Vox Tonelab LE
Vox Tonelab LE
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All user reviews for the Vox Tonelab LE

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 16 reviews )
 12 reviews75 %
 3 reviews19 %
 1 user review6 %

yann4140's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The best model for me."

Vox Tonelab LE
The usual range for this type of material, many amps, speaker cabinets, effects pedals, reverb and delay modulations ... ECC83 preamp into a lamp. Special mention for the very convincing disto metal, I also preferred to hi gain amplifiers emulated (the latter being, however, very good quality in their field).
Pc is a publisher, but is connected by noon (so requires interface), we would have liked a USB connection for editing presets.


The setup is clear, just a few problems finding the noise gate Apart from this detail everything is nicely arranged in a metal case involving confidence from the start.


Special mention for the very convincing disto metal, I also preferred to hi gain amplifiers emulated (the latter being, however, very good quality in their field). This plugged into my peavey windsor tube amp, the rendering is superb!


Only problem, rendering the headphones, I could forgive the expression, nothing to do with the rendering of light amplifier, a shame lorqu'on is moving. Dand any case do not rely on the headphone made completely false.
That said I think this pedal is one of the best products in its class alongside the line 6 and another zoom less convincing.
A buy eyes closed!
(Thomann 444euros bought in 2008 with matching flight case)
-1 To render the headphone.

Eulfred's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Complete Music and pedal"

Vox Tonelab LE
This pedal is very comprehensive foremost a multi-effects modeling is a bit of modeling technology found in Vox amplifiers DA with a lot of additional opportunities and a 12AX7 tube to warm the sound, particularly disto.

It has a substantial bank of amp simulators: Fender, Vox, Marshall, Mesa, etc. ... and several cabinet simulator, which makes it very convenient to play a sound.

The effects are numerous: Reverb, Delay, Chorus galore, wah, Tremolos, etc. ...

Connectors classic for this kind of device I / O standard, midi, etc. ... but not a big fan of PC applications I did not look into the matter ... I guess it must be connected without worries.


So let's be clear right away: it is not easy at first ... it's a pedal that requires a lot of research to find its own sound banks, beginning first with the type of amp, then adding the desired effects as well as any necessary adjustments based on the config in which it is rotated.

Personally I use a bank of 4 pedals sound: clean, crunch, distortion, Lead, on every channel I add the possibility to trigger a delay through the last connector, to finish the pedal I use only pedal volume, all this to explain that I use probably 20 to 25% of the possibilities of the machine, but it suits me perfectly as I use this pedal only in rehearsals in order to avoid having to take a configuration too heavy.

The manual is complete, no worries on that side.


The sounds are generally good, some simulations seem unsuccessful, but others are enormous: the config Mesa is monstrous, the rather nice crunch on the side of Vox and Marshall, cons by the cleans are pretty disappointing ... they sound a bit too synthetic for my taste, unfortunately.

Effects while impressive at first, become quite pervasive in the long and not easy to properly adjust ... should not be abused and cententer limit their impact on the basic sound by mixing approx 30/40% not well, unless like the sounds very busy indeed.


I use it for 1 year only in rehearsals, plugged in the Marshall MG100 or Vox, although this is not the ultimate pedal, I must admit that sending distos really strong and OD, as I play mainly from hard and heavy it's perfect!

The quality / price is more than excellent on occasion, very correct in nine.

I remake that choice without hesitation, because few can boast of cranks make distos "lights" for a fee as competitive.

petitfranz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox Tonelab LE
1 Multi purpose has to do everything ........


It takes time to understand the beast. the edition is very easy. but it feels good that I use 1year and jai not yet done the trick. I still discover possibilitees. I


on the User has a head lamps, modeling is really close to the sound of my amps.


J have a ton of effect pedals but I always come back to my TONE LAB and this amp on lamps. I know it is not everyone Prefair the analog pedals .. lamps on at all. c true jai failed to sell several times .... pourqoi? like everyone else PB setting. So the c mmmmm. actually nice guys who also post my help. now that I better mastery I can no longer m pass. on sound amp on lamps on a PC and even on a stereo amp is doing his job. He is even able to spot that the big METAL unlike what I've read on the reviews. I really advice at all grateux, especially at the price that it currently sells ...... BRIEF C REALLY GOOD DEAL 1. I would do that on this election .... VOX TONE LAB

johnmclaughlin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The happy there!"

Vox Tonelab LE
any and related in the preceding review!


very easy to use you can not do better.
the manual and super, it is not only manual as it explains why the how of things, I learned something with and full of humor and more!


then Wouh vamp!
Incredibly, the sound I was looking for, the amps are modeled very well, AC crunch is very hot musicale.rien to do with its direct competitor that sound cold and synthétique.tout effects are good except maybe the fuzz that is the limit I think.
is simple with the ToneLab I let go my guitar, a genuine happiness to plug in this machine!


I use it for a month and a half at the beginning I had a little trouble in mastering it must manage the gain and the gain of amplifiers vr modelisé.mais after rolling!

what I like most: all
minimum: nothing, if the fuzz can be but there are ways to do without.

I would do without hesitation that choice!

