style of music, o prdomine distortion and it sounds evil should trs well. This scratching my flat so that the blow I play all the time, and so I am amlior And it should not ngliger so lucky. I spent much less time on my guitar before ... And I had a social life ...

When I tried it in the store, originally j&#39;tais retracted to buy me one around 700-800 euros. And I see and I ask to test. I pass the test guitars APRS twelve o&#39;clock (you know the neighborhood of Pigalle prs o there is only music stores), and I found nothing that transcends me Specific rately. And when I tried it on the peavey Bandit, a basic amp I am tempted to say, I was hooked. While it certainly silent a little double what I prvu, but in the end, I&#39;m crazy mad for this guitar, so I do not regret to have put the price. As against the guy who post the notice below me and who pay 2000 euros, I said DAMAGE! Because I have paid 1500.

For sounds that you get, I think it starts to become a quality INTERESTED ... I love this guitar ... The records I make are of a sacred mountain notch (besides the fact I qe matrise also better software), is not to say, everything is more prcis and more powerful. EMG is not that there are for something.


I use it almost every day since I bought it, or nine months.

The particular feature I like most:

well the sr
comfort. I still enjoy playing with. The handle is just right pais, and the keys, finally I know, all this myself flat lot.

The particular feature I like least:

Face. I&#39;m not a big fan of his face. But I &#39;in a little crazy, it&#39;s just history to tell. Whether the form such as painting, I&#39;m not transcend. It&#39;s funny, she has a style that few others have, but since not my c&#39;tait CRITERIA any fawn, I do not care a bit.

The head is a bit far I think, forcing the wrist to bend a little more. Finally I found. And especially the head falls a little (I mean a little), but hey it is not comparable sr Washburn or a BC Rich (which in any fawn can not bear comparison with the scratch).

I tried lots of little MODELS prs at same price level (LTD, Jackson, Dean, Ibanez ...) before trying it and I tried the home of APRS friends have bought, is not to say, this one for me as always. Okay I have no love life, but at least I have a scratch that I love lol!

Report quality price: 1500 euros (new) beginners we start reaching the high end, well then I guess not what it might be the high end! I am not prs to invest in new, because it s me. Unless you have an opportunity to really dchire all, I do not achter news before a long time. It is well worth the 1500 euros.

For 2000 euros, I have no comparison with other models that price, so I prfre not tell you I Achter de 2000 euros all fawn, knowing that there must be even better quality of MODELS 2000 euros. To you to decide.

With exprience, it is obvious that I do it again this election, despite things I can blame him, it suits me well trs. Now I am no longer has that of my free time! Note that a fucks bad because normally I&#39;m singing ...

Thib'Thib's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESP Viper
Corenne rvise the US

24 frets and EMG 81 active team (adgomer its walls)

Fixed bridge

Two knobs (tone and volume) and a 3 slecteur CHECKPOINTS (acute mdium, bass)

Channel driver, not too fat or too thin
I put 10 because I bcp apprci


Channel: Channel hyper enjoyable, very sweet your handy!

The access to acute ais is really not very useful! Burin is for !!!!!

J'apprcie much the shape and weight is well ASEZ rpart. This guitar is not too heavy, but we must let Dessendre (almost play on the knees)

This is the Emg so the sound is very very powerful! Hello DGAT in your apartment if you '!

I put a new guitar for 10 exellent!


Indeed, it is a guitar type Metal is not made for Bethooven! I would say it's a guitar made for buggers like a barbarian!

I use a 200 Watt H & K

I get quite a big sound

I love all the sound this guitar!

I put 10 but not as strong typemtal 9!


And recently enough for me to love!

Nothing to report! it is perfect!

yes, I try a lot of guitars in Ibanez and Jackson in, I felt uncomfortable vriament, apart from Jackson Kelly KE2 but with the off-budget!

The price is related to the quality of the guitar is not a guitar for beginners!

Certainly !!!!!! I am too well with

Thib'Thib's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESP Viper
This guitar is made in Korea and the United States by rvise Esp. It possde 24 frets and is the team EMG81. Two knobs (Volume and Tonal and a slcteur 3 position.


The handle is very enjoyable, it's Esp! CHAC is the acute ais but almost essential because a guitar for fun Burin! While it is easy to play a few solos, but I deprecated as tapping cell does not always sound IDAL (cell also depends on your game). The shape of the guitar is attractive, friendly and Camouflage in color it has a certain agressivit. His weight is perfect on condition of not being a combat kibble! This is a guitar that many "Bourin" and "hairy" mtaleux use (provided you have a 2000 in the portfolio).
To the sound of EMG's !!!!! we can only have good sound! Deprecated but I use this guitar on an amp at 80 watts infrieur


Absolutely, I'm pretty Bourin style and it suits me perfectly. I use a Hughes & Kettner Vortex 200watt with two pedals the effect BOSS MD-2 and HM-2.
It's a typical metal. I love the sound of this guitar, nothing to say it is perfect!


I use it recently, and I love everything about this guitar, dj store I found enjoyable to play with but then when you start finding the back, is really a toy cel .. . a 2000
MODEL I try a few, such as Jackson, Ibanez and Gibson on, I never felt so at ease with a guitar with this Esp!
Of course, this guitar is expensive and requires a sizable investment, but are not a beginners guitar has a destiny that seeks mtal playing like a star! This guitar is destined for a very good person and mastering his game pretty well!

It's a choice I would do without hsitation .... Finally, I think if I had t richer I would pay for 3! The black, Camo, Urban Camo's !!!!!!!

le-pharmacien's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESP Viper
The body is mahogany with a driver handle 24 cases in maple with ebony fingerboard and jumbo fret the octave is marked with an inlay ESP microphones are EMG-81 active electronics (just like his blade I find especially we expect a big fat well) mechanisms are a traditional oil bath, self-locking Sperzel even if the tuning is reliable enough it is very difficult to have a tune that moves. With a binding on the neck and any t beaute.on by a 2 button one of the other tonal and volume with a 3 position selector


For me the handle is not super nice because for some it may be very rapid access to acute is pretty easy though not too often we go in boxes 22 23 24 th. As against the guitar is a bit heavy compared to a gibson which for me is superior in therm of quality (and price of course) the sound is rather bland unless it is a big fat marshall behind I do not Consiel play on a small 15-watt combo as you will be on it. For this kind of guitar he fo mesa boogie, marshall of light c is essential to exploit the potential of this guitar.


This guitar is Excellent for the hard style trash fan of Max Cavalera will find their account and all cheveulus and other lovers of no-metal. It is preverable to play on a big fat JCM 2000 for a great sound as the EMG-81 is missing (for me) a comparison of power-Di Marzio Seymour Duncan or the clean sound is not great (but I think that must come from the marshall) after the crunch and the overdrive can go to the microphones are still relatively precise


The shape of the guitar is quite attractive it is a fairly standard guitar, whatever people may say but I have a jackson and I must say IE is not the picture ESP is a whole step down (I do not speak the tuning) I think this Guitres is a bit expensive for what it is, moreover, all the range ESP Ltd are expensive and very average apart from the EC-1000 which is pretty good I do not think that fans should move her big in this range but rather in Jackson, which for me offers the best models o the best price