Vox Tonelab SE
Vox Tonelab SE
pursucre 05/21/2006

Vox Tonelab SE : pursucre's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
View Record: well thought muti-effect permitting actuation:
1-pedal effect (overdrive compressor wah ...)
2 to 1 amp choice (fender-Marshall-Mesa, ....)
3- HP cabin choice
4- effect (chorus, flanger, ....)
5- delay (delay are proposs DIFFERENT ....)
6- reverb


For those using KORG material, it is similar, even principe.pour others with the instructions just understand the principle and c is gagnbr />

I had the Korg axg1000 and principal default was the overdrive and a simulation can not get a bit "lightweight"
the ToneLab is making a correct answer my request. Depending on the volume on the guitar or not I can saturate the ampli.La simulated fender as Marshall is excellent.

The ToneLab has a proper dynamics and provides a very good presence in a group. I play softer and hear me better.
the sound effects are very good in terms of investment


Is perfect guitarist seeking invetissement in material with a very good quality for money (468 effect on line)
I could have chosen a tube amp (peavey valve king example) but I would have to add + or even 250 in effect.

The ToneLab is a very good choice for blues lovers, rock, hard rock. For mtalleux, I remain rserv.