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blind Boy 08/06/2014

Park G10 : blind Boy's user review

«  in the beginning ... »

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Transistor amp without effects, 10W with input jack and headphone output.
The level settings: 2 gain, eq bass mid treb, a master volume.


ultra extremely simple, no need for manual, and the resulting sound was adequate, although sometimes loaded breath.


it was my first amp, so perfectly adapted to any style of music.
We could have a good rock'and its roll and bluesy too. I played it with my Epiphone Les Paul once.


I did more for a lease. It was my first amp, which was lightweight, easy to carry around, it was even used in a time on stage ... transplanted by the sound of course!
Fairly good quality, written with Marshall Park typo, it was good illusion.
It was a gift, and I would have probably made the same choice in relation to my income at the time ...