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All user reviews for the Fender Deluxe 112

Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 6 reviews )
 1 user review17 %
 4 reviews67 %
 1 user review17 %
Target:AnyoneValue For Money:Excellent
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Telecastoff's review"Very Nice Amp"

Fender Deluxe 112
I play clean, traditional Country ( Haggard and Cash, etc.) I play Fender Telecasters exclusively. I liked everything about the amp except for the stock speaker. it's not a bad speaker, I just felt it could be better. So, I replaced the stock Fender/Eminence speaker with an EVM12L and this amp really came to life instantly. To me, this amp is now exactly what I would expect from a well-built Fender amp. Since I only play thru the clean channel, I cannot review the distortion channel at all...I have never used it.
I have used this amp in clubs, bars, live radio gigs and in some studio work as well. The amp idles quietly and has never given me any problems.
The only cons are the so-so stock speaker and the plastic jacks, that I know someday, down the road will break or fall apart. Until then, this amp is darn near perfect and a great tool for the serious musician seeking a clean sounding Fender amp.

mooseherman's review"Solid State version of a classic. "

Fender Deluxe 112
This is a solid-state Fender amplifier. It's supposed to replicate the tube version of this amp, the Hot Rod Deluxe. This amp has two inputs (one of which is high-impedance and the other low). It also boasts two drives, one of which is Normal and the other Drive. The normal drive boasts a volume knob as well as three-band EQ, while the drive channel boasts a Gain and Contour knob as well as a two-band EQ and volume knob of its own. Rounding out the front panel are four 1/4" connections (foot switch, preamp out, power amp in, and headphone out).


This amp is actually pretty easy to use overall. The manual explains all the features of this amplifier beautifully, including the extra stuff like the impedance differences and how to do the preamp out, etc. Even if you just want to plug in and play, the amp is a breeze to use. You may need to fiddle with the controls for a minute to get the sound you want, but that is pretty much the case with all solid-state amps.


For a solid state amp, this one is really good. It's one of the better Fender solid-states that I've seen. The best thing about this amp is its extremely low noise output. It's one of the least noisy amps I've used. The drawback is that it has a really thin sound when used clean. However, the clean channel can be used to run pedals and is actually a great choice if you have some noisy ones. This makes it a great choice for death and black metal, as the pedals can be run through these clean channels to get virtually noiseless heavy tones. The drive channel itself is also not bad for metal, though it'd work better for more classic-sounding metal or even hair metal.


While this isn't my favorite amp by any means, and there are a few things I really don't like about it, I'd say that it's a pretty good one by solid-state standards. It's a little expensive, but not too bad when you consider the price of a Roland Jazz Chorus or any heavyweight tube amp. Mostly, I think it's good for guys who need a loud, decent, no-noise amplifier. If you are that type of person you owe it to yourself to at least try running your distortion pedals through one of these amps.

SlapKid's review"Amazing, what can I say... I'm amazed!"

Fender Deluxe 112
It's almost a year since I've had this amp. Small combo, not heavy (14kg), two channels plus reverb. Zero tubes, zero problems...
Two full EQs, but shared reverb.
You can change the channels remotely. Not much to say, actually.
The integrated effects loop outputs a very powerful signal, almost impossible to match if you don't have a pedal with an input control.
12" speaker, 8 ohms for my model, but 4 ohms for the following models
94 watts rms, this amp can really rock you off your socks!


It's super easy to use, you just need to learn to control the contour setting on the distortion channel.
The volume goes from 0 to 80 watts by simply blowing on the control, which is typically Fender... Not progressive at all, I'd say!
So if you play at home, you'll need a volume pedal, like for mono pianos (I have a bespeco vm-16l, stable and not expensive) in the insert loop and it works great.

It's an easy-to-live-with amp, especially in concert, because it's light, powerful and simple, plus easy to listen to (unlike a spider 75 that makes everything hazy).


Typical clean sound, very clear. The EQ is effective. No further remarks.

The big surprise is the distortion. I expected a deluxe hot-rod-like sound, but that's not the case at all.
It delivers a tight and aggressive sound that can be shaped at will, with a damn good punch but proper at the same time.
I love this channel, with my rg7 it's jaw-dropping, but I don't play metal. A hard rock sound is more than enough for my needs.
The color of this channel, with the contour, suits my guitar particularly well.
It's a real treat!


I gave the amp to a student of mine, who is very happy with it. Unlike a modeling device that does half the work for you, I believe this amp encourages you to learn about the sound of electric guitar. That said, its generous, clean sound can be used with any multieffects unit without a hitch, don't be a snob!

It's an ideal amp, easy-to-use, light, really powerful, and absolutely reliable in real situations. Mine had several years of touring on its back and I never had a problem, except for the spring reverb and a speaker that became too soft (solid-state watts are very aggressive), both of which I had to replace.