Willyget's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox Tonelab LE
For specifications, see the previous opinions.

In general, it is not bad at all level effects and stuff, it happens to have good sounds. For cons, I do not like the default settings, but its only my opinion.

Versatile (ska, punk, metal, blues, pop ...)


The manual is very nice shape and needed to take control of the foot perfectly. Otherwise, we zoom too much.

I have a little trouble to edit all the sounds to be exactly what I want so I dont know if it's not that I'm wrong or if it is not hollow but complex enough to take hand when you start completely with this kind of pedals.


The effects are good. In any case, the amp models (although imitations are averages see bad) have a good sound and you can almost have its own sound by adding effects and by touching a little bit of everything the big buttons ...

I use it with an Ibanez S670FM and recently with a VOX Valvetronix amp 100W.
Before buying the amp, I used it on live sound systems or all-tube amp that I borrowed in concert. The sounds went from time to time but it happened quite often that's enough on some crappy amps and therefore must repeat, but in this case, we come not to find his sound we had. Better to edit the sounds on his amp and did not change.

The effects I use are the large distortion in general (I play punk so ...) that are pretty good.
I use sounds that cleans thousands of expressions when you edit them properly (it is for the ska)
By telling, I was disappointed Wahwah. It's not fluid enough for my taste.


I use it for about 3 years (maybe more) I used some low-end models before making that one. I cons by trying other models (I do not remember the brands and models) that I was not fooled at all, on the contrary, I was proud of my VOX.

I love lamp ... Its been styled xD
No, more seriously, I like the warmth of his that I have not found on other pedals like this ...

Report qualitée price level, I had purchased 300 € used at the time (it came out if I'm not mistaken), it costs 400 € new. Too expensive for my taste but now, 300 € new, its me parrait not too bad.

Note that the pedal tends to creak after a certain time (fast way) a little penetrating oil and is perfect.

With the experiance, I would do this choice because I am not disappointed with this pedal that I use everywhere (studio, concert, rehearsal, beef ...)

That, in hopes to have help in voting choice.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox Tonelab LE
multi effects + amp simulator, expression pedal, preamp tubes mono or stereo headphone jack MIDI connectors optical ... level is full level in effect as distos toutb kind, More chorus, flanger, phaser, octave, wah, Univibe, leslie simulation octafuuzzz fuzz, acoustic simulation, full of delay and reverb in cons ...... no loop or rhythm box has damage! especially when the alleged concurence worse proposes to cheaper ....
the difference is the sound here is the selling point.
In any case he has a mouth with its push mxr ehx way.


Ben's strong point is that it is quite clear, bought OCCAZ (nine is way too expensive for the made in china) it took me some time to understand everything no button has 50 functions. .. really saves time, while the multi in general, is much loss of gst.
but in return it is impossible to mix some effect, many mouths in relation to the possible association of the wah and the fuzz and they are right and I'll add AC stinks not combine pedal distortion / fuzz with an octave or wah / octave ... what they gain in simplicity, they lost in potential damage .... again !!!!!!!!!
The really good thing about it is the ability to assign anything and everything has the expression pedal that turns the multi effect a kind of multi whammy wha space !!!!!!!!


the (so-called?) strength of the ToneLab: I mixed the good or very good, and bad very bad
Octave is terrible, I like some delay, the metal distortion is not bad, the simulation is rather good even if it must go after some adjustment ... well it depends the U.S. hi-gain medium, the Fender through, vox and marshall and cons uk modern and very nice ... really fuzzz hierar ...
In general I would say it is really o above what I've seen before, its level, but it is really more expensive !!!!!!!!!


I recently and I sell it, whatever be its quality I perceive that my stuff sounds better without, if I want one (or several) I pick up an effect (of) electro harmonix pedals! !
I play on the lamp (fender / orange) with good guitar (Fender Mustang w / DiMarzio, and gibson) and I could say yes to the lowest gear type transistor ... well considering the price of machin .. . I saw small lights in all of big brand that was cheaper: QED!
not a bad product in absolute terms, but it's expensive gadget!
after a mixing desk or on a sound system for running a lot and does not have an amp AC its interest, and that's all bad!

stepslo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox Tonelab LE
Lots of effects, amp simus and sound banks.


Usage is very simple. The manual is useful for adjusting the subtleties of gender assignment effects pedal.


I took hours and hours listening, try molding ...

I am currently working on Fender Stratocaster U.S. + 60W lamps. The result is very nice especially since the ToneLab limits the power of the amplifier while pushing the lamps (it acts as a limiting power (the amp is pushed to 6 / 7 but it limits the guitar signal Tonelab.)

Ideally, again to be tested is to connect 2 amp to enjoy stereo effects (modulations)

Quick overview of sounds in amp simulators, the Vox are nice + the fender, not bad for Mesa.

Level effects, I got Exellent combis, distos, chorus, flanger, wah, octave, reverb (some are excellent, delay ...)


