Fender Tweed Bronco Amp
Fender Tweed Bronco Amp

Tweed Bronco Amp, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Fender.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 2 reviews40 %
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moosers's review

Fender Tweed Bronco Amp
The Fender Bronco is a small guitar combination amp, not to be confused with the guitar of the same name. This amp is designed for practicing, but is also useful as a recording amp. They were first made in the late 1960's, although I'm not sure what year the one I have used came out. I will say that it isn't the silverfaced version, rather it's the tweed brown one. The amp delivers 12 watts of power and has a small speaker in it, which I believe is 8". It's got a 1/4" input and two 1/4" jacks in the back for sending your sound out.


Using the Fender Bronco amp is pretty simple. If you're familiar with the general make up of guitar amps, you'll definitely feel right at home here because it's pretty basic. It's got two channels, with the first one consisting of parameters for volume and gain, and the second one with parameters for volume, treble, mid, and bass. Needless to say, the first channel will give you some overdrive while the second is clean. No manual should be necessary unless you're an absolute beginner.


The tone of the Fender Bronco is really quite good for a little 12 watt amplifier. I've only used the amp for recording purposes, but for this application this little amp does a big job! It sounds really full on record, almost bigger than it does in person. It's not like you can get too many different sounds out of it, but it's definitely nice to have a little built in overdrive, even if I like the amp best for it's clean tones. It's hard to go wrong with a Fender tweed, even if it's barely off the ground!


I'm not really sure how easy it would be to get your hands on a Fender Bronco, or if they still make them, but this is a really cool little amp. I've never met a tube Fender amp that I didn't enjoy using, so I wasn't expecting anything less from this. It's a great amp for practicing, but is also nice to have around the recording studio. If you can find one of these on cheap and need a little practice or recording amp, definitely scoop the Fender Bronco right up.

crayoon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" vintage Fender amp simple and cheap"

Fender Tweed Bronco Amp
2 channels (clean / drive) switchable by bp
Volume 2
Bass EQ 1 medium common Aquamarine 2 channel


Easy to use EQ not very accurate
0 to 12 usable volume without bp
ditto gain
I recently used with a preamp SS20 amt not a lamp and it makes bad


Its very clean and great respect for the instrument
Will accept a zoom g3 + wah wah morley without much interference
I recently used with a preamp SS20 amt a lamp and it makes a lot of cons without the g3 or the wah does all this not marrying


I've had presqu'1 year I think because not keep great interest for resale not take place and plans to customize it a little Tweeder or other mod to see hp

blackhorse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Tweed Bronco Amp

Amp transistors
Power: 15 W RMS
HP: Fender 8 "8 Ohms
Dimensions: 34 x 30 x 19 cm
Weight: 6.4 Kg
Tweed fabric finish with leather grip
Made in America

1 headphone
1 HP output of 8 Ohms

A clear channel with Volume
A switchable Distortion channel with a push with Gain and Volume

3 SETTING THE Tone Grave Mdium, Treble common to both channels

Baffle closed (open for the photo) with winds

Finish trs treats!


Easy and effective!
Manuel clear with some of dtails rglages.


Trs clear sound good and enjoyable, to channel the sound becomes Drive
lgrement mdium more typ.
Belle disortion-channel Drive, trs enjoyable and without "bee"!
Not by the sound of this little combo!


The "default":
Can not use a footswitch for the passage of the channel clear saturbr /> SETTING THE Tone common to both channels
No rverbe intgre
Not easy to find a used one ... especially in good condition ...

Trs good clean channel
Saturation effective and enjoyable
No bulky and lightweight
Trs good finish
Look Tweed trs sympa!
It has been almost ten years that I was looking for a ...

parkerlewis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Tweed Bronco Amp
Transistor amplifier
Official? Rlle: 20 input and 30 watts
Amp everything was more conventional: one between legalization, 2 channels (clean, drive)


It could hardly be simpler!
Rglages any concern for, the sound is good the dj trs state gross!


Personally, I only play with the Fender guitars and marriage is perfect!
In addition, rpt I play with a hot rod deluxe and this little amp is well trs complment domcicile for work!

This gives very easy the clean fender!
In drive, it is between the fuzz and distortion. Ds you push the volume, distortion becomes fuzz and can be difficult to control.
Once matrise this question, it sends out this little combo!


With Reduces size and weight, it's a good amp trs household that will satisfy fans of the fender that can not connect their twin amp, hot rob, or other home bassman!

It is found to OCCAZ carrment correct prices saw the quality of stuff!
Without any concern, I referrer that choice!

royuth's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Tweed Bronco Amp
Parlor guitar amp transistor
Power? Consumes 30W
2 channels (clean / distortion)
2 volumes
Qualiser 1 for both channels
rglage the level of distortion
hp combo 8 '


Trs simple, all is said
No foodswitch to move from one channel to another, sniff
more easily possible sounds


The very first time I heard it with a Fender Start c'tait what's clear, it seemed fine trs
With a gibson sound less clear intressent silent, at least not with the same rglages.
The level of distortion is impressive trs (big fuzz, almost too) and at the same time we can play with lower level and get the + / - rock pretty cool.


I have for several months. I use it in my room, the nieau is more than enough. In addition there anything PSE, cool
Really a shame for the footswitch