Gibson SG Special Faded - Worn Cherry

Gibson SG Special Faded - Worn Cherry

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SG Special Faded - Worn Cherry, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson belonging to the SG Special Faded model.

70 user reviews
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Gibson SG Special Faded - Worn Cherry tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:Gibson
  • Model:SG Special Faded
  • Category:SG-Shaped Guitars
  • Added in our database on:05/27/2006

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User Reviews Gibson SG Special Faded - Worn Cherry


iamqman's review"Nice price for a light weight"

Gibson SG Special Faded - Worn Cherry
The Gibson SG guitars a fantastic sounding instrument that has a ton of versatility and dare I say more versatility in the iconic Gibson Les Paul guitar. These guitars are extremely iconic looking into themselves. They have very familiar double cut away body shape that resembles devil horns away. Their body shape is a little bit thinner than the Gibson Les Paul is certainly their neck scale length is a little longer and it's you can reach the higher frets much easier because of the cut away in the body. These guitars have a really dynamic sound and very focused sound but still fall in line with the voicing of the Gibson guitars in general. I find that there are frequency range is a little bit more in the mid range and they really excel in life recording applications much better in my opinion and give Les Paul instruments. Overall they're a dynamic guitar and they sound fantastic and pretty much any setting an application that you put the men.


Gibson SG Special Faded features:
Color: Worn Cherry
Body: Solid mahogany
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood with pearloid dot inlays
Number of frets: 22
Pickups: Two coverless humbuckers - 490R (neck) and 490T (bridge)
Controls: Two each tone and volume with three-way pickup selector switch
Machine heads: Green Key
Hardware: Chrome plated
Case: Black padded gigbag


These guitars really do well any high gain type amplifier settings. So these guitars mixed with a Marshall or Mesa boogie amplifier than you're really to find that perfect sweet spot with these guitars. Since they have two hum buckers installed you find that giving them a load of saturation and distortion really excel what they're capable of doing. These guitars don't really sound that great in a clean settings such as a Fender clean or a Vox clean, but when you put them in a position to drive to get tube saturation than you will find out how capable of hard rock tones these guitars are able to handle. They sound great in pretty much any setting but they really have their sweet spot and what they're built for any high gain application.


You can find guitars pretty much anywhere Gibson guitars are sold. They're not quite as readily available as a Gibson Les Paul guitar but they're still very popular and pretty easy to find. You can also find these on most eBay and auction websites but I suggest combing through the classifieds in your local city or your favorite online forum to find one of these instruments. You can find great deals right now because of the gear market prices are so low and there's a lot of deals to be found on these particular guitars. I highly recommend these guitars anyone looking for a great Gibson sound and needs a great guitar for recording or live use. These are players guitars and they sound great on stage as well as any recording session.

ericthegreat's review"love the faded series"

Gibson SG Special Faded - Worn Cherry
I purchased the Gibson Faded Series Guitar for my son when he had his 16th birthday. He really loved the guitar and so did I! I love the split coil pick ups! its awesome to be able to get the sound that i want! i really like the slick back on the neck also! it makes sliding up and down the neck alot easier! if you are a serious musician and are in the market for a nice guitar you can't go wrong with the Gibson Faded Series, not to mention that its affordable. We all know how good it is to have a nice guitar on a tight budget. Also, this doesn’t have to be for a beginner, I am not a beginner and feel that this is a great guitar and its well built.


The pick ups are phenomenal and the switching is incredible. The Faded Series Gibson can get thick full jazz sounds or thin telecaster sounds and lots in between. The action is great! I wanted a solid body and got one. Nothing chambered or weight relieved here.


This gives a very full sound, I do not like the bumps in the media microphones as Seymour Duncan SH4, so I'm happy to have a micro balance! In terms of parasites, it is nothing compared to other guitars home I could try! Microphones terrible!
I love all the sounds of this guitar!


It's comfortable and it just fits me. I can play it for hours. When my son plays he plays it through a Bose L1 with 2 base bins and Digitech GNX4. The Faded Series guitar is flawless. The plec neck is great and the action is smooth as silk. My associates are always looking to use it. The guitar is making him a better player. Lots of people enjoy only the look of it, but I love the sound it produces.

iamqman's review"Faded but brilliant price"

Gibson SG Special Faded - Worn Cherry
Gibson instrument company has been the leading instruments for the hard rock and metal guitar tones. The Gibson Les Paul guitars, Gibson explore guitars, and the Gibson SG guitars has been a vital contribution to the hard rock and metal world. The Gibson SG has a great look and a very iconic look that is very distinguishable from many other guitars. As a great feel and overall great tone for pretty much any style of music.


