Vox Tonelab LE
Vox Tonelab LE
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Willyget 05/01/2008

Vox Tonelab LE : Willyget's user review


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The characteristics remain the same. Frankly fabulous ... Weakness? You put some ffects on the same selector (whawha and fuzz ...)
A single pedal over its prdceceur. 5kg also doing his sore arm when you take the cable bag right arm, left arm VOX Ae ... !! In addition there is no small (large) holsters to put the crankset.

The rest remains on top.


Can easier be done? Surely. But after his becoming a little box ffect the kind boss that everyone had (or not). To have a sound of thunder, it's not hard, but you need to know what we do. Having read the manual once will not be the luxury to take full advantage of this machine. Opportunities within both the multiple, we do not pleindra consquent number of possible schedules.
The manual is very clear. Sufis, but I think I remember (it was a while since I have not read it) that there qulques missing explanations on MIDI or SPDIF


The ffects are ... How to say ... Fabulous! The clean is too, but you have to do it, because, in addition, I who used a very bad Squier Calit the clean saturating VERY fdacilement, but when we find her is pleasant xtrement play and hear. The saturs sounds are simply divine with a tale by default on the presence of noise when you put the guitar volume to a minimum. There is indeed a mute noiser but if you have a bad guitar, this feature really lower the risk of gaming Calit (decrease the intensity of the notes, do not let it ring long enough and for fans Larcen the end of the song, it died for you). There are no sounds I prfere saw that it was me who the boards crs, those I dteste is those I have not created that are vraiments, my ear horrible (not all eh!).


I've had some nearly seven months and I play guitar than its presence. When I go to my guitar yard, I Ramne, moreover my teacher is going to buy it, how to say it's good. The sound is never gach by ffects chorus kind or another. It is only option and feels about other crankset that the ffects are impregnated in sound and gives a fairly electronics, which will please not my style of music. I play punk band but I like to blues, classical and metal see it is really versatile. I even SUCCESSFUL make a sound to be able to plug my acoustic guitar for the sound to be not gach and unlike what I atendais, the sound is amlior (I use a folk guitar Ibanez Serie V).
The guy who sold me this crankset make music pubs and bassist mtier, he'm a bass demonstration with vox, the rendering is qu'affolent so it is well. A guitar amp simulator? Only? I also ssayer a synth vieu (casio, as bad as I do pus) and looks very good. After do the abyss the hardware, I do not know her, that's her that I do not abuse it.

Using both the original guitar, I think I'm not get scammed, the other guitarist in my group bought the same and it is not the .dropoff window
This is the price: lowest in its field, it is a good brand, the sounds are good. What more for 400? A SECOND pedal to xpression a few sparation ffects (but must not ask too much knowing that his will be a big thing full of buttons ...) Otherwise, I do not know what to ask for other. Voila! Thank you for reading!