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Fender Eighty Five : Anonymous 's user review

«  Clear sound wonderful! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in the USA in 1990.
Transistor combo amp 65 W RMS.
2 inputs (jack 6,35): Input 1 to Input 2 and passive instruments for active instruments.
Equipped with two channels: one clear and one overdrive.
1 to 3 springs reverb (Accutronics).
Volume, treble, midrange and bass.
Overdrive settings.
2 input: output to effects loop jack (6.35).
1 headphone jack (6.35).
I do not pedal switch reverb / overdrive.
1 HP 12 "Fender Special Design 8 ohm (Eminence).


The amp is easy to configure even the manual in English.
The desired sound is obtained easily, the knobs are efficient and quiet.
You can play at low volumes or when there is the possibility of the headphone jack but you lose the nice sound of HP.
The reverb is very effective. I use between 0 and 1 on the knob.
The build quality is good.


The clean sound is wonderful for a transistor amp is practically his Fender. The clean channel is really the strong point of this amp. The adjustment range of the tone knobs can sound very different.

The popping sound is terrible with my Ibanez archtop on inputs 1 and 2 when he is doing pretty well with the Squier Telecaster with a friend, he should not love humbuckers.

I am using that channel without clear effects.


Used for 2 years, this is my only amp.
I really like the clear sound of this amp.
Very good quality / price ratio.
The day it loose, I go back side Fender.