Tech 21 SansAmp GT2
Tech 21 SansAmp GT2

SansAmp GT2, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Tech 21 in the SansAmp series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 35 reviews )
 22 reviews63 %
 8 reviews23 %
 1 user review3 %
 4 reviews11 %
Value For Money : Excellent

nickname009's review

Tech 21 SansAmp GT2

level, high, low, drive knobs

Mic with: off axis, center, classic positions

mod with: hot wired, high gain, clean settings

amp with: california, tweed, british settings.

This is an analog preamp and/or distortion pedal with quite a few different settings of which any of them can be combined to give you analog guitar tones from clean to death metal high gain!


It is a pedal, and is designed like one with a very easy to use configuration. Just set everything one at a time to how you like it. You don't really need the manual for something like this.

Switching the switch in the mic section mimics how the location of a mic on a cabinet. off axis meaning just slightly off center, center being the center of a speaker cone and classic bring distance mic'ed without ambiance.

Mod refers to the type of 'tube amp' setup you can have. Clean being a typical tube amp, high gain being a typical tube amp plus an extra preamp tube adding more gain, and hot wired being a super hot rodded-esque tube amp with a scooped mid-range quality.

Amp of course refers to the mimic'ed type of amp you want. Tweed being a fender-like clean. British being the vintage marshall-like style and california refers to the mesa boogie-like sounds.

One thing I do not like is that there is no mid control knob. Guitar is a mid-range instrument, everything guitar-related should have a mid control.

Remember this is pretty much a preamp. Not really JUST a pedal, it will not really 'add' to your sound, more like it IS your sound. You can't really use it as an overdrive to layer on top of an existing sound as it will most likely just replace the sound you've already got coming out of your amp. I've tried this. I set my amp on clean, and used the pedal to get a completely NEW clean sound, I've done it the other way around. Had the amp on high gain dirt and tried to 'overdrive' the existing distortion and it was a nightmare!

I've also experimented, having the amp set for high gain and setting the pedal to a clean setting, which actually pretty much turned my high gain amp into a clean amp (ALMOST!). Minus some gain hiss and whatnot. I can see this being useful for those who have single channel heads or non master volume amps, you can use this pedal to clean up your signal DRAMATICALLY.


for the clean settings: They all sound great! Very chimey if needed and very clear. It's a very consistent sound also which I like. Not to mention that way I used it to clean up an amp's distortion also, which I think is unique but very very useful!

as for the distortion: It's generally a bit too gritty for me, I have to set the high knob quite low and boost the low to get it sounding remotely useful. Though the analog distortion is good, it's tight and clear and every note can be heard in a chord and therefore sound amazing for tight rhythm. But the leads is where it begins to fall apart, this is where the weakness is. Chords/rhythms come out strong and tight but leads come out thin, and sterile.

I also found it to be a bit noisy under high gain versus other pedals I've tried, I did use an ISP decimator to reduce any feedback/ground noise but also found I had to turn up the decimator adjustment higher than I would a regular tube amp under high gain.

I think this pedal would sound great for downtuned metal. It's crisp and tight! And cleans are great too! But anything most likely will not satisfy.


Overall it's a decent pedal for somebody wanting either extreme cleans or extreme dirt. It's good for tight rhythm work but not fluidy enough for leads and a bit sterile.

It does sound quite similar to the trademark amps, I'm beginning to think that they all have a very similar build to them and thus sound similar as well.

I personally would not get another one. I know how it sounds and what it would be used for, and even though it's one of the better analog distortion pedals out there right now it is not versatile enough for me.

Audiofanzine FR11/29/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Tech 21 SansAmp GT2
(Originally written by Froideval/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Everything has been said! This product is not very practical for live gigs because of its size and controls. I use it with my DAW.


Very effective controls. Depending on your setup you'll get a good sound really fast. My setup:

- Guitar -> GT2 -> Behringer DI box -> mic input of my sound card.

