Gibson [Guitar of the Month - February 2008] SG Diablo
Gibson [Guitar of the Month - February 2008] SG Diablo

[Guitar of the Month - February 2008] SG Diablo, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Guitar of the Month series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson [Guitar of the Month - February 2008] SG Diablo

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Average Score:5.0(5/5 based on 1 review)
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alcooloic's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson [Guitar of the Month - February 2008] SG Diablo
24 cases
1 volume, 1 Tone slecteur 3 positions
Micro bustburcker pro 1 and 2
The painting is of a red top that said they really see that in places is laying ol ol. M gal is this personal because I've bought for the jou and not to paste over the eyes ...
The dor style gives it a hand. It is aptly named, the fire of hell and the devil's red. I think that the gilding will not last long on a micro caches causes sweat, no big deal.
It is stiff and wooden require work. Normal, that is new. That said it is the same agreement with a set of tar.
J y ai Monti 10, 52 This gives it more EHJV and nuances to the tune of c is any good.


Channel fire with an incomparable Access in treble.
For me the ergonomics are perfect we feel that one has a real skyscraper in the hands.
To the sound is super versatile diablo, really surprising!


For my style of music is perfect c!
I play the good old hard (ACDC LED ZEP) but also of pink floyd red hot ...
In my group I should jou everything and it is clear that the diablo s adaptation.
I think it comes from the microphones that are capable of anything: Jazz blues hard metal, provided that one takes care of his attack.
In the beginners I thought for certain he would have to funk songs I play on another skyscraper, but no, diablo provides.
I 'd like to see what she gives with a split!
The neck pickup is saturated by IDAL for style Gari Moore, the microphone is saturated with lead IDAL for ACDC rhythmic solos and furious. The sustain is standard. In 15 years I think this guitar will be unique.
I 'was played on a 40w tube combo celestman ket.J and Hughes have just one more and wha blakstar valve overdrive. there are 4 sounds available live, 12 if we play with the select microphones and infinite if one uses the knobs in the sg rglage and wha cry baby.Pas sentence to push the gain that it gives ...


I use it since March (it comes directly from states I have the bowl) and I immediately find each use.
Personally I like everything about the scratches, if I were to say that I lack we should add a microphone to split view. That said Gibson n 'is not a fan ...
I also play on a standard 99 roxanne and a washburn with tone zone microphone. Compare these two guitars sg diablo is the bomb. In fact it makes it much better the nuances of the game, it has a sustain standard is much prcise has an output level suprieur the tone zone, c is short of the bomb.
For the price, I said thank you to the dollar is historically low: nine U.S. dollars in 2200, this gives 1700 euros here. C is really reasonable for a limited instrument SERIES (1000) and beautiful facture.C is expensive but it's worth, there are more scratch and Chres n 'not provide a cot Shiling. When you see a scratch Franaise over 3000 euros we pond. For the report qualitprix that is niquel!
Of course I do it again this choice without hsitation.
If you even you love the look (we like it or DTEST) the try you will be surprised by its versatility.