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All user reviews for the Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 9 reviews )
 5 reviews56 %
 2 reviews22 %
 1 user review11 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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bangwahid.kramatlontar's review"i love it"

Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60




Guitar and effect


Larsen Upin12/04/2013

Larsen Upin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60
60 watt transistor amp, lead channel, reverb, EQ and effects loop. Taking CD / tape to the back.
Personally I fled modeling effect, so that's all I need!


No problem setup, or usage, and finally the same time is not 36 knobs. The EQ is very effective means immediately a difference depending on the settings. I bought so OCCAZ no manual.


Very good clear sound, really. I play mostly post rock, punk and indie. I looked for a good clear sound to add pedals over, it's perfect. I thought not make use of the integrated distortion, and the more I use it the more I find it nice, a very nice crunch when the knob is turned to 9am. Beyond that, I find it less interesting but it is a matter of taste.


I use it for a few months in my room. I have not used again, I do not know if it will keep the shot but I think yes, it's 60 watt, it makes a lot of sound when it is thoroughly: p I love his sound clear, I find it really good! I bought OCCAZ 130 euros, so it's really a good deal, I have not been happier. I totally do it again this choice.
Frankly top.
And more, it is pretty, with a small mirror on the top and a blue light when activated.

HardBlues's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60
Mine is an 60-R I do not know if there is a diffrence with non-R MODELS
60W transistor amp
Spring Reverb. Accutronics if we believe the site ...
SERIES effects loop, Line-In and Line-Out
2 channels: clean and lead, Footswitch optional
3-band EQ common to the two channels
Headphone jack and CD between
Speakers 1 x 12 RockDriver Blue
Weight 13 kg
I put 9 because of the equalization policy.


This is an amp, hard to talk about setting ...
The 3-band qualisation is effective, it seems that the influence rglages much between mid and treble.
The clean channel sounds regardless of the rglage, you have to fight a bit saturated with the channel.
No manual
Go another 9


I play with a Epiphone Les Paul, a Boss overdrive and SD2 for an Ibanez TS7 for leads.
On clean channel gives immediately sounds pretty Fenderiens.
The volume knob for that channel achieves plutt nice crunch from 12 hours
The lead channel seems plutt of English inspiration
I do not really know what channel, mainly because of rglages qualisation I use the clean channel does not work well on the lead.
Trs not serious overdrive pedals I have two that suit me well.
This is the only qualisation common criticism I make this amp for the price!
I think the rverbe slap a little is perfect for Funky stuff but will not fit all. Personally I always put a little rverbe so I will.
Like if I put 9 ...


I use it for several months, the big plus is the light weight (for concerts), the (s) sound (s) on the clean channel is superb (for a transistor amp of this price), the power sufficient for RPET and small concerts (for larger prvoir a recovery in the sound).
I had the opportunity to try a half dozen amps of all styles and all costs, and this one is really stunning for the price.
I would do the same choice without hsiter

oizopoisson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60
Transistor amplifier 60 watts 1x12 Celestion.
A clean channel and a lead channel.
Equaliser 3-band frequencies are well adapted for the guitar but not very effective.
Spring reverb very average - CD Input (RCA) - Headphone - Footswitch not included but easy to find - effects loop send / return
Plexiglass prism illuminated by blue LEDs 4 (on my amp is not properly adjusted the lens and illuminates the right half of the knobs, it is regrettable that the only thing that throws on this amp rather plain appearance.
The amp does not weigh too heavy, easily transportable. 8-)


Setup could not be more simple, no need for documentation.
This amp lacks bass and equalize not super efficient one arrives to offset this defect.
The reverb slap really fast I do not like the resulting sound.
In his plate clean when I agreed that I let it ring, before the extinction the sound starts to crackle so I left a very unpleasant feeling.
The lead sound is not bad but it is better to take a pedal or preamp distortion and to use only the clean channel.
The amp raised to waist level, set at 5 on the master volume:
I can not approach the amp otherwise hear lots of noise, crachouille here is unbearable, I have to move back several feet and there is ok. My guitar is mounted Duncan SH1 and SH4-N and other amps I've never had so much buzz.
Against it by fishing and can be heard without any problem, no problem with a drummer even muscular. The clean sound is very nice but the lower back.


I play on Edwards LP90-LTC, funk-jazz-pop.


A cheap amp that delivers a noise level very adequate for many applications.
Unless I had bad luck with this model, I am disappointed by the lack of bass of this amp, the poor quality of the spring reverb, the prism is not properly adjusted, the noise and buzz when I approach playing mid-size and beyond, and that's what ruined the extinction notes irritates me horribly (although I just Motes).
Bought new 209Euros, I returned to the store and bought a Roland Cube60 certainly more expensive but much better. (Purchased, I congratulate Fabrice the passage for its professionalism and its availability).
As the first amp it does the job given the low cost, but do not expect a miracle either. Manufacturing in Vietnam there is probably nothing, I think the policy of reducing manufacturing costs for H & K was too drastic.
This is unfortunate because the clean sound is actually very nice, but I do not regret it. 6 / 10 given the low purchase price.

nypo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60
Good data sheet, everybody knows it, otherwise you would not be here reading this review
There's even a stereo LINE input on the back which I plug my digital recorder or my MP3 player.