Gibson SG Standard features:

* Color: Heritage Cherry
* Body: Solid mahogany
* Neck: Mahogany
* Fingerboard: Rosewood with pearloid trapezoid inlays
* Number of frets: 22
* Pickups: Two humbuckers - 490R (neck) and 498T (bridge) - with chrome covers
* Controls: Two each tone and volume with three-way pickup selector switch
* Machine heads: Schaller Green Key
* Hardware: Chrome plated
* Case: Black reptile pattern hardshell


The Gibson SG has a very solid warm tone. It features mahogany wood in the body and in the neck. You get a rosewood fretboard on top which I will balance is out the guitar very nicely. It's two humbucker pick ups some really drive the sound of this instrument. This is a very cool guitar for or playing hard rock metal but it also cleans up pretty well in at probably a little bit better than a Gibson Les Paul guitar. Sushi use a clean amplifier it will get you a lot further down the road to get some Les Paul guitar can get you. Overall this is a great guitar for the money and solid sounding instrument for most music.


I like these guitars because you can find them very easily and in most guitar retailers. It has a great feeling a great sound that allows you to be creative and incentives. I like these guitars well because you can reach the higher frets much easier because of the cutaway body in the center body. It's a lot more comfortable to Gibson Les Paul guitar and allows for easy soloing. You can find these guitars for right around $1199 online and in most guitar retailers.

tjon901's review"Entry level Gibson SG"

Gibson SG Special Faded - Worn Cherry
Not many people know the story of the Gibson SG. In the early 60s Gibson was looking to change up the Les Paul and lower their production costs. In 1961 Gibson came out with a new version of the Les Paul and it is what we call the SG today but back then for a few years this was the Gibson Les Paul. Gibson was looking to lower the production costs of making their guitars so they simplified the design a little bit. To do this they redesigned it to have a flat top and double cutaways. They got rid of the maple top so the body is just mahogany. This guitar is the entry level SG for Gibson. It is part of their faded line. Gibson noticed that people were starting to like worn in looking guitars. They decided to start a line of Faded guitars that do not have the final clear coat on them to give guitar players a line of new guitars that look old. The guitar is made from solid mahogany with a mahogany set neck. The neck is 22 frets with a rosewood fretboard. The neck is not bound. It has two volume knobs and tow tone knobs and a 3 way pickup selector. It has 496R and 500T ceramic magnet pickups in the neck and bridge respectively. These pickups are Gibsons own design. It has a traditional Les Paul style tune-o-matic bridge and stop tailpiece.


When Gibson came out with the SG they were trying to compete with the strat in terms of comfort and playability. The SG was designed in such a way to give better fret access than the earlier Les Paul. The neck is not mounted as deep into the body as is with the Les Paul. The 60s profile neck also helps playability. The 50s Gibson neck profile is very big and some people find it hard to play. This design gives it a few problems. The early SG's like this one have weak neck joints. The neck joint on SG models is very weak compared to Les Pauls or even bolt on guitars. This weak neck joint makes some SG's prone to going out of tune. With the neck mounted so far out on the body and the body being so thin and light, SG's are prone to neck dive. When playing an SG standing up you may find yourself holding up the neck due to this awkward balance between the neck and the body. This can be solved by moving the strap peg to the upper horn like on Tony Iommi's SG guitar. The faded finish is smooth to the touch unlike a glossy finish so the neck is super fast under your hand.


The pickups in this guitar are pretty much generic Gibson pickups. They are good at everything but not great at anything. The mahogany wood give the guitar a really deep sound even though the body is not that big. If you want to play heavier music you may want to change out the pickups. The Gibson pickups are medium output and are voiced more for classic rock. If you wanted a better classic rock tone a set of Seymour Duncans would do well. If you are looking for a more metal tone a set of EMG's would be perfect.


With these Faded series guitars the prices on them are less than some Epiphones. These are good solid work horse guitars. You can gig them no problem and not have to worry about dings or scratches. These guitars can be had for around 500 dollars used to they are a great deal for a real Gibson.

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  • Gibson SG Special Faded - Worn Cherry
  • Gibson SG Special Faded - Worn Cherry
  • Gibson SG Special Faded - Worn Cherry
  • Gibson SG Special Faded - Worn Cherry

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