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All user reviews for the Fender Eighty Five

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 6 reviews )
 2 reviews33 %
 3 reviews50 %
 1 user review17 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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rodyblek09's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" "It's clear that this is clear!""

Fender Eighty Five
It was the beginning of "transistors imitating lamps" or ancêtr of 'modeling': the slogan "Look, Ma - no tubes!" The reverb was nice (spring); the "distorted" sounds ... never mind. I sold there 4 years € 200 I think to a Luxembourg. I should keep it for the "clear-clutter" report (sic): I play lamps (Bugera), but it is cumbersome! 13 kg, it seems optimistic, there was an HP Fender 25 cm / 10 '(worth their weight cast: magnet). In short, if you find it, especially the price, "it's up to you" ...


ps: I have to have the manual AND the switch-pedal inversion!




Could be used for pedal-steel! ; acoustics; anything that requires a good clear sound; more ... The reverb channel "distortion" is pure no me: I played with one of my g & L I had cobbled together just because it sounded weird on them, but on a lamp, it sounds normal So ... we can not say that it's "all clear", in fact: it is an opinion but worth its weight ... fan (zin) ...

comanche48's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" EXCELLENT transistor"

Fender Eighty Five
Studio 85 model so 1988.
transistors 65 watts
for settings see other opinions as just a nice reverb effect.
2 guitar inputs is rare and great for the buddy pass.
otherwise the connection is excellente.pour me, everything necessary is there.


super simple.on branch configuration and it sounds!
no manual (useless)
clear sound AWESOME!
The distortion, I like it.


is perfect for my style blues-rock.
crystalline fat etc ... with the settings a lot of sounds available.
used with standard Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster lite ash.
I prefer the sounds I set and never looking ones I hate.


4 months of use.
I have 40 years of scratching the counter then yes, of course I tried a lot of amps.
what I like the most.
robustness, reliability, transistor that does not blush, his face next to a tube amp.
I REALLY paid 24.99 this amp with a CASHCON ... Paris.Alors to the value of the mine is downright EXCEPTIONAL report.
it would have cost 150 euros more I have taken it anyway.
it's made in the USA, the Fender clean sound, is lightweight (about 13 lbs) and low encombrant.Sonne very well at low volume (for home) and provides nickel in rehearsal or concert (small rooms, anyway)
what I like least: NOTHING.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Clear sound wonderful!"

Fender Eighty Five
Made in the USA in 1990.
Transistor combo amp 65 W RMS.
2 inputs (jack 6,35): Input 1 to Input 2 and passive instruments for active instruments.
Equipped with two channels: one clear and one overdrive.
1 to 3 springs reverb (Accutronics).
Volume, treble, midrange and bass.
Overdrive settings.
2 input: output to effects loop jack (6.35).
1 headphone jack (6.35).
I do not pedal switch reverb / overdrive.
1 HP 12 "Fender Special Design 8 ohm (Eminence).


The amp is easy to configure even the manual in English.
The desired sound is obtained easily, the knobs are efficient and quiet.
You can play at low volumes or when there is the possibility of the headphone jack but you lose the nice sound of HP.
The reverb is very effective. I use between 0 and 1 on the knob.
The build quality is good.


The clean sound is wonderful for a transistor amp is practically his Fender. The clean channel is really the strong point of this amp. The adjustment range of the tone knobs can sound very different.

The popping sound is terrible with my Ibanez archtop on inputs 1 and 2 when he is doing pretty well with the Squier Telecaster with a friend, he should not love humbuckers.

I am using that channel without clear effects.


Used for 2 years, this is my only amp.
I really like the clear sound of this amp.
Very good quality / price ratio.
The day it loose, I go back side Fender.

stereoboy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Eighty Five
Although previously described,

USA made, it's pretty tough, finishing with cons not exceptional. (yet ptite the label of origin)

ample trimmings.


Everything said above.
no need for dust collection canal clear, 2 / 3 above it sounds .... for the next point.

overdrive for low-level way .. I describe below for more.

So, yes easy to obtain, and happiness without neighboring apartment.

no manual and no need ... ..


Yes, well, my style: rock, pop, ranging from Stereophonics, Lenny Kravitz, Jeff Buckley etc ,.... is versatile, but not greasy rock.

