Gibson SG Classic
Gibson SG Classic

SG Classic, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson SG Classic

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 9 reviews )
 7 reviews78 %
 2 reviews22 %
Value For Money : Poor
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heads on fire01/30/2012

heads on fire's review"Solid guitar!"

Gibson SG Classic
Species Mahogany
Adhesive Franklin Titebond 50Neck
Species Mahogany
Profile Rounded
Truss Rod Traditional Adjustable
Joint Angle 5° (+/- 15 seconds)
Adhesive Franklin Titebond 50Neck Fit
Joint Mortise & Tenon
Adhesive Franklin Titebond 50
Joint Angle Tolerance +/- .005"Fingerboard
Species Rosewood
Frets 22
Radius 12"
Nut/E.O.B 1.695"/2.260"
Inlays Acrylic DotsNut
Material Corian
Width 1.695
Slots Gibson PLEK SystemHeadstock
Logo Mother of Pearl "Gibson" Logo
Truss Rod Cover Black and White Antique Bell
Model Vintage Kluson Style with Perloid Buttons
Plating Chrome
Tuning Ratio 14:1
Type Tune-O-Matic
Material Zamak
Plating ChromeTailpiece
Type Stop Bar
Material Zamak
Plating ChromeHardware
Knobs Black Top Hat with Silver Inserts
Pickguard SG Classic 5-Ply
Toggle Switch Washer Black with Silver Silkscreen
Control Plate Cover Black Acrylic
Strings .010 - .046, Genuine Gibson strings
Strap Buttons AluminumPickups
Neck Position P-90
Bridge Position P-90Electronics
Potentiometers 2 Volume Controls, 2 Tone Controls
Type 300k Linear Volume, 500k Non-linear Tone
Coil Wiring Machine Wound
Toggle Switch Three-way Switchcraft with Black Plastic Tip
Output Jack Traditional 1/4"Finish
Sealer Nitrocellulose
Process 1-1.5 milsWorn Cherry Case
Type Gibson Gig Bag
Case Exterior Black
Case Interior Plush LiningAccessories
Additional Materials Owners Manual
In order to continually improve the design, quality and performance of our instruments and to make use of the best materials at all times, Gibson reserves the right to change


The origination of the SG guitar in 1960-61 caused quite the uproar. It was a lot like the Les Paul model in terms of features, but departed in terms of body shape. Also, there was no arched top, and no maple to be found anywhere on the guitar. Les Paul himself was furious - the SG was originally known as the "Les Paul", and upon seeing the new model, Les asked that his name be removed from it entirely. The guitar from this point forth was referred to as the "SG", which was short for "solid guitar", and this particular model is a solid guitar indeed. The playability is there - neck shape is great, frets are well dressed. The hardware is very nice. And the pickups!


The pickups are what make this truly a stand-out instrument. The P90 guitars absolutely scream, with great attack, bold aggressive crunch tones, and haunting blues sounds. The overall resonance of the mahogany body and neck coupled with the rosewood fingerboard gives it a great sustain, but these pickups are like a perfect compliment to the sound. Classic and southern rock is where this guitar lives, squarely, but it also is great for blues. Think Pete Townsend.


Overall, this is a very nice axe. I'm glad Gibson has this Faded series, so they can save money on expensive gloss finishes but still give the customer a good instrument. Playability is fantastic, and the tone is just incredible. I know I'm using a lot of superlatives, but really, this is a knock-out instrument that I'd recommend to anyone. Overall, this is 9 out of 10 for me.
King Loudness09/02/2011

King Loudness's review"Just a great SG"

Gibson SG Classic
The Gibson SG Classic is a recent model reissue of the famous Gibson SG Special as used by players like Pete Townshend in the sixties and seventies. This guitar models the guitar that was made in the latter half of the sixties with the larger "batwing" pickguard. It features a host of specs that are as close to an original '60s SG Special as you're going to find without going Custom Shop or getting the real deal. It has a mahogany body and neck, a rosewood fretboard with dot inlays and binding, 22 frets, classic style Kluson tuners, a tune-o-matic bridge with stopbar tailpiece, classic SG "batwing" pickguard, and a pair of dual Gibson P90 pickups, each with its own volume and tone control. Finishing things off is a 3 way toggle switch to select the pickup settings. The Classic is made in Gibson's USA plant in Nashville.


