Small diaphragm condenser microphones
Condenser Microphones Small diaphragm condenser microphones

Small diaphragm condenser microphones user reviews

  • Sony C35P

    Sony C35P - "Sony c 35 p small condenser mic (top adress !)" has images


    The Sony C 35 P is a microphone from Sony´s golden aera. It is a cardiod, small diaphragm, top adress microphone and needs 48v phantompower.The sound is somewhere between a Neumann Km 84 i and a Shoeps Colette. There´s a side adress version,the Sony …

  • Audio-Technica AE5400

    Audio-Technica AE5400 - "A product to fight Neumann KMS and Shure KSMs...and to win against them"


    We experienced approximately 3-5db more gain before feedback from the AE5400, in comparison to both the SM58 and the Neumann KMS 104. The 350-500 Hz dib it has is very useful, because it's a frequency the live mixer always pulls anyway and it take…

  • The T.bone MB78 Beta

    The T.bone MB78 Beta - "Exellent Microphone !!"


    The reviews caught my eye for this Mic,, The price is EXELLENT,,I can only vouch for this in a studio enviroment,, IT PERFORMS,, The studio must have virtually ZERO reflections but is great for voiveover work and interviews in the studio enviroment…

  • Microtech Gefell MV 690

    Microtech Gefell MV 690 - "In the line of the Neumann and MV691"


    This MV690 preamp is the first version of the MV691 and MV692. It can be used with M70 or M94 capsules, but also other models such as the omnidirectional M93. Mine is equipped with a cardioid M70 with nickel diaphragm. This is a real condenser mi…

  • Sony C35P

    Sony C35P - "side address condenser pencil mics"


    Small diagphragm side address condenser studio mic. Aprox 300g each, these little mics are tipped with a side address capsule at the business end and the standard XLR at the other end. The handling noise is invasive, so stand-mount only. However thes…

  • AKG C 451 E

    AKG C 451 E - "multi capsule studio pencil condenser mic"


    I have 3 of these AKG 451E each with different capsules with a different polar pattern. The capsule choice makes a big difference to the 'voicing'. Capsules I have are cardioid, omni and hypercardioid. They all represent typical traits for their po…

  • Calrec CB20/CC50

    Calrec CB20/CC50 - "Accurate , impressive mics"


    I have a pair here in the studio, and they are incredibly sensitive - micing from a distance is a joy. The mids are lifelike and present, the tops are very precise, the bass is high-passed internally . Mic about 20cm long tube, 3cm wide, and weighi…

  • Behringer C-2

    Behringer C-2 - "Good for live applications, unpretentious"


    OVERALL OPINION Frankly, a good CAM product. There are obviously better, but much more expensive ones. It's the second Behringer product I like. Yes, okay, there have been tons that I haven't liked. But this one does the trick. I have used it o…

  • The T.bone SC-140 Stereo Set

    The T.bone SC-140 Stereo Set - "Perfect for good quality"


    Condenser microphones for recording OVERALL OPINION Its perfect for guitar and piano. And with these microphones I can have a more than acceptable quality to record my Cajon, here's an example:…

  • AKG C 1000 S

    AKG C 1000 S - "Jack of all trades master of none" has images


    The C1000s is a versatile XLR, condenser mic which can be used for in-studio recording or live performances. It has a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz. The polar pattern by default is cardioid, but it can be switched to hyper-cardioid by slipp…