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Fender Solid-State Combo Guitar Amps user reviews

  • Fender Deluxe 900 DSP

    Fender Deluxe 900 DSP - "A Diamond in the Rough!"


    This amp was produced from about 04 to 07 and was around $550 new....a bit expensive,but considering the Celestion G12T-100 speaker that really gives its great tone,I believe its worth it.The amp has the feel of a tube amp and the engineering proves …

  • Fender Princeton 65

    Fender Princeton 65 - "Great Amp"


    i generally bought my gear for personal use. Started with a strat knock off and a Peavy amp .Both nasty but get what you pay for . upgrading I like many types of musics rock ,pop etc I ended up walking into the RockIn Guitars Mt Lawley Pe…

  • Fender Bullet 15 DSP

    Fender Bullet 15 DSP - "It is adequate practice amp. "


    Have to keep in mind this is a economy practice amp. Bought this at a pawn shop for $50 years ago.. Play rock n roll, some heavy metal tunes, also play classic. Not in a band, and not playing in public. Do enjoy the effects settings on this amp,…

  • Fender Princeton 65

    Fender Princeton 65 - "A Little Classic"


    I play in a power pop covers band in the UK (The Fadeouts) I got this amp as a backup to my incredibly heavy Mesa Boogie Single Rectoverb 60, we play 10CC/Pilot/Be Bop Deluxe and much more besides (Lovin' Spoonful/Blur/Squeeze/Gigilo Aunts/Kinks) …

  • Fender Deluxe 112

    Fender Deluxe 112 - "Very Nice Amp"


    I play clean, traditional Country ( Haggard and Cash, etc.) I play Fender Telecasters exclusively. I liked everything about the amp except for the stock speaker. it's not a bad speaker, I just felt it could be better. So, I replaced the stock Fender/…

  • Fender Princeton Chorus

    Fender Princeton Chorus - "Toooootally Great Blues Amp !!!!"


    Fender old 2x10(Fender Special Design Speakers ... Eminence ???) 51 watt amp Made in USA ... not big ... not heavy ... but loud as hell!!! Perfect choice for someone who want get nice cleans and raw overdrive . First CLEANS very bright sparkle but…

  • Fender Princeton 112 Plus

    Fender Princeton 112 Plus - "Excellent surprise!"


    I needed a backup amp and thought about a basic solid-state amp that wasn't heavy and fitted in my car's trunk. I went for this 1996 solid-state Fender Princeton 112+, made in USA, rated at 65 watts, with a 12" speaker, and weighing 31 lbs, which ha…

  • Fender Princeton 65

    Fender Princeton 65 - "Nice Amp & Portable Amp Player" has images


    The transistor Princeton 65 is 65 watts with 2-Clean Inputs; Vol, Treble and Bass the Drive Input (#2 with drive button engaged) makes it dirty with Drive, Vol, Treble, Mid, Bass, REVB and there also are PRE-OUT, PWR-IN and Foot switch for add-on opt…

  • Fender Stage 112 SE

    Fender Stage 112 SE - "how much should i sell it for?"


    its a solid state. very loud compact, great jammin amp.I have never turned it up passed 2. even at practise. dont see to many for sale. So curious to how much i should ask for it. UTILIZATION only typing something here cuz site is making me lol …

  • Fender Princeton Chorus

    Fender Princeton Chorus - "2X10 With Chorus and some Punch!"


    The Princeton Chorus series are, (since the 80's), solid-state amps with ample power and very well rounded speakers. You are given the standard two input option common on many Fender Amps. Also you have both a mono and stereo FX loop, foot switch ja…