Very versatile pedal that sounds really want the road. I added a wah pedal for other combis. I ToneLab for over a year and I play in groups. I am very satisfied!

geolegx59's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Epatant"

Vox Tonelab LE
Friends scratch: sr Although we each have our gots, our style and subjective, I just want to give such notice by my impressions as I felt: I play since I was 16, and j ' in I 51 / I dtest the mountains of gear complicated, heavy and bulky / I had several guitars and several amps, several effects pedals, etc ... I play include the Toto, Queen, U2's from Dire Straits, and after 5 beers a Van Halen ... In short: for those looking for versatility, Tonelab LE is almost perfect (default key: a single expression pedals). For those who want more versatility sound reasonable budget, I say great, for my part, I finally found a form of happiness in marriage as follows: <strong>US Fender> Tonelab LE> 2 x Tech 21 Power Engine (with a DJ is good), by transplanting SM 57 <span style="font-weight: normal;">I do not sell anything, I do not work for Fender, Vox or to or for Tech 21, or for Shure. If a certain and may help some. Good riffs Geolegx59</span></strong>


Manuel trsdtaill prcis trs, trs clear.
The edition of sounds is a breeze.


Trs impressive, but your exact dpend Systm of TLE in which the branch will: DIFFERENT paramtres are prvus (amp, sound system)


Choice again, less than winning the lottery ...

A default: a single expression pedals, which means you can not assign volume and wah at the same time, I recommend using an external wah.

Animaxion's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox Tonelab LE
A good little crankset, coupling effects and amp simulators, very good quality distortion (from the most vintage Mtal), a wah-wah filter effects with original QUALITY, of chorus, phaser, flanger, and other modlisation effects, delays, reverbs ... everything a guitarist needs. It is of course not forget the famous 12AX7 Vox own technology, of course, between one and stro outputs, MIDI and voil work!


It's Vox is vintage, so it is very simple to use and it is pleasant. And of course, the sounds are very good quality and very warm, you do the Led Zep, jazz, ska or progressive Mtal!


I get my Tonelab on electroacoustic amp SR Technology Jam 150, hence the importance of amp simulators for sounds with distortion and overdrive ... and I'm far from being the.
A little more for phaser and wah, which are very good quality.


A report qualitprix very very good ... even better than its predecessor the SE Tonelab (even if it was sold with a cover): the sound is warmer, the r simple settings, all for a infrieur price. This crankset will very well meet the expectations of the most discerning guitarists rfractaires sounds too modliss, artificial (like me).
A choice I would do the same eyes closed and hands fasteners (?!) ...

Willyget's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox Tonelab LE
The characteristics remain the same. Frankly fabulous ... Weakness? You put some ffects on the same selector (whawha and fuzz ...)
A single pedal over its prdceceur. 5kg also doing his sore arm when you take the cable bag right arm, left arm VOX Ae ... !! In addition there is no small (large) holsters to put the crankset.

The rest remains on top.


Can easier be done? Surely. But after his becoming a little box ffect the kind boss that everyone had (or not). To have a sound of thunder, it's not hard, but you need to know what we do. Having read the manual once will not be the luxury to take full advantage of this machine. Opportunities within both the multiple, we do not pleindra consquent number of possible schedules.
The manual is very clear. Sufis, but I think I remember (it was a while since I have not read it) that there qulques missing explanations on MIDI or SPDIF


The ffects are ... How to say ... Fabulous! The clean is too, but you have to do it, because, in addition, I who used a very bad Squier Calit the clean saturating VERY fdacilement, but when we find her is pleasant xtrement play and hear. The saturs sounds are simply divine with a tale by default on the presence of noise when you put the guitar volume to a minimum. There is indeed a mute noiser but if you have a bad guitar, this feature really lower the risk of gaming Calit (decrease the intensity of the notes, do not let it ring long enough and for fans Larcen the end of the song, it died for you). There are no sounds I prfere saw that it was me who the boards crs, those I dteste is those I have not created that are vraiments, my ear horrible (not all eh!).


I've had some nearly seven months and I play guitar than its presence. When I go to my guitar yard, I Ramne, moreover my teacher is going to buy it, how to say it's good. The sound is never gach by ffects chorus kind or another. It is only option and feels about other crankset that the ffects are impregnated in sound and gives a fairly electronics, which will please not my style of music. I play punk band but I like to blues, classical and metal see it is really versatile. I even SUCCESSFUL make a sound to be able to plug my acoustic guitar for the sound to be not gach and unlike what I atendais, the sound is amlior (I use a folk guitar Ibanez Serie V).
The guy who sold me this crankset make music pubs and bassist mtier, he'm a bass demonstration with vox, the rendering is qu'affolent so it is well. A guitar amp simulator? Only? I also ssayer a synth vieu (casio, as bad as I do pus) and looks very good. After do the abyss the hardware, I do not know her, that's her that I do not abuse it.

Using both the original guitar, I think I'm not get scammed, the other guitarist in my group bought the same and it is not the .dropoff window
This is the price: lowest in its field, it is a good brand, the sounds are good. What more for 400? A SECOND pedal to xpression a few sparation ffects (but must not ask too much knowing that his will be a big thing full of buttons ...) Otherwise, I do not know what to ask for other. Voila! Thank you for reading!