The SG Classic is definitely what I would call an ergonomic guitar for sure. It's finely sculpted and contoured so that it sits on the body quite well regardless of the player's size or whether they are sitting or standing. It's got a great feeling neck profile that to me is the perfect blend between the '50s and '60s neck profiles - excellent match for the SG's thinner body. The weight is reasonably light and I've played the guitar standing up at gigs with no problems. The upper fret access is great on the guitar as well.


I've tried this guitar most notably through a Fender Deluxe Reverb reissue with a few pedals out front. I've always been a fan of P90s (especially in Gibson guitars) and this one is no exception to that longstanding rule. They offer this delightfully raunchy and chewy tone that is like ear candy when put through the right amp. The neck pickup sings with a strong low end clarity that is perfect for jazz and blues tones, in both comping chords as well as for some horn-like lead lines. The middle position (both pickups on) provides a nice take on a Fender-y funk sort of tone - just with a bit more of that woody Gibson flavour. The bridge pickup is a diabolical delight, perfect for everything from classic rock (think The Who or Thin Lizzy) all the way up to molten high gain tones. Sure the pickups will hum and buzz a bit at higher gain settings, but they're very pure and clear sounding all the way and allow the true tone of the guitar and wood to come through the speakers of the amplifier.


All in all I think the SG Classic is definitely a wonderful guitar. Gibson has been making them off and on for a few years and recently they've started to pop into Long and McQuade stores here in Canada on a more regular basis. They're great guitars - very versatile, and for the $1,000 new that they cost, it's a genuine bargain. Sure it might not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive Gibbys, but it's got the mojo... and that's not something that money will always buy.

Hatsubai's review"P90 version of the SG"

Gibson SG Classic
The Gibson SG Classic is the same SG that we all know and love. However, this one has P90s instead of the normal humbuckers that most people associate with this guitar. It has a uniquely shaped mahogany body, mahogany set neck, a bound rosewood fretboard with 22 frets, dot inlays, hard tail bridge, two P90s, a pickguard, two volume knobs, two tone knobs and a three way switch.


The SGs tend to be very lightweight guitars, but the tone is very punchy. The necks on these are nice and round without being too thick, but they're still on the thicker side than most of today's guitar necks. One issue that I tend to have with these guitars is that they love to neck dive because the neck tends to weigh more than the body. Because of that, playing can be a bit of a hassle as you're both supporting the guitar by the neck and trying to play at the same time. Fretwork can be hit or miss depending on how the luthiers at Gibson were feeling at that point in time, so be sure to check that carefully.


The SGs are known to be fairly punchy and "in your face" sounding, and the P90s help accentuate that tonal property even more. I'm usually not a fan of Gibson pickups, but these P90s sounded really great through a cranked Marshall. It was tonal heaven. The guitar kinda sounds in between an Explorer and a Flying V. If you've ever heard any of AC/DC's songs, you'll know exactly what I mean. The neck pickup has this absolutely sweet, harmonically rich tone, and the bridge really screams.


If you're in the market for a P90 SG, your pickings are somewhat slim. This is one of the few models out there that still has P90s. It's a good guitar, but be sure to play a lot as the fretwork on these can really be hit or miss. Also, make sure it stays in tune as that's another issue with Gibsons due to their improperly cut nuts.

applesforapples's review

Gibson SG Classic
US made SG's are where its at. Three pick up selections with two tone controls and two volume controls makes this guitar's tone very versatile. You can get that bright airy tone with the neck pick up or that low end bass rocking with the bridge pickup. The middle is not much of a preference though.


Hands glide down the neck like no tomorrow and since there is a cut-away, feel free to play with ease on any fret you desire. The neck is a bit fatter than it's vintage parent. So, you may question of you like strings to be a bit further apart for whatever reason before you purchase this. It's light weight which makes the rockers happy because they can jump around with it with out it weighing you down.

Some people prefer to get new pickups as opposed to the standard but it all depends on what type of amp you want to play through. Pairing with a vintage Marshall will give you a classic yet clean sound.


