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Park user reviews

  • Park G10

    Park G10 - "Excellent amp for certain styles"


    I got this amp for free at one of my previous schools. It is pretty good, and does Polyphia's new style extremely well. It's not the most amazing amp for metal, and it is very bare-bones, but overall, it's a great amp for beginners and for the people…

Translated user reviews
  • Park G10

    Park G10 - " in the beginning ..."


    Transistor amp without effects, 10W with input jack and headphone output. The level settings: 2 gain, eq bass mid treb, a master volume. UTILIZATION ultra extremely simple, no need for manual, and the resulting sound was adequate, although some…

  • Park G10

    Park G10 - " Nice to start but ... there TFW better ... especially today"


    If I remember correctly ...? And production had to evolve. 10w transistor 1X8 "single channel (with boost?) Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Volume. (No insert effect?) No reverb. One guitar input, internal power supply. There are 10w and 10w ago. P…

  • Park G10R

    Park G10R - " A good sounding amp work nice!"


    Small 10 watt amp transistors manufactured in Korea. Has a headphone jack. Gain 1 - 2 Gain - Treble - Medium - Bass - Reverb (spring) - Volume (Master) A small bowl of 6 or 8 "(oops ... I do not know) that his taf correctly. All this is corre…

  • Park G10 MKII

    Park G10 MKII - " Well"


    10w small, jack connectors. UTILIZATION Plug and play. gain settings / stroke / volume, a small boost to simulate a distortion. SOUNDS A single sound, enough to hear. OVERALL OPINION Amp for playing in his room late at night, when ever…

  • Park G10

    Park G10 - " you have to start"


    10w amplifier transistor input jack and headphone equalization volume1 volume2 three bands (gain => distortion) and master UTILIZATION configuration is simple enough for a sound start SOUNDS its not a very perished and low distortion OVERAL…

  • Park G25R

    Park G25R - " a small room amp handy"


    All transistor! UTILIZATION Conventional configuration, 2 channels, bright and saturated, an equalizer, bass mid treble, reverb and analog spring SOUNDS This is a great little amp that sounds really good! for metal fans, add it a shred mast…

  • Park G10R

    Park G10R - blaez_minkoff's review


    It's a transistor amp. 10 Watts (15W after the change of the power IC). Equipped with an HP 8-inch and 8 ohms. With an instrument input, headphone output. For settings: - Two gain settings, a rather brilliant one more bold; - EQ bass, midrange…

  • Park G25R

    Park G25R - NicoMetal85's review


    * Transistor Amplifier released in the mid-90 ' * 1 instrument input, 1 headphone input, a footswitch input * 25 W power transistor * No effect, just a reverb UTILIZATION * Config 'super simple, I had bought secondhand 900 francs in 1996, t…

  • Park 30RCD

    Park 30RCD - LéoMoldo's review


    Any transistor amp Clean channel: volume, bass, treble saturated channel: gain, bass, mid-contour, treble, volume + A spring reverb one speaker the body is pretty impressive for an amp of this power connection: input jack, input jack f…