Vox Tonelab LE
Vox Tonelab LE
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Vox Tonelab LE : Anonymous 's user review


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The characteristics t have much dfinies in prcdents opinion, even when I can cite some info ...

The Tonelab has a beautiful prampli has lights, it gives a fucking sound! o_O

There are a lot of effects available, such as the Wah-Wah, some types of overdrive, pitch, delay, reverb ...

The effects, presets, amp types of cab ... everything is editable via a Midi connectors. The app is available for PC and MAC!

So I put 10/10 in characteristics, great friends!


Nothing is easier! You just know a little effect types, try a little while, quibble, and you learn quickly! I never read the manual, and frankly, I do not think I need to read, all is very simple and well indicated on the ToneLab. The edition of the sounds should be a little in advance ... be not too improvise his live sounds: p

10/10 again!


The sound quality is really perfect a condition of use of the good stuff!
I use a Fender Tlcaster is really impeccable.

The ToneLab course must plug into an amp or sound like "Tech21 Power Engine". If used alone, well not hear you very much =)

10/10 for the sound quality!


I use it for ... Mme not a week! And frankly this famous ToneLab surprised me! I had bought a little like that, without much documentation on me, and chance has it right! This is really what I needed: p
Before ToneLab, I Amplitube 2 on Mac, ca not bad either throw! But I much prefers the ToneLab.
I would do well on this choice.

And another 10/10 in global opinion!

Guys, ruez at you!