Samson Technologies C02
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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 11 reviews )
 4 reviews36 %
 5 reviews45 %
 1 user review9 %
 1 user review9 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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yoTrakkz's review"great sound"

Samson Technologies C02
We use the Samson Technologies CO2’s primarily as a vocal mics but where it really shines is on instruments. I have a small 12? SWR bass amp and I put this mic up to the speaker and it sounded fantastic. I really couldn’t believe it. I had been recording bass direct but from now on I will be sure to use this mic (even if I record direct as well). It does perform well as a vocal mic but does not have the high end boost we are use to hearing on vocals (by design). This mic was not designed to be a copy of other high end mics. It really has its own sound. Despite its relatively inexpensive price, it has found usage in many high end studios for a reason. I am very happy that it is apart of my mic locker.


This mic has a huge low end and major proximity effect, which may mean rolling off some of those lows further down the chain. It's thick and rich with the included Sovtek 6922 glowing inside, and while there isn't much top, it's there and quite usable. Softer transients. It will work on some vocals primarily, but you can also try it in front of a drum set, on background vox, and on cabs. Maybe a cello or double-bass would work too.

Setting the Samson technologies mics up on the included stereo mounting bracket flared out from each other at about 110 degrees two feet away from an acoustic guitar yields a recording identical to how my ears hear it. I got these mics to record some acoustic guitar parts for my own tracks and some side work I do recording my church choir. I couldn't be happier. I run these through the FMR audio RNP and the natural sounding recordings you get with these things are great.


James...'s review"Monster for overheads on tour"

Samson Technologies C02
Very simple matches pair of condensers. No filters or any excess features. Just two cheap matched pair mics.


No let's be clear. Nothing beats a pair of $700 shure mics for overheads in the studio. Nobody is debating that. I'm not going to write this review and tell you that a pair of Samson cheapo mics for a little over a hundred bucks can compete with a pair of mics over five times the price. But am I about to bring my $1000 set of matches condensers on tour with me? NO. I've tried before and they've been destroyed, stolen, you name it. So case in point, if I ever do drum tech work, I need a go to matched pair that's reliable and cheap. The Samson C02 set is just that.

I'll start with the sound. They are very very clear. When I listen to a pair of overheads in a mix, I have a method for evaluating whether I like them or not. I isolate them in a stereo track. And I listen to them all by themselves. I listen to see if it sounds like I'm standing right above the drummer as he plays. (this is what the good pairs sound like) If I can hear that, it's a great pair. The Samson C02 comes pretty darn close to that and it's almost scary. No they aren't perfect and don't expect miracles, but for the money I'm impressed.

Now, durability. These kinds of mics are at a disadvantage because not only do they get dropped the most, but they are also the most fragile sometimes. I see matches pairs all the time with dents in the grills and it gets annoying. People drop them. Okay. The question is, have these held up to me dropping them? Well yes. Although as far as I can remember I've only dropped them 2 or 3 times in the couple of years I've used them, they haven't suffered as a result. So I'm satisfied. If they break I'll write another review. Till then, you can bet I'll be using these on every tour I drum tech.

moosers's review

Samson Technologies C02
The Samson Audio C02s come as a pair of small diaphragm condenser microphones that are designed for use in the studio or for recording live shows.  I don't believe that they are sold alone and only come as a stereo pair.  The mics have a cardioid polar pick up pattern and come with both clips for the mics and a case.


Overall, the Samson Audio C02s are a good option for home studio owners looking for a dirt cheap pair of small diaphragm condensers.  While these definitely don't have the best sound quality out there, for a small home studio or project studio these will work fine for applications that require small diaphragm condenser like acoustic guitar or drum overheads.  They don't have the cleanest or the most crisp sound like a lot of other mics like this do, but they will get the job done in a lot of situations in small studio setting.  I definitely don't use these very often but I've used them a few times at a friend's home studio and while I can't say I was too impressed with them, for the price this is a great deal since you are getting two microphones at an incredibly cheap price.  Samson isn't known for making top tier microphones, but instead they offer well priced microphones for home studio owners.  I definitely can't say that I would recommend these to anyone who is a professional engineer or studio owner, or even for a well experienced home studio owner as the sound quality just isn't up to par.  However, they will get the job done for beginners who just want to get their feet wet with a new set of microphones or are looking to expand their microphone collection without spending much money at all.  I would definitely recommend this for those people looking for a cheap set of mics, but beyond that these aren't a viable option for high quality recordings.

victormelamade's review

Samson Technologies C02
These mics are sold as a pair, so it is two mics for the price of one. Right off the bat, you are getting a great value. They come in a nice package which includes a case for them to keep them safe, and also a clip for each mic that is shock-mount isolated to help reduce any noise for the microphone. The microphone type is meant for studio recording but you could use it live, you just might get too much bleed in that situation. They are small diaphragm condenser mics. The capsule type is a cardioid pickup pattern so that means they are picking up what the tip is pointing at and the stuff to the sides and back keep out of the signal. That makes these really good if you are recording a whole band and you want to just focus on say the drum cymbals. If you move the band members apart from each other and put these pointing at the cymbals you won't have that much in the signal other than the drumset. That makes mixing way easier. They are XLR mics so you need to have a preamp and A/D converter for these.


