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All user reviews for the Vox Defiant

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-Livingroom-'s review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Vox conqueror home!"

Vox Defiant
So head transistor 60s with integrated fuzz (amazing), some reverb and tremolo models to 100w power level.

A standby (weird on the transistor, but at the time it had to do), a section of voltage selection (not mess with them, otherwise we all grid), two channels, normal and brilliant.

On the normal channel was a 2bandes eq, volume and top boost. Ditto for the bright channel, except that it is a mid boost that replaces the top.


It is very difficult to find a good sound, because every millimeter change any sound! In addition, for those who do not know the concepts of Vox top boost may be difficult to grasp! However when there is sound, it's perfect!


So we are talking of a head, so what is next in the branch, everything can change. Nevertheless, we will assume that plugs into the dedicated cab: antique cab with alnico blue (or rather their ancestors) in 1963.

And then, after adjustment, with a telecaster, you are entitled to a sound that is described as sharp, piercing of, sharp, perfect for a sound to "pixies" (think riff where is my mind) an amazing crunch for transistors is also impressive.

If we take a les paul custom, and that he Deputy what is presented as a distortion, then we fall into the realm of incisive fuzz, always, machine pretty amazing riffs.

In short, this amp is excellent, especially in the studio, where he has a good complement to other tube amps (provided they have the cab with, or it may be less interesting).


The value today is an excellent report on the basis of services rendered by this amp! I had lots of amps in the hands, it is one of the best transistors ever!

astrosynth's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox Defiant


Trs simple!


Its a bit dirty (transistor), ideally with a vintage guitar to rock psychdlique!


I use it for a year
the tremolo is cool and the reverb does not work ...
for fans of the Beatles (Revolver, Sgt Pepper ...)

vintage! my opinion are not precise ... DSOL trs!