Small diaphragm condenser microphones
Condenser Microphones Small diaphragm condenser microphones
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Small diaphragm condenser microphones user reviews

  • Audio-Technica AT835b

    Audio-Technica AT835b - "Good Video Mic " has images


    These microphones are great for Video work, but not for videos that you need clarity on the vocal without any room noise. Remember you can use shoot gun kinds of microphones for kick drum and snare drums. We have done this for years at my online re…

  • Audio-Technica AT835b

    Audio-Technica AT835b - "Good choice for field recording!"


    The Audio Technica AT 825b is an electret condenser primarily used for audio/visual work and for field recording. OVERALL OPINION The AT 835b is an excellent choice for A/V applications. It's portability using battery power makes it obviously idea…

  • Audio-Technica AT825

    Audio-Technica AT825 - "Good Stereo Mic"


    The Audio Technica 825 is a dual element electret condenser mic. It could be used live or in the home or pro studio and will deliver a good phase coherent sound everytime. I have used it both in live situations and in the studio. OVERALL OPINION Th…

  • Audio-Technica AT4041

    Audio-Technica AT4041 - "Good Overhead Mic that can double as an instrument Mic as well!"


    The Audio Technica AT4041 is a small electret condenser, what is commonly called a "pencil condenser". I've used this mic in nearly every situation that I could throw at it. It will perform just as well live as it will in the studio. Audio Technica m…

  • Neumann KM 184

    Neumann KM 184 - "My precious!!!"


    Small diaphragm Condensor for universal use. OVERALL OPINION This microphone can do everything, except boomy bases. If you are looking for a smooth, natural sound in particular for instruments with a broad frequency band as piano or acoustic g…

  • Prodipe Microphone A1 Duo

    Prodipe Microphone A1 Duo - "Great instrument Microphone"


    The Prodipe A1 was manufactured in France and it was created for home recording musicians that are on tight budgets (which fits most of use). The design of this microphone is very sleek and futuristic, I love the way it looked when I had it set up in…

  • AKG C 451 C

    AKG C 451 C - "Classic Microphone that has been since the 90's"


    I used the AKG C 451 back in 2005 in to 2006. This microphone is no longer being made, it actually got discontinued not long after it was circulated. This microphone came out long before I had my hands on it though. The C 451 is some what affordable…

  • Neumann KM 184 Stereo set

    Neumann KM 184 Stereo set - "Similar to the KM84"


    The Neumann KM 184 is a condenser microphone that requires phantom power 48 v. With no cutoff switch for a filter I was very skeptical before purchasing these microphones a few years ago. One thing to keep in mind with these microphones is that they…

  • Studio Projects C4

    Studio Projects C4 - "Recording Live"


    Studio Projects C4 will provide you with the audio quality that all your at home or personal projects will need. I have used these for years, at an at home set up in the basement of my town house with no acoustic treatment on the walls and still got…

  • The T.bone EM 900

    The T.bone EM 900 - "EM 900 is diverse "


    The T bone EM 900 is a condenser microphone with a frequency response of 50-18000 HZ with a Cardioid polar pattern. I have used the EM 900 with phantom power though you can use it with a battery. Though I only purchased one of these at the time, I h…