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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 6 reviews )
 4 reviews67 %
 2 reviews33 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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johnhenry69's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good value"

The T.bone EM 800
Pair of condenser microphones condenser cardioid thin membrane.
They can mainly be used primarily as a cymbal mics (overhead, hi-hat) and the couple made room stereo.


Pair of micro rather surprising for the price, two condenser microphones to less than 100 euros is nothing.

Used mostly in overhead or stereo pair the result is pretty good. I recorded a concert with a good mastering and after the rendering was well balanced. One of their failure is that they do not descend very low in the spectrum (note that this is a default for use as a stereo pair of overhead but it's perfect).

Their directivity versus frequency is not a feature that is on their side, of course, these pickups are not made to use the voices (of de-stampings appear quickly when the speaker moves his head), but when you use them as a stereo pair prefer to XY pair.
For my current use (small concerts, taking environments, ...) they suit me perfectly.

The black spot is not the microphone itself but the documentation of it. Like many t bone microphones there is no real technical documents can be viewed prior to purchase: sensitivity, frequency response curve, noise, ...

However it all comes in a nice little plastic box that looks pretty solid with two microphones clips (besides it's not always easy to install microphones in their claws, but hey when you see the clamps that pass on their shure SM58 ...)

To compete in the same price range: Superlux (ho hum characteristics of both) and Berhinger (microphones strong but uneven quality depending on the microphone, however the same model)
range over which would be worth: the Oktava and studio projects.

+: Price, value, their sound for the appropriate use
-: Some characteristics (lack of bass, direcivité which varies greatly depending on the frequency, ...), lack a complete technical documentation before buying

Naunaud's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone EM 800


I use a couple for a month.
For the price the sound is good trs good.
A small BMOL, setting the clamp (screw plastic) is not very happy, I'm a dj who is bitten mchamment (without necessarily beyond measure) -3 points for the quality of fixation.
Doug Jawers11/18/2007

Doug Jawers's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone EM 800
Enough said


- How long have you use it?
First use last night. It's almost plug and play these pickups. I have used a couple stro in Overhead battery. Nicke, no need to tamper with the Pramp '. So I pass mircos for toms.

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
I see the future, but I t bluff. The most? The sound easy to get.

How do you report qualitprix?
Top Notch.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Without any problem.

phenix!'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone EM 800
Small transistor static membrane.
Comes with two clamps that, even if they are a bit put chiantes, although the surround microphone.


For 69 euros, I give it a shot, following the good advice read on this site, and since I always satisfied with my products t T bone.
Before, I had a prodipe Kit (with 3 small static membranes), I tried the Shure dj, Oktava, Rode NT5 ...

I agree with the opinion below, the pickups prs little resume of what is sound, and Manir plutt prcise dtaille.Il is trslgrement headscarves in mdiums down, but never rough, and this is corrected aisment to mix with a plug of four.
First of all, which surprised me, it is very serious and well Defines Submitted especially for small membranes, dpends to shine a little bit I got, but I j 'likes the soft color, while remaining neutral and rev friendly source recovery.
To the ear, it does not seem to have that bump in the high mdiums either, so that has never sounds aggressive, it may take a little increase its frquences but I prfre Prodipe that my old pickups, for example, o could sometimes be a hard, also with the effects of the sibilants and cymbals charlet difficult to correct, even if at other times, flattered though the cymbals or charlet.
It can fail to shine as well, but this is also the easily corrected with a good qua.
These pickups probably seem less "modern" in their sound reproduction (Hauts mdiums and acute non surreprsent), but most of the sound and its spectrum are nice and audible Submitted is a small work Mix enough to get the sound you want some prs.
For example, overheads, diffrent the sound of cymbals, the charlet and snare drum (or rhyme hit shot) are transcribed, and the sound of Manir gnrale is d finished.
Nothing is missing, it's just to highlight certain things depending on the mix gnral and the desired effect with a nice little qualiseur software.

In short, I possde many microphones of the brand, I always t satisfied, but LTo 69 euros, they have trs trs fort! may be their best qualitprix.
Be aware, this rate, a pair of perfectly usable in micro Live (under these conditions, in heavy prod ', you will not hear the diffrence with Rode
or Neumann) and giving rsultas more than satisfactory in the studio, as part of a small couraging dmo or maquatte ... poustouflant it!

The only thing it lacks to be complete I think it is a pad rduction -10 or -20 dB for situations, lives or studio, a little hot and complex (but that price). C is why I put the 9 CHARACTERISTICS.
Apart from a, it's all good, I highly recommend for a first purchase of this type, but also as micro extra, ts of your favorite pair, although you could trs to serve in case of trouble (breakdown or need more mic), possibly because it can also bring you a different color your decision!

wiwibasse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone EM 800
Capacitor condenser microphone preference for placement of overhead.
The couple to € 69 in a plastic box, with very well developed claws.


I bought these mics in the hope in some way to test a couple investments so you can work on a stereo space.
In a word rendering is amazing!
They are for the price of a good quality, obviously they are not worth the KM184 has compared them but they are somewhat veiled but take what to the sound without adding too much.
They are transparent, beautiful beautiful severe acute.
I am more surprised by the products of the brand T-Bone.
I admit that their motto is justified, why buy more expensive mics??
I strongly recommend his pickups.

chicom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone EM 800
Condenser microphone for overhead or charley.
I put 9 because it is not very nice ... who cares what


For me it is THE big surprise Thomann mics!
For 35 euros it's huge: first there is comes in a hard plastic boiboite year so it's not about to break if you tremballer it.
Second technical point before moving to the sound: the clip: miracle! it's a little boring but to be completely surrounds the microphone and not likely to fall under any circumstances (not like the sc100 that fall from their claws at the slightest of old farts ...)
And finally the sound, fine and precise, you do what you want! I put the hi-hat and it's really great.
It is less "open" the sc100 (hypercardio I thought) and therefore there is less repisse
Not for the price it is a gift, really nice product cheap!
A repeat without hesitation