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All user reviews for the Park G10

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 7 reviews )
 3 reviews43 %
 1 user review14 %
 2 reviews29 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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Rasmus Degn Rohde09/26/2018

Rasmus Degn Rohde's review"Excellent amp for certain styles"

Park G10
I got this amp for free at one of my previous schools. It is pretty good, and does Polyphia's new style extremely well. It's not the most amazing amp for metal, and it is very bare-bones, but overall, it's a great amp for beginners and for the people, who are trying to achieve Polyphia's new tone.
blind Boy08/06/2014

blind Boy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" in the beginning ..."

Park G10
Transistor amp without effects, 10W with input jack and headphone output.
The level settings: 2 gain, eq bass mid treb, a master volume.


ultra extremely simple, no need for manual, and the resulting sound was adequate, although sometimes loaded breath.


it was my first amp, so perfectly adapted to any style of music.
We could have a good rock'and its roll and bluesy too. I played it with my Epiphone Les Paul once.


I did more for a lease. It was my first amp, which was lightweight, easy to carry around, it was even used in a time on stage ... transplanted by the sound of course!
Fairly good quality, written with Marshall Park typo, it was good illusion.
It was a gift, and I would have probably made the same choice in relation to my income at the time ...

DAMDAMDEEDOODAM's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nice to start but ... there TFW better ... especially today"

Park G10
If I remember correctly ...? And production had to evolve.
10w transistor 1X8 "single channel (with boost?)
Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Volume. (No insert effect?) No reverb.
One guitar input, internal power supply.

There are 10w and 10w ago. Provided that where the well. In repet with the fact that a batsman but really if you put it in depth.


Everything is easier.
I used it with a boss me-8. I branchai g10 in the park loop I-8.
Fortunately I had me-8 because it essentially lacks the park is a little reverb.

However what I enjoyed in my youth, it is to be able to lug the bike in a backpack with guitar in hand ..... NO, I've never broken mouth .. . lol.


marshall sounds ... far .... but it's a grain marshall. Sure I'd rather my

Marshall to one side a little runny. So imagine a small low-end ...

On this point, we can find much more accurate lil amps to start (with reverb?). At the time I was amazed by the fender field '.

And now in the same price range you can find modeling amps operate on AC or battery. (Line6, Vox, Roland ...), portable bike ... lol

But I think when you start need to find the sound that makes you want to play .... => brief should not hesitate to try. It is much more important than the technical.


I have fond memories of my park g-10. much more than the attax100 I bought after.

If I have any advice for beginners: go with a 20w in order to start a lil group. 10w is just a tad pissed face a drummer. And do not hesitate to push the amp when you try for the displayed power means nothing sometimes. For the wealthy, do not forget that 5w lamp produce more volume than 15w transistor.

And finally, and most importantly, it is a guitar any better nase in a good amp than the reverse ... Believe me.

tonio.gibson.marshall's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" you have to start"

Park G10
10w amplifier transistor input jack and headphone equalization volume1 volume2 three bands (gain => distortion) and master


configuration is simple enough for a sound start


its not a very perished and low distortion


I buy after my roland cube I love its aesthetic value for price

stratorfou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Park G10
Amp transistor 10 W.
Two levels of gain.
3-band EQ.
Headphone jack.


I started with this amp 14 years ago. Then I wave of 3 amps, two lamps. I have redone the knobs and recently I rediscovered.
With my experience 'of variation of clearance between the knobs of guitars and gain settings on the amp, it really explodes.
In my case, with the Gibson Classic'60, By positioning the gain, respectively, 3 / 4 and 1 / 4, we get the game depending on the guitar arpeggio sounds to clear rhythmic rock wildest. The gains are very good overdrive, in line with the OD-1 Boss from home.


It's a good little amp with a very typical Marshall. You can play the British quietly going really well here.
on the other hand, no effects loop and its very typical. So he must love the sound and not try to get out. No Satriani and Vai. No Jazz (though ...). No big metal.

His game: Rock, Blues, Walk. Point! But he does it well!


Model purchased new in 1992!

Its more: Practical, portable and good power. For trips between friends or a quiet game in his corner, it is ideal.
Its less: No effects loop, no reverb, no real clear sound to a powerful multi upstream (type POD) because the power is too much grain.

But this amp has something magical. If you want to connect, allow time because you will not want to turn it off ........

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Park G10
Transistors, a channel but ... trs INTERESTED gains as two cascaded over a master volume. Eq 3bandes speaker refined and basta.


No con at all, these two gains cascade. The first gives a fine grain, the second a much larger grain. Kind of saturation prampli / power amp saturation, relatively guards.
With a little practice and at least one ear that costs all sounds are possible and with more class. Of course a musical issue s'arrte yet saturated, the styles (or lack of) current will only be achieved via pedals from beyond the grave (HK warp, line6 uber metal, get the idea). And two gains can clean sounds varis in structure and not just their legalization.


Amp fabulous, nothing better to advance the guitar sounds. 2 cascading gains over the guitar (and its buttons are not on / off ...), anything is possible, no excuses.
Trs good for blues, rock, variations of play


Only ppin, Drouille the knobs from time to time, normal.
No effects loop is a shame, but that's all I rouspter.
These bikes are rare in plutt okaz, so you Precipitation Occurred any manner.
It seems that all these amps Park taient of the ball, not the thundering Marchmal
to have ceased production (too much shade to "real" stamps marshall).
Awsome little amp so.
Léo von Anarcho02/04/2007

Léo von Anarcho's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Park G10
Transistor course!
15 watt I believe ...
Jack / jack
Wouarfff ... Volume, Gain1, gain2, Trebble, middle, bass


Lol configuaration very, very complex!
lol This gives a sound that quickly kills!
Manual 2 pages lol ...


Amp versatile ...
I played it with lots of guitars
Indéfinissalbe sounds ... Gain to clean greasy greasy lol


I have 13 years!
It still works I bugger! Apart from a few knobs that spew ...

PARK G 10, an amp for the stage! Wouarfff!

No seriously, good amp travel robustness incomparrable!