SG's are great for Rock, Alternative, Blues and Country. Again, I think Gibson itself always pairs well with Marshall but if you're looking for something different, maybe try a vintage Orange or Matchless.

I like the blues driver pedal for the extra dirt. It seems to always pair well with Gibson guitars. I've used my Phase 90 with it. Not very impressive but my ear has changed since.


My first SG was purchased in 99. I absolutely loved it! Light weight, easy to play and what we all like most it's affordable. It's simply a classic. Jimmy P, Angus Y, Jim Adkins I'm sure would all be in agreement with that! PS If you need the last names associated with those players, maybe you should study a little bit more.

Later on I purchased a 70's SG which I have since fallen in deep love with. SG's are a little like women, they are sexier with age.

Vicente121's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Class!"

Gibson SG Classic
Made in USA, blah blah ... 22 frets, binding all white, everything has been said in other reviews, a good old SG in red (cherry), nice rosewood fingerboard, body (three?) Parties? 2 P90 ... but on this one! Handle quite round but not a log, a personal most enjoyable rounds I had to play. Quite low frets, vintage-style. Light, beautiful, sexy! Gibson occasionally spring small series of classic, must fall over.
Not the class Gigbag. This is my second Classic, it is 2010. The first I had not been satisfied because it was a bit dull level sound. Not this one. Stumbled upon it in a mag in Pigalle purchased without even playing connected! Varnish slightly less than the first class, but its much better!


Do not hesitate to make a small adjustment in the beginning, almost microphones Gibson settles against the ropes! Few turns later, the tonal balance is returned. What about stores that do not even bother to adjust their instruments a bit? A guitar set incorrectly may be unplayable even excellent, unfortunately.
The neck suits me well. The guitar is fine, it plays without any problem, it thins the game I used the SG, it helps, but for those who are new, it may surprise ergonomically speaking. Always provide Straplocks and a real good hard case!


Already, there is only empty, it sounded so good that I was confident: Once plugged in all lamps, no error. Many brilliant sustain, but also so many nuances of the game with pots, clear sound, intermediate position, play with a very subtle overdrive. In addition it should be noted that the Classic, P90 are closer than other models: the neck is less deaf, the bridge over FLUTE - A treat.
The electronics are very good, original 300K the Volume goes very well with the P90 (i tried the 500K, it makes dishes) - I just changed a bit in the wiring type "50's" what I gives more clarity at low volumes.
The P90! A real resentment, a big riff that retains clarity. The longer it goes, the more I love these pickups. They can do anything. Of course the rock is the DNA of this shovel. SG and a Marshall, and rolls. But anything is possible except perhaps the big sound extreme. The P90 make noise, you get used to, and then when we play not cutting the volume ... I repeat with all this guitar in a wide register. It is not difficult, we forget when we play.


ILI I had and I have others, I SG addict! I have this one for 3 years, and I will keep it. Prices are lower than ten years ago on these models, although the finishes are sometimes a little cheap. But it's still very good. Gibson knows how to scratch and knows perfectly sell its image by renewing its range.

Of course it is a bunch of euros, there are three Chinese guitars correct at this price. But here it is: we like it or not, this is something unique at her, even though we know we pay dear name, myth (labor too) but it's part of pleasure I guess. Make a thorough comparison with similar Asian SG, which is also often better finished. I've made my choice!

MacB's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"SG Classic, Rock'n'Roll and Blues is back!"

Gibson SG Classic
Channel traditional Gibson SG (GIBSON see on the site for more details), but significantly less curved than the sleeves of faded SG Standard or promotes the game in "slide" for bluesmen. A real motorway to the soloists.

Made in Nashville United States, stopping production at this time (unfortunately in 2010). Purchased in 2011, new, an opportunity, a stroke of luck!

22 frets.
2 knobs "tone" knobs 2 "volume".

2 P90 non chrome.

A rhythm switch / trebble located between the knobs and microphones.

Mechanical GIBSON Vintage Deluxe (of much better quality that the mechanics of tulips fresh from Gibson reissue) écquivalente mechanics usual SG STANDARD, however, the only difference, they are not an oil bath, can become clogged with time if the owner of the guitar may carefully.