- Guitar -> GT2 -> Palmer speaker simulation -> mic input of my sound card.

- Guitar -> GT2 -> VTB1 preamp -> mic input of my sound card.


Excellent sound (especially the British emulation)! I own several simulation devices (POD XT, V-Amp, guitar plug-ins) and it's clearly the best regarding sound. The sound is dry, raw and effective. I haven't found my ideal clean sound yet but I'm sure I'll find it...

Currently my favorite setting is: Mic = center, Mode = clean and Amp = British.


I've owned it for two days... The first thing that comes to my mind when I try to describe it is... that it's a pedal for men... it's no toy... Serious business! Effective, responsive, accurate. I bought it secondhand via the Audiofanzine website and I think I will never sell it again (I would certainly regret it). I haven't found any cons. I'm fully satisfied!

TheStratGuy's review

Tech 21 SansAmp GT2
This is an analog, single-channel amp simulator in a pedal. Apart from the basic (self-explicit) Level, High, Low and Drive controls, you have three 3-position switches to help you shape your tone:
- Amp: determines which kind of amp will be emulated. Possibilities include Tweed (Fender), British (Marshall-ish sounds) and California (for Mesa-esque tones).
- Mod: choose between Clean, Hi-Gain and Hot Rod.
- Mic: Since this pedal includes a cab simulation, you can choose how your virtual mic would be placed, choose between Classic, Center (close miking at the center of the loudspeaker) or Off-axis (close miking once again but this time with the mic at the edge of the speakercone).

Beware: contrarily to the GT2's celebrated predecessor, the Sansamp Classic (or the original SansAmp for, the lucky -few- ones who have one) the cab sim on this model can NOT de deactivated: the GT2 was NOT designed as a "normal" distortion box, but aimed at being plugged directly in a mixing board/recorder/soundcard (NOT an amp), as a sort of DI box --which by the way makes it all the more a shame that no XLR output is provided in addition to the 1/4 jack, doesn't it?
With the poweramp stage and the cab being emulated, an effect loop (even one with an insert like on Marshall's original Guv'nor) also would have been welcome...


The manual is clear, yet it will take you a little while to get through all the possible configurations, but everything is rather simple to understand... And if you just can't, well, consider yourself lucky not to have spent more in a real amp.


I can hardly compare these simulations with the original amps but they all sound good to me. I use it with a Mexican Fender Fat Strat and occasionally with a cheap mic (but the GT2 can be used with a bass too).

I don't like the British (Marshall) settings too much as it's a bit too much in the high-mids, but the Celifornia (Mesa) mode is perfect in my opinion as far as distortion is concerned. Both provide powerful sounds although none tend to range on the modern side (it's OK to play ACDC, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana or early Metallica, but don't expect modern heavy or nü metal sounds). Oh, and by the way, turn your guitar's volume knob WAY down if you expect any clean sound from either of these two modes -- even with single coils...
The Tweed (Fender) emulation is in my opinion one of the strongest points in this unit. Not only does it give a great clean sound, but it also reacts surprisingly well to virtually any distortion pedal placed ahead of it (I tried with a Big Muff, a Boss DF-2, a cheap Belcat OD, a Metal Muff and a Zoom Tri-Metal), which can make up for the lack of a second channel.
The cab sims sound average to good, sometimes a bit muddy, but at least from one setting to another you definitely can hear a difference.

The GT2 does respect the dynamics in your sound and contrarily to many other amp simulators its organic sound WILL give you the sensations that you'd feel playing on a REAL amp -- even if you play it with headphones!!! In high-gain settings there tends to be a certain hiss but a good noise reducer (ISP's Decimator for instance) will do the trick.


This stompbox was one of the first things I bought when I decided to switch from a basic guitar gear to a home studio-oriented equipment, almost 4 years ago. I already had a Korg AX1500G but although I loved (and still love) its reverb and cab sims there was NO WAY the Korg's digital amp sims would respect dynamics -- while the GT2 definitely does.