These mics were the first stereo mics I got, and also the first small diaphragm pencil condenser mics. They are very cheap at less than $150 for the pair, and the goodies that come with them make the package a really great value. I thought they sounded amazing at first because I was new to condenser mics, but looking back on it now I think that they do sound a little brittle. So they do lose a little points for the sound quality, but it's definitely not bad and it's more clear than most dynamic mics and any computer mics. Overall they are a very good value though and I would recommend them to the novice on a budget.
MGR/Colby H.02/28/2005

MGR/Colby H.'s review"Samson C02 Condenser Pair"

Samson Technologies C02
I bought mine from AMS (American Musical Supply) For $119.00

Great mics! Very professional sound!
I recommend this set of mics to anyone recording or using live on acoustic instruments. I don’t have any thing really good to compare them to except for the Shure SM57 and the Audio-technica AT811 condenser, and it beats both of these easy. These mics are especially good for acoustic guitar, they give it a nice bright end, however I don’t think they wood make good vocal microphones.

There is really nothing that I don’t like about these mics

They are very well made. Looks even better than my Shure SM57 (the industry standard)

You will NOT beat them for the price!

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amandinemeloww's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" well its overise"

Samson Technologies C02
What kind of microphone? (Singing, sound, mixed ..)

I used to percussion, among others.


How long have you been using?
since July

What is so special that you like most and least?
it is relatively flat and descends even for relatively low over head which allowed me to add sound of djembe eg

Did you try many other models before buying it?
yes ... full of diverse and varied micro

How do you rate the quality / price?
bah Woodbrass thank you for submitting this being 87% even at 100 euro it worth it!

With experience, you do again this choice?
likely, even if the C4 behringer me also make the eye!

Querelle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Samson Technologies C02
Pair of microphones super-capacitors cardioid (side rejection of -10 dB to -6 dB miei for a cardioid microphone). Normal sensitivity (10 mV / Pa), a little noise High (22 dBA) compared to the standard but low enough that it can be understood that on low level sources in a soundproof recording studio, c ' is the same noise level as that of the best electret microphones very small capsules with CCA (4060, 4090) and Earthworks (QTC series). Nice finish. The cap is removable, but to my knowledge, Samson proposes no new capsule for now. Plastic box with foam containing the microphones mounted in their suspensions, the latter also being beautiful bills. -Given the price (I bought new € 119), I put 10/10.


I participated in a blind test of sixty small capsule microphones, the result has been published in Tape Op. Each member of the jury had to listen to the sixty mono folk guitar made and retain 15. Samson CO2 was my selection with Neumann, Schoeps, DPA, Sanken etc. It certainly was not the one I liked and he was not among the 15 most selected by all members, which included eight of my selection, I says to reassure you about the quality of my ears <img class="smiley" src="" alt="wink" /> .dropoff Window It was after this test I bought the
.dropoff Window
Piano recording: <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank">Samson CO2
compared with two to four times more expensive, of Rode NT5 ( ), The Oktava MK-012 cardio ( ) And the Audio-Technica AT4041 ( )dropoff Window

and 10 to 20 times more expensive, Josephson C42 ( ) And Schoeps MK21 ( ) .dropoff Window

Yeah, it's worse than Schoeps but note must consider the price, so I put 10.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Samson Technologies C02
Condenser microphone type pen for guitar and percussion


How long have you use it?
2 weeks

What is the particular feature you like best,
The sound is clean to record the drums and guitar but ca blink

What is the particular feature you like least?
RF waves and picks up WiFi signals ... Ca blink all the time

How do you report qualitprix?
it's not expensive for this type of microphones. But it's too expensive for what happens as rsultat.

Exprience with, you will do again this choice?

I deprecated this microphone for use in an urban area there are a lot o wave .. This microphone is poorly insulated against the airwaves and blink even when removing the capsule of the microphone.

emarquis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Samson Technologies C02
Condenser capsule interchangeabel, in fact it is the Superlux SMKH8K! Can be found and omni capsules supercard.


I use it for three months. It is a little garish, with lots of background noise. We need an equalizer. I use the Oktava mC012 also modular, which "sound" better. But they are more expensive!
The report is excellent QP
I used four, two and two multicapsules card, rather for spots or PA. Why not the toms and percussion?. But not for the records a little more serious, at least not as main pair ...

becbunsen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Samson Technologies C02
Pair of condenser microphones


I have bought as battery OH
I find it not so bad for recording acoustic instruments in stereo (pair xy) I had very good results in taking acoustic guitar
alone, I find the contrary they have little interest
I now also a pair of NT5 Rode NT5's are clearer and more precise but I made the catch with the C02 are ultimately warmer and more natural than those with NT5 (still acoustic guitar)
good for the price (110 € in studioshop), it sure is a good deal
looking back, I'll see what can be happening at a price Oktava intermediate between the C02 and NT5