Calrec CB20/CC50
Calrec CB20/CC50
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radiobomb 02/02/2015

Calrec CB20/CC50 : radiobomb's user review

« Accurate , impressive mics »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
I have a pair here in the studio, and they are incredibly sensitive - micing from a distance is a joy. The mids are lifelike and present, the tops are very precise, the bass is high-passed internally [so no muddy sub/noise].
Mic about 20cm long tube, 3cm wide, and weighing about 700g [aprox].
Calrec make technical mics for science labs & aeronautics. The freq time alignment with these mics is what makes it all sound so real.
Peak gracefully, and only needing 25-30db pre-amp gain before clipping the pre.
+48v Phantom power.
Excellent on all acoustic sources [except low-end instruments].
Highly recommended.