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Vox Guitar amplification user reviews

  • Vox MV50 AC

    Vox MV50 AC - "Great for me !!"


    For which specific applications or uses have you chosen this product? Installed on my pedalboard, I use it only on headphone so far as I recently moved to a flat but I consider buying a good cab soon to play at home at low to moderate volume. H…

  • Vox AV30

    Vox AV30 - "Just great!"


    I’ve had it for 4 days, of course an update will follow if need be. This is an all-analog amp, with a 12ax7 preamp tube and a 12ax7 power tube. As the original output must be around 1 watt, its re-amplified with a solid state processor for a final 3…

  • Vox AC15VR

    Vox AC15VR - "Very Wonderful guitar amplifier with really good tones and versatile"


    Our small band use this amplifier for backup but often also when we not wishing to carry around our main amplifier a very old Vox AC30. Also have Marshall MG50FX and Roland Cube 80XL. This our favourite amplifier after Vox AC30. We make funk, gr…

  • Vox AC15VR

    Vox AC15VR - "The best amp for the money with a real punch and very useable warm complex tones "


    Its actually a very versatile amp that can do almost any sound. It took me a while to stumble upon this amp. I have had many amps before including Marshall MG15, Roland Cube 30X, Roland Cube 80XL, Vox VT40+ and Blackstar ID30. My dad has a Blackstar …

  • Vox VT30

    Vox VT30 - "VT20+ is Fantastic and can deliver professional sound." has imagescontains audio examples


    I couldn't be happier considering a small and affordable amp. VT20+ Limited Edition is neat, has a cool retro design (the limited edition has a brown finish instead of black like the other of the series). The analog and digital effects are grea…

  • Vox AC15HTVH

    Vox AC15HTVH - "For players serius about tone"


    This is the real Vox vintage tone, not the vox cc crap being sold today.. This amp was made with quality components These amps were made just as they used to in the 50s and 60s. Same great sound as it's bigger brother the AC30 heritage handwired amp,…

  • Vox VT40+

    Vox VT40+ - "The 'catch all' guitar amp"


    Overview Vox is a name that is synonymous with quality guitar amplifiers. They are especially famous for their tube amplifiers that produce warm clean tones and smooth overdrives, like the AC30 and smaller AC15. More recently, though, Vox has rele…

  • Vox DA5

    Vox DA5 - "Great value for its price!"


    I purchased this amp a little over 3 years ago as a beginner guitarist looking for as much diversity as possible when learning and practicing. My tastes in music vary and I wanted something highly versatile when it comes to sound and effects. I play …

  • Vox Soundbox Mini

    Vox Soundbox Mini - "Excellent portable amp and mini boombox"


    I play jazz and pop (I actually play anything, except metal, although...). This amp is excellent for practicing. If I use it with batteries, I can take it from room to room in my apartment. I plug in my Samsung or I-RealPro to play along. Both …

  • Vox AC30C2

    Vox AC30C2 - "A legend, period."


    It's a legendary amp. Dreaming about it is nice, but using it is much better... It's prefect for people looking for a warm sound, with its 30w watts that deliver more than the 100w of an electronic one...but at what price...and it's heavy (70lbs or s…