-Played with a Washburn xp 50, 2 humbucker seymour duncan, splitables singles for clean sounds, or double it brings a bit of distortion, but it slams super good round on the clean channel. (The 2 go)

-Clear sound and blusy

Two channels available: Clear and overdrive.

For the overdrive .... we like it or not, but it fau push the volume knob to 7 / 10 at least for a "good" sound ... then everyone's tastes, I could not push the its front (appartement. damned ..) ... and I found the overdrive sound yucky ... and nan, it is not that bad, and I would say especially not bad for a fender after c ... is the sound will be transmitted as well ... it will "crack" in the bass and high notes (22nd cargo style) will not keep well.

And then ....... ouch ..... The clean channel this amp .... I left my parents in the countryside for weekend breaks to green ... I invested in a very Line 6 good for my apartment (still too powerful for the desired sound among other things) ... and then I spring ... the clean sound is good at low volume 2 / 10, there 3/ unconstrained noise ... I 6/7/8..9 grows. .. and then I rediscover this amp .... the clear sound is a marvel ... I've heard several times from his Fender tube ... it's very high level for a transistor amp mics ... Double round it sounds, play a "hallelujah" on it, and it sounds like a cathedral ... it's worth it ... really amazed ... I go back even to regret not having in custody Complete the rest of the time!


I use it occasionally.

The clean is really its strong point is great for an amp in this range ...
so I know if I'm doing my old fart saying that before we were doing good stuff ... but for the money or I have bought or sold ... I understand why the person who sold it to me bitterly regretted ...

Can I blame ... not much, he lived ... .. a negative point on the overdrive can be, but it is necessarily ps what is research on this amp ... (that sounds great with an effects pedal on the clean channel ... so .. .)
And finally, I do not regret not having sold ... if you can find to start or have a good clean / fender for cheap ... take ... it is worth seeing ...

Studiocreuse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Eighty Five
I have no other arguments that the previous opinion except that "I adore" the distortion
of this amp, 2 channel with gain limiter ... my Deluxe or my gibson satriani the top and "duffer" it moves serious hard insist ....
can then be missing 4 of 10 bowls in Hp for very big sound hardos
sound clear and sublime with gibson ibanez satriani
For 15 years I have, if I can I keep it until the end (spare parts?)


Everything is already said


Everything is already said


The top receiver for 15 years
buy if you find that you love SRV "clean sound" haaaaarrrrr!!

boombo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Eighty Five
The Fender Eighty-Five is a 85 watt amp transistors dlivrant.
A 12-inch HP for Fender spring reverb and a bowl easily accessible.

The space is minimal, and finishing average.
Two inputs, whose use can be simultaneous, but just to jam.

There on the front two channels that share the rglages gnraux mm.

In order: acute middle treble, adjusting the reverb, and the Overdrive channel: gain, an Limiting rglage that compresses the sound and a presence knob of a switch + Mid boost.

the exit sign offers an effects loop and headphone jack of the footswitch +.


Easy to use, Eighty-five to RULES easily and quickly obtained a DSIR within the capabilities of the amp.
The 85 watts are just good to repeat and small volume MODR scnes.


This amp is Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Perfection and horror combined.

The clean sound is amazing. Rgl a little cold neutral (of course ... these are not lights) but with a little low it really gets a beautiful sound. Ditto for the reverb, smooth and progressive rglage.
It's really the main strength of this amp (Fender forces) clear sound worthy of a high-end amp. HP does not saturate even if you play full ball, rgl max.

Saturation is a horror worthy of a 10 watt Frontman. Crunches are the shrines, but they Exceeds ds couple on the gain, we plunge into an abyss of sounds dirty and ugly.
Surprising as it may seem, is yet paid donf it gives the best. Grungy guys, you will like it.

Basically, go your way when playing anything but jazz, blues and pop.


The slightest distortion pedals to put you in the hand of a good quality amp trs!


Bought two years ago, this amp makes me happy because I gave him a good assistant distortion. I had bought as a first amp for playing the era flok and blues-rock.
The clear sound MRIT a visit. Type Fender but REALLY beautiful.
Found for 2500 francs OCCAZ the ratio quality price is excellent given the quality of its light, and power. A box of blues.

Today I think I would do the same no choice because I use my guitar only in home studio, not in groups. My choice would focus on a smaller amp power tubes but trs typ big sound, because I have put together a game mtal rather than post-rock and blues.