To this day the GT2 is still an important part of my sound, I live in a flat and since my (oh so tasteless) neighbours wouldn't appreciate too much a tube amp being recorded at night I still haven't felt the need to get a "real" amp since then. Yet, I like to switch from clean to distortion within the same song, so actually I use it most of the time in Tweed/Clean mode so that the distortion is provided by another stompbox. With a better budget at the time I think I would have given the SansAmp Classic a try (but hey, it cost 4 to 500€ at the time!), but I'm really satisfied with this one. It won't disappoint you as long as you take it for what it is: a DI-oriented gear aimed at making your recoring life WAY easier.

MGR/Dr.Hack-n-cough's review"Tech 21 SansAmp GT2"

Tech 21 SansAmp GT2
it took me 6 months of bidding on ebay to get the sans amp gt2 but it was well worth it!! I paid $95 USED!!! on ebay

what do I like about the sans amp gt2 ??EVERYTHING!!!!! it sounds just as good as "most" not all but most of the new modeling amps and at a fraction of the price!! you can take this little beast straight to a sound card or...... if you DARE put it in between your favorite old tube amp and a guitar and HANG ON!!! cause it takes any simple tube amp and turns it into a MONSTER!!!!!

no delay

built like a tank

its an AWSOME tool for ANY studio or live rig

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Tech 21 SansAmp GT2"

Tech 21 SansAmp GT2
The unit was purchased through Musician's Friend for around $200 a year or so ago.

Very solid and well built. Simple controls, but a variety of choices and the sweetest tube tone I've heard out of a preamp box yet - and that includes that POD!

There's really not much to dislike except for the fact that you have to actually touch the unit to change amps or cabinet settings. There's only one foot switch. It's great for recording, though.

Built like a little tank. Everything from the knobs and the housing to the footswitch and input jacks.

If you're into direct recording or playing through a PA system, I don't think you can go wrong. Although the unit doesn't include any effects it does what it's meant to do very, very well. You can always chain effects before or after the preamp.

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gildesuez's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The "Swiss Army Knife" of guitarist!"

Tech 21 SansAmp GT2
The classic of the first pedal Electric guitar amp simulator, go anywhere, cheap and very good value for money, to use as the "Swiss army knife" of guitarist ... simple and effective!
Do not expect either to transform a sound or a transistor amp rotten in beautiful Mesa Boogie Mark IV, in old Marshall plexi or Twin Reverb '60 but frankly adpanne matter if you have a minimum ear to you good sound.
On a sound system for a jam or a lil gig in a bar, on a transistor amp a bit basic (see crappy) story of a little coloring matter or make a clear his drinking (and then connect over your pedalboard, add your personal effects pedals, pedal saturates your favorite etc ...), or an amp acoustic guitar kind AER (in my case and it works pretty well!) for your electric guitar or a little warm in clean or crunch / distortion, to saturate an acoustic guitar ... etc.


Making his personal configuration based on diffusion (amp or PA) and his guitar
Super simple to use, just messing around with the settings and make his personal sauce ...
On a PA or amp transistor base, against live in a sound card is not very terrible recess must not ask too much either, but do not want witnesses guitars so turn the tube amp and freak the neighbors 2am it does the job!


Good momentum of the attack, the sustain and not too much compression distorts the game, relative heat amp sounds cheap.
Realistic enough price and good sound control with knobs that match pretty well.
Respects the sound of the guitar and playing the guitar


Very good value for money service rendered.
For this budget was the best thing since!
You saved the life of electric guitar amp if bar or rehearsal studio is a real shit or if the guy who was to lend you his amp and you planted that you left the PA to ensure your gig!

Nicotroidé's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" lamps ... why?"

Tech 21 SansAmp GT2
Several types distos overdrive and all analog


Four knobs, Level, low, high, drive and 3 switches that allow 3 different positions each is simple, clear, concise.