Using super simple: with SG, it is 30% serious, 20% of medium and treble thoroughly and then comes the big sound without problems, even and especially with the channel CLEAR.

after a year of use, I find the saturation rather bad so I use a Boss overdrive the input CLEAR


His impeccable for the price, I had a Roland 60W lamp and a semi Marshall monstrous body double (at the time I was rather hard rock!) But that's exactly what I need to play blues or rock.
Perfect and easy for sounds with fat humbucker, a little more difficult with the channel saturated (in fact it is not a lot of drive and the master fully).


I use it for 1 year and really is that of happiness.
Only problem, I paid a bit pricey (340 euro) compared to the prices I see on the Internet. This is the ransom of the campaign deep! (Vendée)

Well then I sold 180 euro. I'm not complaining.
This is especially the price / quality ratio is good, obviously it is not a Mesa or Koch at that price but I believe that there is no better.

kalograt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60
Power: 60 Watts;
1x12 "Celestion
2 channels (clean, Load)
3-band eq (common)
A master volume (very handy)
Reverb (very effective and very beautiful)
CD input (RCA on the back of the machine)
Headphone Output (Practical too)
Footswitch input (damage optional)
Control panel with blue backlight (in the words of my mother's going to be room on stage ...) ;-)

Too bad the EQ is common ...


For a novice in novice may notice that would not be negligible. Personally, j'lai not even open it as easy as ... "Hello"
For the clean channel => potentiometer
To load => 2 knobs (volume gain +)
An equalizer => 3 knobs (low, medium, high)
1 knob for reverb (again beautiful)
And 1 for the master volume.

- Gets it easy to sound good?
The clear sound no pb. Some have left the womb with thumb in mouth, clean it with a clear channel.
Load for the channel, I still have to do a little research. I have tested a half hour.

- The manual is clear and sufficient?
Not read ...

9 because nothing is perfect!


- Will it fit your style of music?
I personally played a bit of everything. I would be lying to say to him alone the amp fills my needs. But there are already plenty to do. J'me repeats but the sound is HUGE clear in all registers. The Load is still operated j'n'ai but wasted no time, I plugged my Vox Bulldog and then back to the source, I took my foot ... left because the right is for the morning :-)).

- With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
It is said above but it's late, I leave tomorrow to test with my Epiphone Les Paul and why my Takamine. In my opinion, the saturation is better to pass on my Les Paul. Indeed, it is a little greasy, slobbering on my Strat limit (again I say, I only played 30 minutes during which 20 are spent on the clean channel).

I put 7 because it's a shame for the stat.


Ordered yesterday received at 11:45 this morning at 9:21, it holds the record => Woodbrass Thank you!
The clean channel
Ambient light
The knobs are correct
Reverb and Master
The on / off switch

The -:
A single EQ
The saturated fat and a little runny (on this one, bravo Marshall)

For me, the value is very well aware that I was looking for an amp with good clean sound. Unfortunately can not afford a lamp. I tried a lot of amps (Peavey, Fender, Marshall, Behringer, Roland) and I gotta say that none do measure up to the sound clear. As for the distortion against the honors back to Marshall (e is a matter of taste after ...). What prompted me to choose this amp, it is the opinion placed on Audiofanzine ... J'l'avais never tested before and you see I'm satisfied.

Finally, I will not repeat this choice because after that it will be up to the lamps and why not ... at Hughes & Kettner

nash5686's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60
Combo 60W transistor, no effects loop (sinf. ....)
the rest is on the tech sheet.


Nothing more simple, one button serious, a middle and an acute ...


Its a beautiful plain, the distortion also, you can play any style of music with this amp very versatile. One small complaint I have not the prsence of feedback when I push the amp too .... shame. But a distortion box should eliminate problem is ....


Question qualitprix report (265 in total music), there is no doubt that there is no mieux.c is amp that is largely the road and is much better for me than many amp brand "known" that cost twice the price of H and K.

Dieselsmoke's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60
Amp transistors emulation system lamps
60 W
line out to HP or console
effects loop
bass treble equalizer on medium 2 + channels Master volume and master lead


Configuration very simple and intuitive
it takes 10 minutes to make sound
the manual could be a bit clearer with examples of elaborate settings and in the French part of the characteristics that are very well in the English part.


This is where the difference is! I've been playing for 40 years primarily on Fender and I really had to change my bluff.
It's done. I tried the amp with 30W model for my daughter who needed it and here: the shock!
In clean sounds you can say that it competes well with a Twin and for the price there's no picture! I tried everything from Hank Marvin, Mark Knopfler, Brian Setzer. The sound is crystal clear and stunning with the HP Celestion 60 W and no effects to add. The reverb is awesome.
In saturated sound is more subtle. But you get what you want easily than metal.
Ideal with a Start or Tele, but harder to deal with a Gibson SG.
It's real fun.


This amp is simply a complete success. I kept my old Fender for large scenes, but in the studio or club again I prefer the Kughes Kettner.
You should know to stop the snobbery of the lamps at all costs if the technology enables as well. I play with every day and with the same happiness.
Value for money hard to beat.

If I do it again do it again without hesitation

Glöbelm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60
The characteristics is in the datasheet ... sniff ... no lamp, but considering the price! ... It's normal ...


It's a small amp that is really easy to use, there is not tons of buttons is the basic ...


on the other hand in sonority is happiness ...
When connecting a guitar on it, you do not want to add effect ... the sound is really hot ...
and if you push a little bit with the master gain, we get a very nice rsultat ...
the clean sound is also quite satisfactory ... see hovering ...


Prior to, I had a Marshall Valvestate 80 ... Horrible sound ...
So this little combo is a real rgale, I recommend everyone to work ...
Being given the price, why not use it?
prfr go fast at your store to buy it ...: o)