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optimal mic placement and technique when using SM57 on vocals[Shure SM57]4passionproject516610/29/2014 02:40
by passionproject
Comments about the feature article: 6 reference dynamic microphones[Shure SM57]1Los Teignos240507/18/2014 06:36
by lukewarmchilipepper
Comments about the feature article: Classic Gear Spotlight: The Shure SM57[Shure SM57]0Mike Levine126907/16/2014 15:04
by Mike Levine
Comments about the news item: Shure SE846 earphones announced[Shure SE846]1Banshee in Avalon139905/28/2013 11:17
by Michael Jefferies
Comments about the news: Shure KSM44 Studio Mic[Shure KSM44]1TonyBruno135310/21/2010 01:23
by chaudio
Shure Beta 87a Super Cardioid condenser mic[Shure Beta 87A]4gunther0286269201/03/2009 12:35
by gunther0286
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