The varnish nitocellulosique a real crap in contact with plastic (the biggest problem of all GIBSON) = The GIBSON must go from the hands of players Gigback, not to place anywhere on! Otherwise no problem finishing on my guitar due to the varnish.

Colour: Heritage Cherry.

Supplied with a soft Gigback with white fur found in the solid Gigback provides with all the other guitar brand GIBSON.


The handle is nice = doights small, small hands or big hands, big doights. However, thicker than a "tape slim 60" of new GIBSON, but does not affect the playability

The handle is a bit flat which promotes the blues, the use of more than another bottleneck guitar.

Good ergonomics, light guitar, however, like all SG has a tendency to nose picker (standing), but this is a detail that can be corrected with a good support strap (the addition of the blocker Conventional hooks up on the guitar can improve playing comfort and fix this fault completely). While sitting she is totally comfortable.

In short, the lightest GIBSON at least any that I had the opportunity to try (SG Standard, faded, LES PAUL TRADITIONAL, ES 335, Firebird).

One of the best access to acute in the world.

This gives a really good sound, but is mostly in the "vintage" (year 60-70), thanks to the P90 that provides a very distinctive blues, rock and roll, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, to by WHO, TASTE & Rory Gallagher, Fleetwood Mac & Peter Green, in his first 3 albums of AC / DC or Black Sabbath's first album (with good overdrive or fuzz and more) as well LED ZEPPELIN. This gives her an easy greasy, although blues rock, but also its end more folk / rock, Jazzy for the fans by finding the right chemistry with the knobs on the guitar and those of the amp.

Does not fit me depending on the metal, neo, death metal or thrash, or hardcore / screamo other styles of music like that.

It's a lot less than nerveu SG Standard, out of control, so in fact nothing to do with a modern humbuker SG (or even with a single coil stratocaster or telecaster)

Generally to use a phrase I've seen on other advertisements GIBSON: "each is a GIBSON guitar except as it may disappoint please, try to be filled"


Style of music played: Blues Roots, Folk, blues rock, indie rock, garage.

My configuration:

- Fender 65 reissue Princet Reverb (15 watt lamp), an amp that is unique in its delivery of good clear type 60 years, but very "crunch" by mounting the volume. Amplifier combined with P90 in the SG, book a deep and crunchy, clear, with sharp bluesy (BB KING) position swith the "middle" and "rhythm" in particular. the tremolo lamp included in the amp gives a great sound reproduction with this guiare very "roots".

- Few real effect saying, using the T-REX MOLLER (overdrive / boost), combined with the P90 and Princeton gave her exactly the rock, rock'n'roll group of British 60 years as the WHO or FLEETWOOD Mac & Peter Green, Rory Gallagher (even if he played mainly on Stratocaster)

Agrees with a configuration FENDER (Princeton, Deluxe rever 65, 57 Tweed Deluxe, Super Reverb Brief vintage!), VOX (AC4 cabinet or not, AC15, AC30) and Marshall (JTM Class 5 and 45), BEN ROD ELECTRO (copy amp period), after following the sound is desired. More optimal for the blues rock with an amp or FENDER MARSHALL BLUESBREACKER period (or see Benrod ELECTRO)


Use: for over a month now. I feel that this guitar will follow me to the end, it has a solid design, light. Recently I plan to replace the existing mechanisms of Grover rotogrip 502, which will be more reliable than the initial mechanical, but still also very good mechanical (too bad for the holes at worst a good deal afraid luthier this situation but it will not have énormemment given the initial size of screws!).

I have tried many other models like Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster, Fender telecaster american deluxe, Les Paul Standard 2008 and traditionnal, Gibson Melody Maker SG Faded, American special and standard. My choice was fixed between the american telecaster deluxe and standard SG finally the opportunity to is the fact that SG Classic that was the lucky one who was perhaps the best choice for the type of music performed, a good compromise with my audio configuration.

I like its rock'n'roll due to its look, but also from the sound it delivers, in short, a great year for me!

