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Silverspike user reviews

  • Silverspike RubyTube [Freeware]

    Silverspike RubyTube [Freeware] - "Very nice "


    Ive been using this on fl studio for many years and recently my vista computer froze up and had to be reset...I'm very glad I was able to find this vst for windows 10...sometimes finding certain old apps can take some searching....I use this along wi…

  • Silverspike RubyTube [Freeware]

    Silverspike RubyTube [Freeware] - "Add some warmth"


    The SilverSpike RubyTube does a great job of duplicating the sound of some of those popular preamps from many years ago. This plug in is a freeware that can be downloaded directly from SilverSpike’s website and works great on Windows systems. When it…

  • Silverspike RubyTube [Freeware]

    Silverspike RubyTube [Freeware] - moosers's review


    Silverspike’s RubyTube plug-in is a freebee that’s just available for Windows platforms as a VST plug-in. I don’t have a system where I can run this anymore, but when I did it was a nice little free plug-in to have. I don’t remember much at all abo…

  • Silverspike TapeIt 1 [Freeware]

    Silverspike TapeIt 1 [Freeware] - moosers's review


    Silverspike's TapeIt 1 plug-in is a free piece of software that allows you to export any audio into a WAV file quickly and simply. The plug-in is only available for PC users and is also only available as a VST plug-in. They have a newer version of …

  • Silverspike RoomMachine 844 [Freeware]

    Silverspike RoomMachine 844 [Freeware] - moosers's review


    Silverspike's RoomMachine 844 is a free piece of software that is available as a VST plug-in. It is a few years old, as I used to run it when I had Cubase SX on PC, and no longer do so since I switched to Pro Tools LE on a Mac. As far as I can reme…

Translated user reviews
  • Silverspike

    Silverspike - Pquenin's review


    No problems with implementation, there is no release of the plugin to operate: from the moment you buy, you can download a full version directly operational. Since this is a VST plugin, just at the time of installation to the right place (plugin di…