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Jeffy 12/11/2004

Vox AD30VT : Jeffy's user review


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All told adj t


The whole is rather easy to use manual not really need to sound this amp
be good even when reconnatre for parametrer c effects a little laborious when same!
with a few pots and more it would have been perfect.


Good to c the strong point of this amp
we must be honest who does not see the difference between this amp and an all-tube amp 1500euros
must: switch off the music right away, but good for the price I do not think we could do better
you can feel the warm sound lamp with the grain. I tried nearly all the small little amps in its price range and must reconnatre he is above see well above
if you are like me, you have to play low volume in a small apartment on pain of divorce or conflict with neighbors and therefore only all-tube amp, which deserves to push the volume to do breathing, is avoid then I highly recommend this amp
30 w is more than enough to type a beef between pot enough (just be that the 50 watts would be more appropriate but 30 w spit a lot when even)
the effects are of very good quality noise gate very effective
but as there are no effects loop you can not add multi effect on pain of having a pan of its output (I try it with the ME 50 boss what disappointment!)
by against all that get little before the amp is welcome
I give you my gear: compressor outlet, 535Q wah, tube factor h & k, and the amp
has done little and have good sound low volume.Bon c the tube distortion factor is also something!
I put 7 for Audible quality (9 relative price)


effects of very good qualitbr /> sounds very interesting
the look (a very nice amp c)
hp is not of the same quality as the 60Watts (AD60)
rglage the effects could be simpler with 2 knobs and more