If you find one second-hand, check the reverb and, honestly speaking, for 350 euros, tops, it's a very good deal.

silverbullet's review

Fender Deluxe 112
80-watt solid-state amp ...One clean and one distortion channel, reverb. relatively light...Very easy to use.


There's no need for a manual, because it doesn't have as many knobs, just mid, treble and bass, plus reverb and "contour" for the Drive channel, which adjusts the mids, in fact. It comes with a pedal to change channels and to disable the reverb (I don't see the use of the latter).
That said, I did download the user guide because it includes some presets (which didn't thrill me).


I play mainly blues and '70s rock with a US Strat.
I bought this amp when I used to play electro-acoustic guitar and the clean sound was perfect!
But with an electric guitar, I'm a bit dissatisfied. I love the Fender sound but this one really lacks warmth...It has lots of treble and if you cut them, you end up with a jazzy sound, which isn't my thing.
I think a guitar with humbuckers would suit better the clean channel. Anyway, after I tried out a tube amp, there's no point of comparison.

The distortion sound is definitely not its strength, with the gain at 3 it's OK, afterwards it's a "fuzz."
So I'm a bit disappointed in terms of sound.
That said, with appropriately dialed-in effects it's all right.


I bought it second hand for 300 euros, since I was especially attracted by the brand and the vintage look, without thinking too much about it.
It is ideal for those looking for an ultra clean, country-like sound.
It is fine for rehearsals, but it's impossible to use it at home with low volumes, even set at 1 it blows you away.
I wouldn't buy it again, a mini modeling amp is more than enough for me.
MGR/Rick Story11/09/2003

MGR/Rick Story's review"Fender Deluxe 112"

Fender Deluxe 112
I bought this unit at Sam Ash in New Jersey, USA to downsize and replace a Fender Twin Reverb, for around $295.00

It has good volume and a button to quick switch from clean to distorted. It is not heavy to carry and fits easily into my car.

I am totally disappointed with this amp. The clean sound is still somewhat distorted and the distortion has a tinny, shitty sound. I tried to use it for recording and the clean sound is worthless. It breaks up on louder notes. The distrotion sound sounds like a cheap fuzz box. I was hoping it would simulate a Fender Twin reverb on high volume, but it is nothing like that. It just sounds like a loud, cheap amp. I prefer the sounds of my Fender Sidekick 35, even though it has less power/volume. Both clean and distort sounds are better.

It is pretty solid and has the standard Fender type covering. It does not nick easily and seems as well constructed as any other Fender unit.

I think this amp is overpriced and only good for people who dont know any better. If you have ever had a great amp you will probably not like it. It does have power, but the tones it can produce, although varied, are of a very cheapass variety. I would not recommend it to anyone. There are too many good amps out there for the same expense.

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captainfarrell's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Deluxe 112
This is a transistor amp with a power of 80Watts rms Ads
there both channels, a clean 3 equalization parameters (treb, med and bass), and a saturated cannal treb, bass, gain and outline each cannal has a volume control separately .dropoff window
in faade, two among jacks (1: the main volume and with a maximum gain, 2 secondary with a lower yield, to play at home low volume, for example)
amp also has a headphone output, a preamp output and a return to send an effects loop,
there is also a reverb that applies to both channels, so nothing much complicated ...


The use is very simple, frankly not need the manual, the clean channel is rule instinctively as the channel saturated simplest one can not make the gain control is via the button of the same name, it is the increase or decrease the intensity of the overdrive, the contour button to refine its saturated or not give it a little fuller and finer attack
the amp sounds of it even is the Fender sound, especially on the clean, ideal for things like, dire straits, chris rea, clapton ...


As said above, the fender sound, ideal for blues rock, jazz, I personally use for 7 years for concerts and repeated, it holds very well the road,
I mainly use the blues sounds good saturs rock, fender gives me roughly what I want, the sound is precise general, not vintage, I blame him just be a lack of depth in the bass the crystal-clean is enough, it is the channel that I use mainly to adding effects and saturations via my multi, channel 2 can be used in this case as a boost for his gain and volume are much stronger than channel 1 (Yves thank you for the idea ...)


I do not hesitate to 7, there is certainly much better combos and can be more versatile (see mesa or vox), but what price level report qualitdurabilitprix, I really is not bad, the quality of the clean channel, if one has a good guitar, do not lie, I repeats, it is the sound fender, love it or not!
This is different from the marshall is less for playing hard or metal, it's more in the finesse (in this range of amp of course!)
I think I would do the same choice, bought 7 years ago almost nine francs for 2000 (it was a good deal at the time), I had to send him to repair once for resistance who jump after lecrtique problem that not n'tait of the amp ...