A good quality / price ratio on the new home market in 2011. Very good guitar for the first layman who wants to learn electric guitar, first with its comfort, but then thanks to its price (between € 990-1000), which is an entry-level home GIBSON , at least in the right guitar company. (the quality is paid for!)


Berzin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson SG Classic
The SG Classic, far from being an entry-MODEL is a really good Gibson. If dlaisse Habitual trapze affects the Standard, it keeps the thread around the neck. Otherwise, as the traditional: mahogany and rosewood, and especially two P90. It is hlas! Book by tui flexible. The former mcaniques are fragile, I had to change them, APRS that one of them me lch. The potentiomtres are like "vintage".
Otherwise, the finish is good trs. Mine dates from 2000.


The handle is fine. The balance is average. Like all SG, it takes a bit of the ct of the head. But as it is trslgre ... No problem. Access in acute is excellent. It is prfrable to put clips of security.


The sound is superb. Hello clean sounds jazzy and bluesy, trs hot and banging as required by equation Mahogany P90 +! A rgal. For crunch, it's Gibson: fat mdium wish. It offers some versatility, from jazz to rock, to blues. If you go up really gain a sound, but not in this that I prfre rle. My LP sounds better in this area. The output level of the microphones is not ridiculous. In a typical Marshall amp (Bogner for my part) is fabulous. The P90 is modulated by the game trs


I possde this guitar for almost a year. I wanted a Gibson P90, I have found to OCCAZ, I cracked. It is a pity, moreover, that this brand of guitar Submitted not more mid-range P90. Gnralement there are only the entry level (BFG or Faded) or premium (Jazz and Custom Shop).
I like this guitar, it offers sound ergonomics with Gibson more pleasant than the LP. She is charming and what a sound! Damage to the tui flexible, but ...

bhwfr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson SG Classic
A beautiful little SG as found rarely: logo gibson Pearl (Class!), Mechanical vintage with round white plastic buttons, thread edge touches included "dot" pearl ... but more importantly, 2 P90 pickups that dchirent! Although sr, some small finishing default on all but Gibson Modern ... and no flycase (just a gigbag) bouhhhh!

For a more "traditional" see this link:


The skyscraper is lgre balance and well, it's a real pleasure to play standing. the neck is super fast and enjoyable trs (DEFINITIONS is a guitar solo!), however, will require several hours of play to the well apprhender ...


Ah, the P90, my micro prfrs (this is because of them that I cracked on the SG). The positions intermdiaire handle and are perfect for rhythm and arpges (very good DEFINITIONS each note played), but the sound is vintage with lots of bass and a bit runny (everything I love the blues ...). The bridge position must be used only in solo jous distortion (I know, it's a bit rducteur but in this configuration, one really believes Woodstock!).


This purchase really does fall in love because, usually, I'm not a fan of SG. But for the just under 1000 new, I could not pass up.
Excellent Gibson comes out a bit unconventional, and it is not so bad ... However, it is an instrument that is typical vintage trs and which should be perhaps not everyone.

Exp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson SG Classic
- Can I try this SG?
- Yeah, for sure!
- How much is it?
- Well it's $ 899.99
- There's taxes on this price?
- Yeah!
- So it's 900 USD with taxes?
- No, Without taxes!
-! _! How much is it with taxes?
- Well, around 975 USD
- Haaaaa ...

these are good amricains are boring, they put their prices without taxes, so should always carry around with a calculator for the exact price ...


Well it's clear, compare my stratocaster is less enjoyable, bigger, tougher, but it is something else! A DIFFERENT style of play (of a gibson hendrix!?), It is enjoyable the fawn in a way ...
Nothing to say, I love the handle because it makes you want to play!


The bar soap is cool! but for crying out loud: the noise made ...
The sound is excellent for all that is hard rock is the sound gibson (gibby for short). Level clear, this is not the height of fender.
Arpges advisor (do not start a fawn hendrix you pack it, it works not "good").

Good j'adoooooore Black Sabbath, so I'm happy because I trs think I'm tommy Iommy (I even buy the mustache that goes with the scraper).


I buy in amrique 750 (or 975 USD + -), brand new, I love it!
I buy a fur espce TwChoubacca as a strap does serious, I feel of being a wild guitar hero come to scandinavia ...
frankly good deal ...