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rodyblek09 09/27/2014

Fender Eighty Five : rodyblek09's user review

«  "It's clear that this is clear!" »

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It was the beginning of "transistors imitating lamps" or ancêtr of 'modeling': the slogan "Look, Ma - no tubes!" The reverb was nice (spring); the "distorted" sounds ... never mind. I sold there 4 years € 200 I think to a Luxembourg. I should keep it for the "clear-clutter" report (sic): I play lamps (Bugera), but it is cumbersome! 13 kg, it seems optimistic, there was an HP Fender 25 cm / 10 '(worth their weight cast: magnet). In short, if you find it, especially the price, "it's up to you" ...


ps: I have to have the manual AND the switch-pedal inversion!




Could be used for pedal-steel! ; acoustics; anything that requires a good clear sound; more ... The reverb channel "distortion" is pure no me: I played with one of my g & L I had cobbled together just because it sounded weird on them, but on a lamp, it sounds normal So ... we can not say that it's "all clear", in fact: it is an opinion but worth its weight ... fan (zin) ...