I play an Ibanez Jem7 and amplifiers Tech 21 poweramp60, it's simple, it sounds almost like the lamp, only an expert could tell the difference and again, over the sounds of transistor ... is hot, it's powerful, it's analog what ...


I have tried many models before: Boss MT-2, Ibanez Jemini, different distortion and overdrive with Zoom (the best I've had before), but this is far ahead of everything else, even the eyes closed it sounds like the lamp, this pedal is simply the best I could possèder, plus it's versatile: you can simulate the Fender, Marshall, Mesa Boogie's, and what grain, what heat, what power , metal, rock, hard rock, blues, she swallows all!
Why deprive yourself of such a jewelry when you do not have a tube amp so cumbersome and expensive?

A must have ...

Blacky's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" sounds credible!"

Tech 21 SansAmp GT2
3 microphone positions / 3 types of saturation / 3 amp types

4 pots: volume / high eq / eq / low gain

Garlic sector or 9v battery


intuitive! Manual not helpful


no effect but an extensive palette of sounds and sounds credible are glad to hear that and make you want to play!
For me, perfect for distortion sounds or crunch! Not done too much for the clean.


After having tried other solution SansAmp really amazed me, I love the sounds! Connected directly to my stereo lounge (with HP Alesis MkII), the foot!

I recommend it 200% -> simple, intuitive, great sound!

sousleau's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Configuration Ultimate!"

Tech 21 SansAmp GT2
Everything has been said, it's a preamp / DI analogically simulating configurations of tube amps


The config is very simple, input, output and DC9V (type boss) for the PSU.
The manual is useless for the most part except the basic adjustments that give some very convincing sound without the fuss, these are pure tracks find a good sound right away and they work!
he would certainly have to switch a two sounds accessible to foot!


I said the ultimate configuration: I had rather enough of me lugging a tube amp weighs a dead donkey, effects etc. Here, I have associated with my Roland JC55 ... and here is a good amp and relatively neutral faithful takes on a tube amp, of twin or bassman ... clear sound even more beautiful with a warmth and a resurgence of bass that are less common because of the HP 8 inches!
Saturations are extraordinary and convincing! Dynamics extraordinary!
What happiness!
I use it with a 50 strat mex and it works even in electro!


I use it for a month (well I got mine for a month if I had the bad habit of borrowing from a friend for some years. Associated with a transistor amp very true this is amazing!
I tried many configurations such digital GT8, 10 and 100 recently, I tried the vox, the zoom, nothing much convinced me that this little box.
Los Teignos08/22/2011

Los Teignos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A pedals that do not sell"

Tech 21 SansAmp GT2
This is a simulated three types of pedals amp: California, British and Tweed, with the possibility of rgler the position of the microphone in front of the baffle, and multiple channel (clean, distorted, hi -gain). Everything is a one complt EQ, volume and drive.

SansAmp Prcisons that can be used on a guitar but also on a low ...


3-position switches 3 and 4 pots in addition to bypass switch: hard to easy. Reduces the manual but provides examples of rglages.

The edition is simple even if, analog requires is a system that is dpourvu of the handy presets.


Before dferlante of POD simulation and numriques, the SansAmp silent in the REFERENCE Contents amp simulation and in a fawn, it still is because unlike Line 6 products and their competitors at Vox, Boss, etc.. The SansAmp is an analog pedals: the coup, it is much more lively than its competitors numriques, and simulations crasent least the personality and SETTING THE guitar the other.

As clean as it is a saturated rgal, even if it's more size for the rock to me that the metal.


The SansAmp GT2 is never dcevante in this sense that it offers the possibility normment with about the results of really good quality trs.

While it offers less possibility that the MODEL Classic, but suddenly, it is also easier handling and since all rglages really work (including the EQ), it has a range sound fairly impressive.

In short, if he was lugging a pedals in your holster, it might be that the ...